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    2 years ago

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dieting and Nutrients...sort of

I have no voice today.  I was feeling better yesterday but then it came back hard.  Hopefully, it will be gone by the weekend as a friend's daughter is having a Ba't Mitzvah and I would hate to be sick at it. 

Hubby came home today and I check on his injury.  The cage goes back on tomorrow.  To make sure that he isn't doing anything behind my back I teased him for a few minutes and got the reactions that prove he is not doing anything without me. 

I also got all the supplies for our strict diet plan.  I will be living on about 600 calories plus the supplements for the next 12 weeks while he gets between 1,000-1,200 calories a day for that time period.  If we do that, we should be close to ideal weights by sometime in May.  I did this with the help of a specialist before and know what I am doing.   We start Sunday morning.  There is no cheating and I will be keeping close track of things.

Given my control over his cock and now everything he eats, I think we will be taking things up to a higher level in the future.  I have started choosing his clothing more.  I think that this is all good. 

Some of my discussions with people on here are that I really need to have him recycle his orgasms on those rare times that he gets them whether they are full or ruined.  I got the most interesting web address to go to -  I find it funny as it tells you how nutritious semen is, how to make it taste better and all things semen/blow job related.  I hope that the writer of that site tries his own semen.  If you men want women gobbling up your stuff, get used to it yourself and learn what it will take to make it pleasant.  It can be but since you aren't knowledgeable in it, you really don't know.  Here is a lesson for all of you - if you masturbate, consume it yourself.  Learn how to change your flavor.  

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