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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Quiet Day

For the first day in almost two weeks, I had it to myself.  I was bad and did almost nothing watching television way too much.  Our child was at school and my husband was at work.  I had wanted him to get home for lunch but he couldn't.  I told him that he will need to get home for lunch this week as I need him for a few things that need attention.  I won't say what that attention is but you and he can guess.  Anyway, you will find out soon enough. Woman will know that as the monthly visitor leaves, there is an increased interest in all sorts of things.

Since he wasn't feeling too good the last few days on the diet and I am getting started on it this week, I read everything again.  I think I figured out some of his problem.  He was taking the weight loss hCG and the maintanence pills for after.  I guess that means that he was getting extra this first week.  Still, he got a good start.  He was so tired tonight so I gave him a B-12 shot and let him help our child finish homework.  I think that they are almost done.  Both wanted to see "Chuck" tonight but it is looking a bit late.  Maybe tomorrow.

That goes for him too.  Maybe tomorrow. 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Things to Do...

Well, my diet is starting in a serious way in 48 hours.  Hubby has been doing his and the results are obvious already.  He is also horny again after only a few days and has asked twice if I'd let him out for a little loose time this weekend.  Honestly, he is pushing it too much.  I want him to be focused on losing the weight for now and not thinking about that thing between his legs.  I think as he loses weight, his libido is going up.  It probably doesn't help that I tease him a little all the time.

I was looking at my feet today and remembered that I owe you new pictures.  They are 100% back to sexy.   My feet on his caged cock is an easy picture.  I will probably do that Monday if he stops by for lunch.  As for letting him cum on my toes and cleaning it up by tongue bath, I think we should wait on that - don't you?  I'm happy to hear the arguments both sides on here.  I'm willing to reconsider if there is a good reason to.

Oh, we have an anniversary in about three weeks.  I think he should wait for that and then, if he makes me feel special, maybe I would let him out.  Part of me thinks that I should make him wait until he loses all the weight.  Isn't that what the strap-ons are for?

Here is a rare video from a favorite group - Crazy P aka Crazy Penis.

Friday, January 28, 2011

End of Week Update

I just noticed that the week is over and I haven't been out of the house.  With a sick kid, there really hasn't been any opportunity.  Fortunately, she pretty much healthy now.  My husband won't be working this weekend so I will get some time out and about finally.

While he started his diet, I held off on mine.  I was still getting over a cold and wanted to clear out a few things in the refrigerator.  I'm starting on Sunday.  My goal is 20 pounds in 30 days and then a more modest weight loss plan.  Looking at my husband's progress in four days, he lost 5 1/2 pounds already.  A suit he bought two weeks ago is not too big.  This hCG approach really makes a difference when you follow it exactly.

What else?  I will think about things and come up with a more erotic post later.  After a week inside like this, I need to get out to clear the head.  Looking at the poll results so far, I am impressed almost 95% feel sub men should consume their orgasms.  About 2/3rds think it should be all the time.  I'm curious if there are any men that read this that consume every last drop.    It seems a bit extreme but I understand what you are thinking.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Make love, Not porn

Cindy Gallop: Make love, not porn

This woman is something.  I think she is in her fifties and only dates men in their twenties and is opening vocal.  This is not my typical post but I think you will all find her to be amazingly honest.  She is all about women taking power and opening honest discussions.

In a way, that is what I think I do here in my own little way.  She also is about taking action on ideas.

That link shows you a bit about her giving a presentation on her views.  There are many more videos out there but I wanted to point out someone strong women can look up to.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Busy Beaver

This isn't the sexiest post as the last 36 hours have been spent taking care of a kid with a bad fever.  Between that and getting caught up on housework, I was just really busy.  Sorry if the title was misleading.

I have my husband back in the cage.  That is good as he has been beyond busy.  Interestingly, the assholes that let him go at his last job are now looking for his help to save their failing business.  I hope those c*#@ksuckers lose their shirts.  For those new to the blog, go back a few months, the May/June area to see the junk they put us through.  With my husband having landed with a strong company, they are trying to use him and the company to save theirs.  I've told my husband not to even talk to these pricks as they can't be trusted.  He seems to like to waste his time with them though.  At the end, I think he will just play with them like the cat but I dislike all of them as they harm those around them to serve their personal interests - not even the company.

