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    2 years ago

Saturday, October 2, 2010

An Odd Proposition

I have to share with you one of the oddest experiences that I have had online.  A "woman" who found me on asked me if I'd like to Domme men from my computer and phone at home.  I could make anywhere from $300/month to $11,000/month if I'd meet them.  It sounded like prostitution but I was told "absolutely not as I never do anything sexual".  I would just Domme then and hold their keys.  Watch them and order them around online.

Given my interest in doing this, I eventually said 'ok'.  At that point, she wanted me to connect on Skype so that "she" could here that I was real and see me.  As I'm in my 40's, she said that she would take me but wanted to make sure that I was comfortable showing myself.  Okay, I thought, why not.  Oh, the "woman" would not show herself or talk until the next day.  Suspicious.  After about ten minutes of indulging "her", I said enough for today as my child is around.  We were to continue the next day at which time, "she" would show herself.

No surprise but requests for "her" to show herself or talk were not possible because of the way the "I.T." at the company worked.  I said fine, call me and send a phone pic.  I was accused of being rude and not knowing what an exceptional opportunity I was losing because of my arrogance.

At that point, I ended it.  Sounds like a horny guy looking for pictures with b.s. stories of money, no?  The games men will play.  I even gave "him/her/who cares" the opportunity to show himself as a guy - I don't care if it is a guy or woman if this is a real and legitimate business.  I guess my outrageous demands were too much.


Anonymous said...

Obviously You are too smart for them all!! :)

Rachel said...

Very smart move as you do not need troubles.
Rachel & aj

Anonymous said...

Collarme is a waste of time! Does anything good happen there?

KeyholderWife said...

Maybe I should "out" this probable fake...give collarme nick and yahoo IM nick. Then you can all harass him. Here it is: Mistress Ronna on cb and then A A on Yahoo IM.

Anonymous said...

i had it happen to me too. this so called woman contacted me on collarme also and said all the same stuff and asked me to spank myself online too. i also think it was a guy playing a game with me...i have tried to contact collarme and reported them. you should all do the same. yea a a on yahoo im.. MistressRonna on collarme.