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    3 years ago

Wife Led Marriage and Male Chastity Discussion

This is where we can discuss topics with each other.  First question to get it started...what about the WLM is most appealing to you.


KeyholderWife said...

On a personal level, I love the control. More to follow.

jeminfla said...
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jeminfla said...

Sorry, had a typo! For me, the most appealing part of serving my lovely Mistress and wife is the look of contentment, the look of power, the look of control in her eyes when i serve her in the manner that she deserves.

ALL HERS said...

To me what is most appealing is the desire to worship, pamper and serve my beautiful wife. Truthfully, I feel that a woman has to be very attractive in order to be able to have a man want to be subservient to her. I have found out that very attractive women are usually dominant already.

My wife is very sexy and attractive, works out at a gym constantly so she maintains a small tight body. She is always getting hit on there and other places. She is 56 years young, and easily passes for 45. She wears sexy lingerie for me. I am very subservient to her, she loves it and loves me. Our WLM is based on my wanting to serve her, and her restricting my orgasms to about 6 to 8 per year. Alot of T & D!!!! Orgasms for her on demand, as well as massages every evening before sleep. I have to work that into our night schedule to make sure that there is enough times for a back, foot, leg or full body massage. She then teases me and then we go to sleep. Life is now the best!

JTT said...

gffIt is the thrill of having a dominant wife and being submissive to her. Is there anything more dominant a wife can do to her husband then to be the one who decides-when, how, where and IF her husband will cum. She allows the privledge when she feels like it. That's domination.

Maddy said...

I wish that I had heard of FLR some 25 years ago when I married my husband. This was back in the days of sexual innocence for me and of course the internet did not exist.
All my knowledge of sex had come from Cosmo and talking to other girls and there
was no mention of females running both the house and the man in those days.
When my husband declared that he wanted to be submissive in our marriage it took me some time to get to grips with his proposition. I was at a loss to understand why he suddenly wanted to surrender his position as the family breadwinner and chief decision maker.
Five years have passed since I took control of the household and they have been the best of our marriage. He is so much easier to live with and our financial prospects have improved now that he is working harder and spending less on drink and entertainment. I also got him to stop smoking.
The two aspects that please me the most are the total control that I have and the comments from my girlfriends about how I have the best husband ever. They would be surprised how this is achieved but that will have to remain my secret.
Best wishes

KeyholderWife said...

Maddy, it is funny how people don't think of it. I was like you although I knew this was always in me. The hard part has been figuring out how to let it out. Now that it is, things are getting better and better in all areas.

Maddy said...

Greetings Keyholder

Now that Robert, my husband, has learnt control of his actions and emotions, our marriage is sailing along and he is pleasure to live with most of the time. The curious thing is that he struggled to tell me that he wanted to be the submissive one for so many years. I have not tried any chastity devices but I have taken control of his orgasms and of touching himself inappropriately. Now I can punish him for a misdemeanour when we are out and about, just by adding a day to his chastity period.
Initially I was confused and a bit worried about why he wanted so much pain from a punishment on his bottom but I have come to realise that this physical punishment has significant meaning for Robert and he needs to demonstrate that he can endure pain in order to cast off his alpha male persona that he shows at work. Whatever the psychology I can testify that I have what I want in a partner and I am pleased with our FLR life.
Take care

Maddy said...

Dear Keyholder
I am probably very naïve but I had never come across the word “humbler” until I read one of the comments in your Outdoors post. I asked my husband what it meant and he said he knew but that it would be better if I looked it up on Google myself. Boy was I surprised.
It never fails to amaze what men will come up with. I assume that this device was invented by a man.
My question is have you ever used one on your husband?
They look difficult to fit and I guess the woman is involved in all the work because it has to be screwed together behind the man’s cheeks. I was wondering if it was just a sneaky way of a man getting a woman to touch his genitals (again!)?
I can’t make up my mind about whether or not to get my husband to buy one of these
Humblers and would like to hear if you have had any experience of using one?

They look incredibly painful but I suppose pain is what some men, my Robert included, are into.

KeyholderWife said...

I don't know anything about them. Looks like it would be hard to move with one of those on.

LockedLaura said...

Hello KeyHolderWife,

I was wondering if you and SH have any experience with prostate milking.
Mme T requested that I research it so she can safely keep me locked up for longer.
Her desire is that she have a way to ensure my good health, but from which I will receive no pleasure.
I will be asking around at Folsom Street Fair this weekend, but thought I might also check with you.


submale said...

On a personal level, I love to be controlled. More to follow..... Check my new blog :)

Jeff G. said...

My wife informed me early in our marriage tat she was taking control of my butt. That meant spanking, anal penetration by whichever means she chooses and regular prostate milking. I love my wife very much and am happy to be her obedient spouse. Over her knee or on all fours with my buns up, I am hers. Would not have it any other way!


Anonymous said...

It seems that in the fun of commanding your man you can come up with many chores for him to do. One is have him clean the bathroom floor with small brushes in a humbler. The other would be to keep him on his hands and knees for a while in the humbler. We men like the idea of being dominated and made to do and (wear ) things that we woould not normally think about. suggestions abound. Trying to keep him hard for as long as you can with no relief shows you where his buttons are.

Anonymous said...

My wife isn't into the feminization stuff, but she Like Jeff's wife does spank me. And she too started very early on. I pretended and still do that I don't like it, but I love it. Last time was a couple weeks ago when I simply forgot to wash the clothes as she had wanted me to. It caused her to be late and when she got back I got it

Mean wifey said...

Looking for femdom physician to set my husband up for a physical with

Jim Harry said...

I'm a professor and I made videos about different subjects. I teach film at the university. I researched this topic because I wanted to make a documentary to explain this. After my research, I have come to the conclusion that the wives don't love their husbands. The wives limit the husbands orgasms to four times a year (if he's lucky) while the wife has ten orgasms a day. How fair is that? Then when the relationship progresses, the wife starts to make their into sissy's some of the time. They are forced to do all sorts of vile things to their wife's boyfriend just because the wife likes to see the husband in that fashion. Then the relationship progresses even more where the wives beat the husband with a cane until blood runs down their leg and then the wife comforts the husband like a little boy and then shoves head down between her legs to take the pain from the husband How sick is that? This probably an old thread, so nobody will read this, but husbands if you see, don't walk from your wife. When your wife is at work, gather your things and move out. They can find another ass to beat...not yours. This topic bothers me so much that I will not make a documentary of this. It sick and the husbands need help. But the wife just wants to abuse him. SO SAD..

Anonymous said...

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