My child's fever is finally broken.  I think today will be the first day she hasn't had it in almost five days!  What a weird illness.  Fever and cold.  It his a good chunk of her class.

I will try and write something more stimulating today or tonight.  As I started posting daily, I didn't want to go too far and not post a note.  Thank you for following this.  I feel like we are building a little community here.  Maybe someday I can figure out a way for you all to meet each other - many very nice and interesting people here.

Okay, here is a video that is just very silly but goes with today's theme:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monster Erupts

Before I start posting, I think I figured out a fun idea for the readers.  Click on the Youtube music below as you read.  Between myself and my husband, we know lots of music that you might not know.  We like very little mainstream music so hopefully you will here something that you like.  It will also be music to read to.  Very civilised, no?  An upside, as he told me, is that you can stumble across our blogs because of the music.  In that way, you can share the concept with your women.  You were exploring music and found Female Led Relationships.  What a bonus!

Just a quick post.  I don't know if you saw my husband's side of the blog but I let him have an orgasm before he needed to go back in the cage.  He seemed so desperate and he has been very good to me and my child and I thought I would give him a reward.  It didn't take much at all.  I think maybe a minute and he was exploding.  It was huge.   All over his stomach and a shot to the chest.  Just a mess.  My hands were clean as he only needed two fingers and sixty seconds to get him to lose it.  Given that he has been so good and that I had a sick kid in the next room, I didn't think consuming it was needed this morning.

For the rest of the day, I was dealing with a sick kid.  Doctors office, the hospital and five hours later, we were home.  She has a fever that won't quit despite medicine.  It's under control but as a mother, you never want that for your baby.

Okay, here is today's music.  My husband found it so don't blame me.  It is very silly by the lead singer of B-52s and it is called "Monster".  I don't like it but he thought it works so here you go...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Watersport Remembered

Since people liked yesterday's post and since almost nothing happened today, I will share another experience with you here.   The quick version on today is that he is horny, wants attention and I squeezed his tit very hard.  Not much of a day.

Is Apple sponsoring these?
Going back over ten years, one time I was trying to get him to be a big baby to me.  I kept him in a diaper.  I wanted to pamper him and put powder on him.  The thing was that he just couldn't do it and when he finally did, it was WAY too much for the diaper.  So this wasn't going to work.

Next I tried tying him up and playing with him as his bladder filled from a lot of liquid he had.  Eventually, he was begging to pee.  So I retied his hands behind him and led him to the bathroom.  I would be his hands.  So as he tried to relax to go, I did some gentle stroking.  I stood behind him waiting in fascination to see him pee as if it were my cock.  I got excited doing this.  I kept telling him to go but he couldn't.  I kept stroking him too.  He said that he couldn't go if I was doing that.  Now if I had to go and I was getting pleasure, I would just concentrate and experience both.   He couldn't so I gave him maybe thirty seconds without touches.  Still nothing.  So I started again.  He seemed to be in agony but his body told me it was a good agony.  I mean if it really hurt, wouldn't his cock go soft?  Anyhow, I finally laid him down in the very cold tub and positioned his butt higher so that as he went, whenever that was, he would pee all over himself.  I didn't want a mess in the whole bathroom.  So I did this for a little longer and he was squirming bad.  I was so fascinated to see what would happen.  Eventually, I slowed the strokes and just held his cock and balls.  Eventually a spurt of pee came out but not that much.  The idea of peeing on himself was hard on him too as he had never done any of this, my innocent little boy.

Well, I started running the water for him and that seemed to help.  He started a trickle of pee before he let go and shot all over his body including his face.  Such a hot scene that I never did again with him.  I think it was because I got pregnant not long after that and all of these games stopped for almost 10 years.  Maybe it was because I thought a mother shouldn't do these things.  I'm not sure.  In any event, this is something I have been opening up to over the years.  Maybe now is when I let the inner me out before I'm too old to try all these things.

Okay, that turned into a psychiatrist's couch post that I could NEVER say to him.  Well, thank you for your interest and those who chat with me on these things.  You are like my faceless friends where I can say things I could never say to most of the friends I currently have. 

