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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sorry that I've been away

Sorry that I've been away.  I will try and get a few posts up in the not too distant future.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blogging Break Over

Sorry for dropping off for the last two weeks.  I didn't real have much to post about.  I think I also needed a break from posting all the time - I felt the blog getting flat.  Hopefully, I can rekindle the past energy.

Well, to remind you all, our child seems to have her ears up about us doing anything.  This put a kind, and not the good kind, into our play.  I finally got her to sleep while my husband was awake last night.  After he stroked me to a nice little orgasm, I took over on him and kept edging him while reminding him to be super quiet.  I would tease him to the edge over and over.  After one tease, just as I stopped, he orgasmed.  How rude to ruin my fun!  Afterwards, while he was happy for the release, he said it wasn't as fulfilling because I had stopped stroking and he was fighting it off.  Nevertheless, he came a lot so I don't know how much it could have ruined.  Anyhow, I will try again tonight and see if I he can last a little longer while in me. 

I'm going out of town for a few days with our child and he is staying behind to watch the animals and work. 

What else?  He did a good job on his diet but needs to start with some muscle build up.  I will get some pics on here for you in the next week.  I know that I owe all sorts of pictures on here.  I will try and do them as soon as life allows it.

Again, sorry for my absence.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wife on Top

We got to play on Saturday but not nearly long enough.  Our child did not want to sleep over at her friend's house and came home around 8pm.  That still gave us time to have some fun.  After having him run errands, do a few things around the house and shave his upper body and pubic area bare, we went to the bedroom where I let him remove the cock cage.  He gave me a great massage for the longest time.  After a while, I let him go down on me - something I don't allow that often and lick me to a nice orgasm.  After that, I had him get out the massager and massage a couple of more orgasms out of me while I teased his cock to the edge.  It is amazing how sensitive his cock is after two weeks in the cage.  I had to stop all of the time as he couldn't handle the strokes.  Next, I told him to lie down and not cum without permission.  After riding him for a bit, I could feel myself getting close again.  While I wanted him to pound me from behind, he did not have the endurance.  Instead, I rode him to a mutual simultaneous orgasm.  Afterwards, he told me that it felt better than most times as the pleasurable feelings continued for him even after his orgasm.  That is rare he said as he gets too sensitive.  This time was different. 

About thirty minutes later, he went to pick our child up.  I was nice and gave him the rest of the weekend off from the cage.  It goes back on in the morning.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

When Child is Away, the Parents Play?

Our child is away for the day.  There is even a chance that we may have a full night alone.  That is a rarity around here.  I'll update this post as the day/night develops. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Argument FOR Male Chastity

His moodiness went away today.  You'd swear that he has the monthly visitor and not me. 

I have had a couple of people ask, why do women enjoy men in chastity?  I can't speak for others but as for me, I like the control of him.  I like knowing that he cannot get any sexual satisfaction without me.  Is it the power?  The control?  Both?  Probably.  I also like that other women really can't hope to get anywhere with my man.  What is he going to do?  Show them the cage and the ring on his finger.  Actually, I know of many "happily" married men and women who conveniently lose the ring and cheat.  Even my most religious friends do that.  While I trust my husband, I don't trust the outside world.  With a divorce rate of 50% for America and closer to 75% in California, why not take a little extra precaution?  As I have said before, the ring on your finger should really be a ring around his cock.  Face it, men are weak.  Many women are the ones who decide if there will be a rendezvous or not.  The cock cage answers all of that and enforces marriage vows with a chastity vow.  As an extra benefit the man is more attentive as well.  Where is the down side?  Trust but verify.  Love, honor and obey - not love, honor and betray.

Would love to hear your thoughts.  I know some feel it is barbaric and others want this to be based on trust but this really causes us and others like us to be more connected.  Where is the downside?  I don't see it.  Do you?

Men - share this with your woman.