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    2 years ago

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Took him to the Top

I was going to let my husband orgasm yesterday but when the time came, he couldn't.  He will tell the story from his side later.  After giving me a very nice massage and pleasures with the jackhammer massager, I turned the machine on him.  I used the massager all over his caged genitals.  I loved watching him squirm and struggle to orgasm while in it.  He couldn't but I kept doing it.  I really love seeing him cum in the cage - it is so hot to me.  At one point, I pinched his scrotem with the massager and the cage ring and he started to bleed.  This ruined my plan.  He said it didn't hurt but it was becoming just too big a mess so I sent him to the bathroom to take off the cage and clean up.  When he returned, everything looked fine with just a little cut and everything very red from the teasing.

I decided he deserved an orgasm and was taking him to the top.  The thing is that when he started to cum, virtually nothing came out - like only a few drops.  I tried keeping the massager to his penis but he was ultra sensitive and couldn't bear the stimulation.  He was saying that he was so excited that he couldn't cum.  But he did, I told him.  He seemed really upset that he came as he said he didn't feel anything but the intensity that he said was nothing like an orgasm.  Being the nice person that I am, I'm not going to force him to reset the timer - really, it doesn't matter, well it might to him but to me it doesn't matter.  As long as I control and am present for all of his orgasms, that is all that matters.

With that little cut, I'm letting him stay out of the cage this weekend.  This is now his uncaged chastity time.  


Anonymous said...

I think this is a great way to milk your husband. It's more important that he be kept perpetually horny with periodic releases like this than for him to have orgasms. Obviously it's up to you, but I think it'd be nice if you just decide to forgo orgasms for him and milk him this way.

KeyholderWife said...

Chirenon, I'm always open to ideas. Feel free to suggest away.

David said...

Hi Keyholder,

He is so lucky to have you. Thanks for sharing in this great wee site


Anonymous said...

Well, KeyholderWife, I just want to say that I love your blog; I love the blog you make your husband keep; and I think your relationship is great.

In the preamble to your contract, you correctly note:

"Chastity is good for men; it keeps them horny and thus more eager to serve as men lack the capacity for self-enforced chastity. When they do orgasm, their interest in serving their Wife diminishes until the need to orgasm again becomes paramount."

My suggestion, therefore, is that you amend the contract to acknowledge the difference between necessary releases of semen (like the one you just accomplished), and totally unnecessary (and, as your contract points out, wholly counterproductive) husband orgasms.

Anonymous said...

My suggestion for the amendments to Section 8 of the contract are as follows:

8.1 Husband may achieve orgasm ONLY by permission of wife. Similarly wife will supervise all releases of husband's semen and will decide whether such releases shall be accompanied by an orgasm of any sort.

8.2 Husband may not touch own sexual organ without the supervision and explicit approval of Wife. Under supervision, husband may hold his own sexual organ briefly for approved purposes, such as placing it in its chastity device and shaving it. However, husband must never stroke or "jerk off" his own sexual organ. Under supervision, husband may tap his own sexual organ with his finger tips or use a vibrator or similar toys as a source of stimulation. Husband must never use his sexual organ to penetrate or fuck anything.

8.3 Husband's orgasms and releases of semen will be controlled for proper training, teaching good habits, providing motivation, physical and sexual energy. Although releases of semen shall occur on a periodic basis as wife sees fit, wife will determine whether or not any orgasms are needed.

8.4 When granted permission, husband shall release semen in the method wife deems best, whether it be by prostate massage, by vibrator, by tapping, by estim, or by any other appropriate method.

8.5 Husband will offer to "recycle" all semen released.

KeyholderWife said...

In 8.2, what if I want to use it? Your changes mean that I can't use it when I want to and I have to use other means. Other than that, your changes look fine.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you must use him that way, it's your property.

On that kind of activity, I'll just mention that another F/m couple I communicate with has a policy where they use a cock ring, "desensitizing spray" (designed to prevent premature ejaculation), and a condom on the husband's sexual organ. (The cock ring helps keep the organ rigid, even though the husband isn't getting much sensation.)

This allows the wife to still make use of her property as she sees fit without allowing the husband to get much inappropriate stimulation, effectively turning the husband's organ into another dildo for the wife.

KeyholderWife said...

I have some Emla creme that I wanted to try. That may be how I try it out but I think that given we are married, we should be intimate like that sometimes. I want it at least and that is what matters.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely --- couldn't agree more that what you want is what matters.

I don't mean to sound remotely critical in the above comments; I'm just making suggestions. I enjoy this pair of blogs and I will be excited to read about whatever you have in store.

Anonymous said...

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