I'm curious - do you like me posting music at the bottom of posts? I like electronica and techno.  This isn't one of my favorite songs but I think a number of you will enjoy the voyeurism of the video.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Remember Wax Play and a Homemade Torture Rack

So today we went to a Ba't Mitzvah and then had a few people over afterwards.  Not much sexy to that other than one man rubbing his clearly dominant girlfriends feet the whole time and my guy burning a CD or five for my friends to take home with them.  Everyone was still dressed up except for my guy who was wearing silky track pants and a loose sweat shirt.

While I am waiting to do something post-worthy, I might as well share with you something we did when we were dating quite a long time ago:

One time he made me one of those medieval stretchers - the ones where they would pull peoples limbs apart.  Seeing how he made it, it was so easy.  First, his feet were in ankle cuffs attached to an O-hook at one end of the room on the floor.  The hands were in wrist cuffs that were attached to a broom handle through holes drilled in them (broom handle, not his wrists).  He made it so that he could clutch the pole so that I didn't by mistake hurt his wrists.  The broom handle was attached to something that clicks tighter and tighter that was attached to another hook on the other side of the room.  With the flip of a little switch, it would release all tension.  With a simple click, it would tighten.  I think it is one of those things that tighten covers on boats.

Once I had him completely stretched, I teased him for a while getting him super horny and hard.  I think I might have sat on his cock for a little bit.  As it was a hard wood floor, this was not the best position to use him in that way (too hard on my knees).  I got off and teased him some more.  If he was able to move his hips, I would click it tighter until he just couldn't move.  Then I got out a candle and started dripping wax all over his sex.  A few times the wax was too hot and it burned him.  Those times there was a little movement but almost none considering what I just did.  I did this until his cock and balls were 100% covered in wax.  While doing this, I dripped it up and down his stomach to his nipples.  Where he was dealing with the very hot wax at the start, after a while, he was so covered in wax, he was much calmer although his cock stayed hard.

At this point, his joints in his shoulders started to hurt badly.  I suppose today I would keep him in it for a while to see if he could get his mind around the pain.  Then, it seemed like 30 minutes stretched was enough.  We took off the wax and found that he was ultra-sensitive for everything that followed.

I remember his mother visiting the house and wondering why the rings were screwed into the floor.  As we had just bought the house a few months earlier, we said that we had no idea and that they had probably been there when we bought the house and then asked her what she thought they were for.  She had no idea.

I will write a few more of these on days where nothing is going on.  I hope you like them.  This is one I might need to do again.  Next time, I think it is a backyard thing, don't you?

Also, I'm looking around the internet and there are just no good pictures of a hard male cock covered in wax or a man being stretched while naked.  The combination totally doesn't exist.  Anyhow, another thing I have to add to my to do list.

Here is one of my favorite songs by Roisin Murphy when she was still in Moloko:

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday & a Fantasy

All that happened today was that I teased him a little bit.  Last night he was begging me for a little teasing.  As I wasn't feeling good, I told him 'no' firmly and told him to go to sleep.  I suppose at 20 days he is getting a bit horny.  As that isn't much of a post, I will share a fun fantasy of mine...

The idea of two straight men in a quirky competition to see who can avoid going soft or having an orgasm.  To start, they already need to be very horny.  The fantasy part to me is that they have to handle each others' cocks instead of their own.  That means that you don't want the other person to go soft or orgasm.  If they do, the loser is the one who let the other person fall or orgasm.  The punishment would need to be something that neither wants at all.  Not sure what that would be but I'd think of something good.

Katy Perry (?)
So now they need to keep each other up.  Maybe I add a blindfold so that they can do it easier or can't use their vision to tell when the other one is close to orgasm.  Now if one started to orgasm, I think the other would let go and a ruined orgasm would follow.  There is the reward for winning.

I think the way they would keep each other hard is by masturbating, right?  Isn't that what men like?  What if the competition goes a while and masturbating isn't enough to keep the cock hard?  Does the possible loser take stronger measures like sucking or licking the cock? 

I told this to a sub online.  He thought that this was emasculating.  Maybe it is.  Maybe this is the kind of fantasy a Female Dominant likes for just that reason.  I'm not sure as I haven't analyzed myself.

