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    2 years ago

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friday Fun

Yesterday, I let him have a real orgasm.  He had been so good at making me orgasmic the last few days that I felt it was earned.  I will leave it to him to write up the specifics but I can honestly say that I have never had so much pleasure in my life.  It left me covered in sweat and feeling wonderful.  I also gave him the next 24 hours out of the cage as that is usually a safe period.  I will restart the heavy teasing next week although he has to go out of town for two days related to his job hunt. 

He has been so tired at the end of the last two days that I know I am giving him a workout like going to a gym.  As for me, I get so excited watching him struggle when I tease him.  I think that both of us like seeing the person with pleasure.  For him, he likes to see me orgasm while I like seeing him struggle not to orgasm.  There is no question that this brings us closer together as a couple.  For the men who are married out there and intersted in this, have your wife read our blogs.  What this does is really cause both people to live their vows - love, honor and obey.  Once she sees how much better you are as a partner, she will want this more and more like I do.

Something suggested by the woman we met a month ago - broadcast my teasing of my husband.  I'm thinking about it.  She thinks is the best place to do it.  Other people like Yahoo IM.  Any opinions on it?

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Jonathan said...

It's a hot idea, to be sure. I haven't specifically researched this, but my concerns would be cost and bandwidth. If Yahoo! doesn't demand extra bandwidth from your home for every new viewer, it seems like the most logical choice.

Whatever you choose, might you also consider recording the whole thing and excerpting particularly juicy parts to post on XTube or another tube site? Some of us might not be able to catch it live due to other obligations, and it also provides some insurance against your link to the internets failing or being overloaded.