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Friday, April 30, 2010

Rubbed Raw, my thoughts

Just a quick response to "Rubbed Raw". If you haven't read it, that post by my husband, you need to understand this one.

Last night, I felt like really abusing his cock. Stroking it hard. From what I have done to him so far, I knew he couldn't cum but he kept trying to. It made me so horny to see him struggle and squirm like that. I didn't want anything for myself - I wanted the show of him struggling under my hand. It was amazing how hot he was getting. To touch any part of his body, he was on fire.

When we took the pictures, I saw how red he got. Tonight, I will let him out of the cage under my supervision to let his skin get better. With how hot he got last night, we will see if he can control himself or if I need to put him back in his cage. He knows to behave or he is back in the cage until that prescription skin creme comes.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Sent him to the Sex Store

I sent him there yesterday to get a few of the things that we will need to fulfil my promises to do what has won in these recent polls. He will need to wear a butt plug this weekend. He is getting a prostate massage. These are decided and happening. Yes, you will get pictures to prove this. I sent him to get the Njoy Pfun Plug. It can be used for the milking as well as the plugging. Seeing and feeling it, I was surprised at how heavy it is. We will see how this does the trick.

He also got a ball gag and some nice lotions. He can moan but talking, no. The lotions will be nice for both of us and I can watch him squirm more than ever. We were going to get the penis plugs but they wanted so much money! I think an online order will work best. I still need to decide which one is best. I'm not certain about this but he is game and you all voted for it so let's see how it goes.

We do need a strap-on for when he is too sensitive to make love to me properly. I also need it if he loses one of these upcoming polls. I may not wait for him to "win" a poll and do it anyway. Just like the penis plug, it was the same as the plug, they were crazy expensive. Online is clearly the way to go for this.

Someone on here suggested Emla creme to desensitize him just enough not to orgasm. Little did we know that this over the counter creme in the rest of the world is prescription in the US. We ordered it online last night and it should be here next week. This sounds really good to me. A few drops and I get a bull stud lover. With a cock ring, I will have my very own meat dildo. I will need to see the right amount to use on him so that I can have all the fun I want but withhold his orgasm until I'm ready to give him one.

What else? Oh, that poll where half of you want me to have him watch me with another man. That may be something we do down the line but I'm not comfortable with that right now. I like our marriage as it is and I'm not sure how to do that or who to do it with. As such, that will remain a threat for him for now. Coming in second with almost as many votes was having him eat his cum. This also isn't something that turns me on but I might do this given how many of you seem to think it is important. A close third was buying the strap-on. I like that and will be doing that. What a surprise that only two people thought I should do none of this. You are all so kinky.

The shoe pictures are coming. Finding alone time to do that is tough. I teased him a little bit in the middle of the night. Just a touch anywhere and he is so attentive toward me. I love it.

I think that is it for now. If anyone can think of something I missed, please remind me. I'm thinking about my next poll and will have one today. If you can think of something, post here or at I may post those ideas over here although I would never post your name or email addresses. I've set up a yahoo im which is wifekeyholder as well.


Monday, April 26, 2010

The Power over Men

Well, I am teasing him a lot these days. It was clear at about 8 days that his attitude was changing. By day 10, he is just the perfect husband. He calls to check on me during the day. He comes home for lunch. Doesn't go out with friends without checking with me first. This doesn't have anything to do with all of the teasing and him being caged, does it?

I really want him to stay just like this. Him being like this has me horny too. If the milking works as advertised, I may never let him cum the old fashioned way again. Especially if that creme we ordered works as the pharmacist says it will.

I found this nice picture of him before I had him remove all of the hair. The way I started was by having him shave down but keep some. That is this picture. Then it got shorter and shorter and one fun night, I shave his pubic hair and ass completely. Now, his chest and privates are clean. I think the legs and rest of him may be next. Mmmm.

I hope you all like the poll I made. I want to do all of them. He for some reason doesn't share the same excitement as me. He said he will not object to whatever I say to do. I know he is turned on. I tell him that if they all win, he will have to do them all. I might want to do them for a month as well. I need to think about that one.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Psychological Chastity

Last night, I was playing with my husband, getting him completely worked up. I fiddled and sucked on his nipples and massages the part of his cock not trapped by the cage. He was going wild and I had to remind him more than once not to make any noise. I probably did this for 30 minutes. As I stopped, his cock was as hard as it can possibly get while being in the cage. It looked painfully hard to be honest but he wasn't complaining. I had been thinking about fucking him but because of female things, I wasn't in the mood. That doesn't mean that I wasn't horny - I was. I wasn't tired either. At this point, I reminded him that his next orgasm would be the milking. He agreed and told me that he was looking forward to it. I then gave him the key to let himself out.

He removed the cage, cleaned his cock and came back to bed. He asked if he could pleasure me. I said no. I asked him if he could be trusted not to masturbate when he woke up in the morning. He said of course, he would not violate my decision that his next orgasm be through milking. I then proceeded to tease him to the edge for the better part of an hour. I kept getting him closer and closer to orgasm as I played with him. Normally, his breathing and behavior tips off an orgasm. He also knows that he must ask to orgasm. He did this twice or maybe three times during the teasing session. Each time, I would stop stimulating his cock and give him a break playing with other parts. On one of those times, when I took my hands away from him, he continued to buck his hips fucking the air for a solid minute. I'm certain I did if not a ruined orgasm something very close to that as his cock had a good amount of precum on it and it became harder to get him to the edge the next few times. With this, I was done. He was so loving and thankful for the teasing.