If there is a more adventurous couple out there that tries this, please email me or post your comments here.  I'd love to know what happens in real life.

Now that I know we can put video in here, here is one by one of my favorite female singers - Grace Jones, "Corporate Cannibal""

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dieting and Nutrients...sort of

I have no voice today.  I was feeling better yesterday but then it came back hard.  Hopefully, it will be gone by the weekend as a friend's daughter is having a Ba't Mitzvah and I would hate to be sick at it. 

Hubby came home today and I check on his injury.  The cage goes back on tomorrow.  To make sure that he isn't doing anything behind my back I teased him for a few minutes and got the reactions that prove he is not doing anything without me. 

I also got all the supplies for our strict diet plan.  I will be living on about 600 calories plus the supplements for the next 12 weeks while he gets between 1,000-1,200 calories a day for that time period.  If we do that, we should be close to ideal weights by sometime in May.  I did this with the help of a specialist before and know what I am doing.   We start Sunday morning.  There is no cheating and I will be keeping close track of things.

Given my control over his cock and now everything he eats, I think we will be taking things up to a higher level in the future.  I have started choosing his clothing more.  I think that this is all good. 

Some of my discussions with people on here are that I really need to have him recycle his orgasms on those rare times that he gets them whether they are full or ruined.  I got the most interesting web address to go to -  I find it funny as it tells you how nutritious semen is, how to make it taste better and all things semen/blow job related.  I hope that the writer of that site tries his own semen.  If you men want women gobbling up your stuff, get used to it yourself and learn what it will take to make it pleasant.  It can be but since you aren't knowledgeable in it, you really don't know.  Here is a lesson for all of you - if you masturbate, consume it yourself.  Learn how to change your flavor.  

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random Bits

Thanks to those who wished me well and to get better quickly.  I still have a chest cough but other than that, I am feeling better, thank you. 

I told my husband to write up my post tonight.  I told him to tell everyone about how I lick his ass to which he said that I do not.  I then told him he blushed to which he said he didn't but the conversation was uncomfortable as we don't do that and it is made up.  I then asked him if he was uncomfortable because he does or wants to do something that he isn't telling me.  He said no, that it was just the idea of writing a fake post.  I wonder though, do you think he really wants something or has gotten something?

What else?  I'm waiting for the supplements that we will need when we start our diets in a few days.  I think it will be starting on Sunday.  Also, he is still out of the cage as the cut is taking longer to heal than I thought.  Tomorrow he may go back in.  We will see. 

I don't know if I said this but many told me that he should have been consuming his orgasm.  You are right.  It had been so long since he had even the ruined ones that I forgot.  I doubt that he was going to remind me either.  It is funny but you men think it is a cool idea when you are horny but after you orgasm it is gross.  Yet you expect your woman to want to swallow it.  I have an idea, why don't you consume it for the next few orgasms and tell me how it was.  I'd prefer to hear from those who have never done that before.

That's it for tonight.  I might tell you a bit of my past next post.  While you have our present, some of the history isn't here.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Not much going on here today.  I am feeling under the weather with a head cold while my husband is uncaged and recovering from the play on Saturday.  I've told him that he needs to be back in the cage tomorrow as he will not be home and will need to be locked up again.  I think he will be healed enough to be able to live in the cage again.  He seems to be hesitating but this is my decision not his.  A few people reminded me that I should have had him consume his own orgasm.  I didn't even think of it.  That might have kept him from releasing as much as he did.  Next time.

As I start feeling better, we will start looking at a few toys to add to the collection.  One has to be so that I can fuck him.  Not sure what else. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ruined Good

We had a little time alone this afternoon.  I was in the mood to tease him and give him a ruined orgasm.  I started by kissing him and twisting and pinching his nipples until he yelped in the hall.  Then I took him to the bedroom for a little more torment.  This is what he looked like as we got to the bedroom:
As you can see, the cage was doing its job while his body had other ideas. 

In the bedroom, I took out the massager - the one meant to loosen a tight back.  It is strong.  I proceeded to massage above and below the cage pressing hard.  He was struggling with the feelings.  He could feel good but he wasn't able to orgasm.  The area above the cage got rubbed raw and he started to struggle with the cage and begged me to let him out.  As that is what I wanted, him to beg like that, I agreed.  Here is a pic of this:

It's not the best picture but thos are red spots above the cage where the skin is raw.  The balls looked more purple than this photo shows.  Anyhow, the problem was that I couldn't find the key.  I really couldn't find it.  About 15 minutes later I located it.

By the way, this is a picture he took in the dark of me using the massager on him.  You really can't see much but it is a bit artsy so here you go:

Once the cage was off, I took him in my mouth for a minute.  He was on edge immediately.  I then kept only the tip of my tongue on the underside pushing it up toward him.  That was all it took and he started to orgasm.  Of course, I stepped away a few seconds before he started - not a far away from an orgasm as I usually do.  And with that, he fought it but was overtaken by the sensations and had a few contractions.  He wanted more touching but I think this was enough. 

For tonight, I'm letting him stay out of the cage as I probably stressed that area a bit too much while in the cage. 

With that, the day was over and I saw this beautiful sunset. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

More Strap-On Pics

Here are two more pictures of that nice fake cock.  Ladies, you really need one of these.  Men you want these as well to make sure that your woman is fulfilled.  Unless you can fuck like a machine, one of these need to be part of your toy collection.

You can almost see him under it.  Next is to find one that looks and feels more real.  One of the readers suggested Vixskin.  I looked them up online.  While they seem expensive, they look pretty realistic. 

I guess the cost of a good cock should be about $100.   Now if one was loaded with something to shoot, that could make it doubly fun - a cock that keeps on shooting and stays hard.  What a fun idea.
We may have some alone time tomorrow.  If so, who knows what is to happen next - I'm going to hold off on using the word cum for a little while.   I'm sure he isn't thrilled with that but it isn't time yet.  The readers all voted and I should get 20 orgasms before one for him and you all think that he needs to wait at least a month.  I thought the orgasm ratio should be higher too.  So I'm thinking he has a bit of a wait ahead of him.  Those orgasm on my toes pictures will have to wait.

Strap-Ons and Cages

Great feedback from a number of you over the use of the strap-on.  In general, many believe that I should leave his cock caged and use this from now on.  It is funny but I was a little unsure of the strap-on when I first saw it.  Having used it now, I must say that it is more satisfying than a man's cock as it doesn't have to stop after a short time because he is close.  I think one that has a more natural feel would be ideal.  This one is a little unrealistic.  Anyone have ideas on which one to use?

As for him, that Feeldoe with the harness looks like the way to go.  It would give me the feeling of having a real cock it seems.  As I thrust and withdraw, I would get lots of sensations as well.   Maybe I would be the one who needs to stop because I get too much stimulation.  We will need to try it and see.

With all of these toys that we are getting, I need a new place to put things.  We were using an old computer briefcase.  The key thing is finding a way to keep it from our child - I don't want her stumbling across it.  I'm already a bit nervous over her maturation and don't want to add to that.  It is nice that for two whole nights, she has not crawled into our bed.  The difference was moving the dogs to her bed.  It is like they are all having a sleepover.  Very cute. 

What else?  Oh, I have told him to get to work on his cock cage idea.  That seems like a way that I could make money.  If it is better than the CB cages and that poor Birdlocked one, I would think this could be my way of making some money and helping lots of women secure their men against masturbation and cheating.  When the day comes, a few of my sub men friends on here will need to try it to see if it is good.  Anyhow, I hope this is not just idle chatter from him.  The better mousetrap (or cocktrap) would be a good thing for all.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Strap-on Fun

I got a nice surprise this lunch time.  Before my husband had to leave town on business for an overnight stay, he came home, showered and packed.  I could tell that he was horny but I still didn't think we had the time to do much.  I took a little time to tease him by tweaking his nipples and massaging his uncaged area.  He was wanting the cage removed but I was having none of that.  He then offered to satisfy me.  I told him fine so long as he could do it without the use of the massager.  He asked if he could put on the strap-on to take the place of his caged member.  Thinking it over, I agreed.  I have a good picture of it on my iPhone that I will add to this post tomorrow. 