Someone suggested it here and I tried it - at least while I can supervise - Psychological Chastity. Let's see if I have that power over him now. In this advanced state of horniness that he is now in, if I don't see his cock jump the second I say something or do something, I can tell if he has broken our agreement. I think he won't but we will find out today. I still like the idea of having his cock caged as the psychological part of him not being able to even touch his cock is erotic to me but I want to see if my control is growing. I think it is.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Wanted to have my way with my husband last night but being a parent got in the way yet again. We should get some time alone during the day today. I am really interested in seeing how he behaves after sex without orgasm and then a prostate milking. Hopefully, he will stay in this elevated state of attention toward me.

Update: We didn't get the alone time this afternoon. I was disappointed but tonight or tomorrow is another day. With each passing hour and day, my husband behaves so much better so while I would like a little play time, that isn't a bad consolation prize.

All of this blogging got me thinking about different points in my life and some of the interesting sexual things I have seen or been involved in. I will share some of that soon. First, I need to do my Project CB-6000 Shoe Runway.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fun, Fantasy and This Week's Devious Plans

This week when I take him out of the cage, I will play with his cock with ice in my mouth. I won't let him cum. I will make him give me an orgasm and put him back away without satisfaction himself. I agree with many of you that he should wait and let his desires build up and stay that way for a while.

After that, will come the prostate milking. I want to see that.

What I really like would be to go to a public building - maybe the stair well - and make him give me an orgasm with his mouth. I think that is something that would turn me on is to do something sexual in public whether that is in a parking lot at noon or an office or under the bosses desk when he or she isn't around. One of my favorite turn-ons is to have sex in public. Maybe a park. Going to a dance club without panties and going to the dance floor and having your guy doing it to you. I haven't done that in a long time but would enjoy trying it again. If you have ideas on this type of thing, I would like to hear them. Thank you.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bull Studs and Strap-ons

It is funny to me that you all picked up on a big fantasy of mine - two men in bed. That is pretty much what you are suggesting to me in the poll. Nearly 2/3rds of you think I should take another man in my bed. The question I will ask of all of you is how to convert this fantasy into reality. I love my husband and would never cheat on him so that has to be part of it. While the idea of two men fucking me is a great turn-on, in life, how do you do that and not cause problems in your relationship? Maybe someone can tell me how they do that.

As to the strap-on, that is another big fantasy of mine. This one seems easier to do for real. If anyone on here knows of the best type of strap-on to use, I would really like the advice.

By the way, I know I owe all of you more pictures. I promise to take some time to get it done. If you can think of more than me in shoes stepping on my husband's trapped cock, drop me a note and I will include it.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Weekend

Sometimes, you can't do what you want to. This weekend, being a parent got in the way of what I wanted. Friday night, I didn't get to bed until after midnight. As my husband has had a very busy and sleep deprived week, he was not in his best form when I got there. It was clear that he needed sleep more than the sex I wanted. He tried but I had to take matters into my own hands. The next night was almost a replay except that I didn't get to bed until closer to 1am. With my husband that gets up between 5:30am weekdays and 7am weekends, that was too late. I know I am in charge but life is life. We both woke around 4:30am. I decided to give him a little bit more relaxation and quickly coaxed a hard on with my lips which I replaced with a hand job until he came after about 15 minutes of teasing. He wanted to take care of me but I didn't want that. I decided that I needed to help him sleep more and better and this would do it. He has been working very hard and stressfully at work and figured that this would help to change his mind.

He is going back in the cage today until I find the place to have him do what I need. This weekend was being a good wife and putting my needs back a few days.
I have all week to get what I want. The trick is getting the house put to sleep earlier. That will be my focus this week.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Night

...well, I am. I have been all week. Hopefully, this means that we can have a very active weekend. Maybe it is all of this blogging stuff or the nice messages from people or my husbands behavior but I want to have him tonight. It has been too long. I need action. I let him have a shot of tequila in water when he got home and I told him what I want.

I can't wait to do the shoe fashion show.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Women Like

The more I think about it, the less I think that I'm okay with my husband's cock being pierced. I like it the way it is. He seems to think that he needs the extra security but I am not sure.

Let me tell you guys what us women like. Show us attention. Rub our feet. Treat us special. Take care of your appearance and hygiene. We like that. Respect, romance, a sense of humor and passionate sex.

I am personally not into making men look like women. That is your kink, not mine. Now if you want to see my feet, that is okay as that is a fetish of mine - I love shoes.

I also love being in control.

PS: All of you who want pictures will get them Saturday.

Monday, April 12, 2010

He is back in his cage

I like many of the ideas people are giving me. His learning to respect my words and do what I tell him is important.

For the people who wanted to see my feet - I like that idea and will do a photo shoot soon and post my favorite shoes here. I think one on his cock in the cage is a good idea. Some of the other things like making him a woman or shaving his legs are not for me. I like him like a man except that I must control his sex.

The chance for him to get out of the cage is a problem to me. I need ideas on this as he has offered to do the piercing for my birthday. I think it is a good present but I don't know which one. I don't want to damage him as I very much like using his cock for my pleasure.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Pictures are being posted on my husband's site. If you want something special, ask me or him. I decide what is posted so think of him like my secretary on this.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I'm setting this up as a link to the blog that my husband is keeping as it relates to his chastity contract to me that he signed for our anniversary in February. I have had him in a CB-6000 since then. Feel free to ask me questions or give me ideas - this is new to me so I am looking for your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you.