At this point, he oiled it up with Gun Oil and entered me.  The really nice part was that it vibrates too.  While in me, it was a bit too big.  Instead, I had him use it on the outside.  He brought me to two very nice orgasms.  I am thinking that I will need a bit more foreplay if I am to take that strap-on and enjoy it in me.  Anyhow, a while after that a bunch of pre-cum came out of the cage and down his leg.  Such fun.

Next time, I've told him, he will be on the receiving end of this strap-on.  He didn't think it was that big.  The best way to show him is through receiving it himself.  Don't you agree?  Anyhow, this idea of strap-ons is the perfect replacement to satisfying some of my needs while he is locked up.

Monday, January 10, 2011


I just read my husband's post.  For the record, I am dictating this to him for publishing.  It is so nice to have a fast typing husband who can do this for me.  Anyway, the thing I want to say is that I want attention as much or more than him but I am not going to do a rush job.  When he is thinking work, he attentions are just not as strong as they need to be and I do not want to start something that he can't finish for a number of reasons including work.  I do not want to be competing with the clock or a cell phone call.  I want him to be all mine and I want his attentions all on me.  That seems fair, no?  Also, he has no business asking to be let out of the cage for any reason.  I will let him out when I want to. 

Right now,  I am focused on getting our child to not come into our bedroom just now.  I have no idea how long that will take but that will help quite a bit.  He may find he has a few sleepy days once we solve this problem. 

As for my anniversary present, I want an iPad but money is probably not there for it as he keeps repeating.  So what shall we do?  Looking it up in the guides, the tenth year used to be tin or aluminum.  He'd better not do that - unless of course it is the iPad - that is aluminum, yes?  The modern version is diamonds.  That is nice too but not likely given the difficulty of last year.

On other things, I have all of these guys online who want me to Domme them or bring them into my home or have a fling that my husband doesn't know about.  What to say about all of this?  First, if you have read my blog, a fling is not my thing.  Where is the pleasure for me in Domming a bunch of married guys who won't tell their wife's what they want?  That flies in the face of what I say everyday.  For the ladies reading this who have uncaged husband's, this is a great reminder that men with go to many lengths to live out their fantasies but not expose themself to you for fear of ridicule.  Here is how to solve that.  Play with their cock.  Get them good and excited.  Then start asking them for their deep, dark fantasies.  Probe deep.  Don't be satisfied with an answer that they think you will find okay.  Ask questions.  If they hold back, slow the play.  If they give good answers, keep playing.  You might just get the truth.

Anyhow for all of these cyberguys, some are very interesting to talk to who I learn a lot from - others are a challenge and wear me out.   When you approach someone with as much online content as me - read it.  Don't waste our time with what you want.  Think about who you are approaching and try to cater to them - not you.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Read our Blog on your Smartphone

My husband found an interesting app for our iPhones where you can track blogs.  There are a number of apps that do this but the two that seem to work best are:  Feeddler RSS Reader and Reeder.  It is really simple.  You get a gmail email account for reading blogs.  You then type that email address and password into either of those programs.  From then on, you can take your favorite blogs with you. 

It might work with other email accounts but we haven't tried that.  If someone out there has done something like this for the other Smartphones, list your app here so that everyone can read their favorite blogs when bored at work, in line, etc.

PS: That pic is from the app "Nude It" which is a joke app.  If you want to see through clothes, work in one of those screening booths at the airport. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sexual Power for Women

I am reading "Sexual Power for Women" by Georgeann Cross thanks to a generous and kind reader of this blog.  What makes it interesting to most women is that it explains male behavior and why controlling their sex is so important.  First, if you control their cock whether it be using a cock cage or however you do it, you keep the relationship more exciting.  Where the woman controls things keeps the boredom away.  It helps to open up doors that you might not have known ever existed.  With statistics where something like 50% of all couples divorce and even more stray, this is a great way to insure that you stay connected with a spark in the relationship.

As she says, men are "wired to turn on to the techniques of female domination; they can’t help that...And the power of these techniques to excite is far greater than the tendency of monogamy to bore. If your man can’t have you whenever he wants, if he gets to experience that yummy little thrill only on your terms, boredom never sets in. He remains always a bit insecure, always eager to please you, always horny for you."

If he is caged, you can be sure that he is in a constant state of arousal - at least in his head.  This eliminates the boredom and keeps the spice there much longer than the average couple. 

What makes it even better is if you can tease your man with little things throughout the day.  The combination keeps them wired to make you happy as they continue to try and get you to allow them out of their chastity and into, well, you. 

She also talks about intimacy.  Early on, men want to share everything with you although they might edit some of the things they don't want you to know or fear will gross you out.  As you are together longer, that sharing of feelings goes away with the weight of daily things creating emotional distance.  What happens with many couples is a type of competition where at least the men feel the need to win the argument or whatever the conflict is - not good to happiness.

The control or chastity puts the man into a vulnerable position just as he was earlier in the relationship.  Secret feelings and emotions can be shared more openly.  Because of that greater openness, the love remains fresh and there is less of a chance for walls to build or libidos to stray.

Those are only a couple of points in the book that I wanted to mention.  I will bring up more later.  Men who read this but are afraid to share those feelings with their wives or significant others should think hard about being more open.  If your partner isn't open to things, show her this post.  The chastity isn't just about being kinky but it is a way to create more intimacy.  If she really loves you, she should be flattered by the openness.  If not, you have deeper problems and probably need a marriage counselor pronto.

These are just my thoughts.  I know everyone won't agree but this has really strengthened our relationship.  Also, here is one foot pic for those of you looking for them.  More tomorrow.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dinner Party Idea

Another fun fantasy of mine is to have a dinner party where all the women are dressed up and the men, well, they are wearing very little.  My husband could be in the kitchen with only a smock.  Another could be the waiter wearing only the bowtie.  If it is three couples, the third gives foot rubs as we chat.  How fun would that be? 

I think it would have to start with a cocktail and chat hour.  Hors d'eouvres served.  Champagne flowing.  The men serving us.  My husband slaving away in the kitchen.  After a bit of that, he brings out the plates and serves us.  It should probably be multiple courses of small portions.  A different wine for each dish.  After that, the women retire to lounge while the men clean up.  We are served desert and coffee. 

At this point, it seems like a good time for some performance art.  What to have them do?  Sing and dance?  No as men can't dance.  I'm not sure what we would do then.  Anyone have ideas?  Maybe the desert is served on them in the way Japanese men use a naked woman for sushi.   One of them could be shrink wrapped for sanitary reasons and we could place the different tastes all over him.  Looking at this picture though, a banana leaf cut up could do the same thing.   Have a few dipping sauces on there too - some whipped creme, melted caramel...maybe a fondue.  What a mess we'd make!

I will need to think about this one a little more.

PS: My husband thought of a fun Halloween Party - have the men go as the women and the women go as the men and do their best to stay in the character of their partner.  Doesn't that sound hilarious?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bondage with Plastic Wrap

Since I didn't have much time with him today, to keep the blog interesting, I wanted to chat about an idea in the files sent to me by a reader.  The way to do bondage with plastic wrap.  It sounded pretty interesting and something I need to try someday soon.  Have any of you tried it?  If so, I'd love to hear how it went.  It seems right up my alley.

Here are the instructions on how to do it:

Starting at the shoulders, wrap it around a few times in the same place to anchor it. From there, go around the body until you reach the top of his legs.  Once here, you need to decide whether to wrap the legs separately or together.  From there, go down to the feet.  Once mummified, use scissors to cut away the plastic wrap from the nipples so that you can play with them. You may also want to free his genitals in the same manner for the same reason.  Filling the butt with a butt plug or prostate massager before wrapping him up is a good idea as well. 

Once wrapped, get out the hair dryer.  Using a high, hot setting, aim it at your saran-wrapped partner. Be careful not to hold it so close as to burn him.  What you are trying to do is shrink down the saran wrap even more.  Once done, you have a shrink-wrapped partner. Be sure not to blow dry his genitals and be very careful not to melt the plastic wrap. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


First day with both child and husband not in the house.  I used that time to go to the nail salon and get them painted.  I will see about taking some pictures tomorrow to see if you like what I did with them.  With that, they are ready for pictures with my husband.  Given that the majority of you voted for the strap on, this could take a while - or not.  It really depends on my mood.  I am awakened sexually and now needing a way to use it.  He came home for lunch today but got stuck on the phone half of the time he was here.  What little time we had together, we had something to eat and then he fixed a problem on the computer.  As he did this, I had him stand (fully clothed) at the table and work on things while I proceeded to tease him by rubbing his caged cock and then reaching for his nipples.  I was able to find his balls as well.  After a brief tease, I let him go on his way.

Additionally, a reader of this blog has turned me on to a few female supremacy sites.  One is Lady Misato.  The other is  As I have time, I will explore the sites to see what I can learn as it relates to advancing the relationship.  In general, they have some good ideas for getting your husband deeper into things.  As I try things, I will keep you all informed of our progress.  The funny thing that I noticed with both is that they don't involve cock cages.  To me, that is a great way to remind the men of your control when they are away from you.

We have started eating in a more calorie aware way.  Next thing is to increase exercise.  With all of that, I might be a little less camera shy as well as who knows what else.

Monday, January 3, 2011

I Want More

You know, getting a little sex makes me want more.  Due to the holidays, that was one thing I wasn't getting either.  After Saturday, I want more but now I can't get it.  He is now working so he is away during the day.  Doing it alone is not the same.   As of tomorrow, our child is back at school and I want more.  We will see if he can come home for "lunch".   I think the thing we need to use is the strap-on but of him on me.  I think it is too soon to give him a second orgasm but the feeling of a cock is so mmm!  I know he would disagree with the too soon comment but that is why I am the one in charge.

Last night was interesting.  He had fixed the CB-6000 and put it back on.  He used a slightly smaller ring and struggled most of the night with the tighter size.  Finally around 4:30am, I got the key for him.  I find it amazing that just a little bit tighter caused him all sorts of problems and pain.   I've told him to write about it on his side of the blog.

That's it for now.  I know I owe you all some pictures.  We will do something soon.   As the strap on choice won, that is probably what will be done first.  Looking at the time to orgasm, I am sure that he is hoping that I don't listen to the poll.  We will see.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

First of the Year

I'm sure more than a few of you are disappointed that I let my husband have an orgasm in the way men and women often do.  While it didn't surprise me, his endurance was pretty low.  I told him all along to hold off so he seemed to not have the more fulfilling of orgasms although I know he enjoyed the release. 

I still plan on using the strap on and the foot one.  I'm not going to discuss specifics - my husband's blog has enough of that for those who want to know.  I did do a bit of control with him as we did things though - no kisses, massages, etc.  That just seemed to make him even more desperate to do things. 

I had hoped to do more over the holiday break but life got in the way.  Given all of the hard work my husband has done today organizing the garage and storage area, I don't think his attentions will slip because I gave him a little attention to start the New Year.

Here is a question to you subs - if you get very little usage for month, is there anyway for you to last like someone who is getting more attention?  I'd be curious if anyone has developed that much self control. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Resolutions.  So easy to make.  Now is the time to keep them.  What are mine?  Well, I got out of shape in 2010.  I will take off that weight and get back into the shape that I was in not only two years ago but hopefully to wear I was ten years ago.  I want to travel and see family in Europe.  I want to continue on this sexual awakening that my husband and I are on.  I need to get my child a little less dependent on us and stronger on her own. 

I let my husband out of the chastity cage for New Year's Eve.  It goes back on this morning.  He is way too horny to leave uncaged and I love it when he is in this condition.  I did a little tease this early morning of him.  Only touched his nipples, nothing lower.  I know he wanted more but he will need to wait. 

I'm hoping that we can turn this personal blog into a bit of a community this year.  I've met so many nice people that I would like you to know each other.  Oh, I hope my husband really makes that new chastity cage.  If not, I will need to think about getting something that is more secure and less prone to breaking. 

My real hope is that the economy gets better and we all have less worries on the job/money front.  The last few years have been hard for many of us and a little bit easier would be nice.  I truly hope that you and everyone deserving get a few of their dreams and prayers answered.  Remember, none of those things will happen without you trying to make them so.  If you have a desire, don't just long for it, try and make it real.