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Monday, February 28, 2011

Lost Monday

From the 2009 Seattle Erotic Art Fest
His work got in the way of a fabulous blow job leading to him cumming on my feet today.  It seems a customer came in at Noon that kept him until 1:30pm.   I really want to do this picture during the day time when the light is good and our little one isn't around. 

I don't know if you noticed his weight but it went up one pound last night even though he ate only an apple, some fish and steamed spinach yesterday.  That would normally lose at least a pound.  For the week, he lost the lowest amount to date despite only one meal a day for three days!  This shows how drinking effects your weight for days.  He should start seeing improvement either tomorrow or Wednesday but he essentially lost the better part of a week for about 5 ounces of tequila and a shot of whiskey.  The sugars totally fuck up the diet. 

He made moves to get me interested last night which I had to tell him to read a book to.  I was feeling off a bit and tired.  As you all know, I should be the one making the initial move on him.  Maybe some day he will figure it out.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscars, eBook and Weight Loss

With the departure of my elder daughter and her family early afternoon, I settled in to watch the Oscars.  It didn't seem like there were many upsets except maybe the foreign film with Javier Bardem in it. 

I was looking for eBooks on my iPad and stumbled across this.  Remember my post about that interesting woman, Cindy Gallop?  She released a book that is top of the charts.  Can I accidentally pick them or what?  Anyhow, we should all support strong woman.  The book is only $2.99 and looks important for anyone with a child.

On the homefront, my husband had been very good for two days getting by on only an apple and a dinner each day.  Today he was going to weaken and asked for lunch around 2pm.  I told him that he would have to hold on for an early dinner at 5:30pm.  He should be seeing the affect of the drinking Thursday night today and tomorrow.  We will see if it causes his weight to go back up after good days from Friday to Sunday.  I might be wrong but the drinking should cause his weight to stay the same or go up over the next few days if he doesn't stay deprived.  On that front, he is definitely showing signs of a higher libido.  Let's see what we can do with that this week. 

As for me on the diet, I cheated but with a grapefruit on Saturday.  We have so many in our yard.

That's it for tonight.  I'll post more tomorrow - maybe even the long delayed but often thought about foot pics.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Blown Blow-Jobs and Life

Well, the seven days of blowjobs didn't work out as expected.  While that was the plan going into the seven days, schedules, diet and life got in the way.  Today, I was hoping to do the foot shot but he got stuck in meetings and didn't make it home before our child.  Some made good comments that I didn't fulfill my anniversary gift.  Sorry to say but life gets in the way. 

I think we will try again next week.  I'm letting him stay out of the cage for a bit longer - he isn't travelling anywhere so that is fine.  I will put him back soon enough but not immediately. 

As for diets, I was queasy this week getting used to things.  I've lost almost twenty pounds so far.  Sadly, I'm still a few pounds more than my husband - that will be fixed very soon.  I should be about 35-40 below him.  I think a mix of boredom, stress from his job situation for most of last year and my natural compulsiveness were what caused it. 

What else?  I'm watching my newborn granddaughter tonight and tomorrow.  She is the cutest.  Not very sexy to most of you but this is also part of the happiness of life. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 6 of 7

Well, he fell asleep before I got to bed last night again.  As such, he lost the chance on Day 6.  Today is his last chance for a while although I do need to do the foot shot for the blog.

Oh, I met someone online who has been following the blog and sending ideas now and then for a while.  I'm all excited as he has offered to make or help my husband make some fun toys for use on my husband.  One is a board that we would strap him down to so that he can't move an inch when I'm tormenting him.  I'll add a better picture of that later today.  The one you need for our play would keep his legs spread - this one that is sold online doesn't do that.  There were other things like a ball crusher, cock stretcher and more.  The one we talked about that I hope we can figure out is one where he is strapped down but if he struggles, it either pinches his nipples more tightly or squeezes his balls or sticks something up his ass.  We are noodling that while my husband works to making his better cock trap a reality.  Hopefully, if any of this works, I can make this my job - I would love to help other women do what I am doing - and make money from it. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Days 4 and 5 of 7

As you could read from his post, he got teased but no action those two days.  On Sunday, everyone was exhausted from a long day of driving and going out and about.  Monday, I just felt off from the diet and had to take a pass until the evening.  When I got to bed, he was sound asleep so that opportunity was lost by him.  He still has Tuesday and Wednesday left before lock-up so he might get a bit more.  I know I promised him an orgasm a day but I'm not going to wake him up to do it for him.  If he is asleep and can't wait, then the opportunity is lost.

Among the things I need to do is the foot orgasm as I promised a number of people that shot for the blog.  I will see if that can be a midday photo shoot during one of his lunch breaks. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 3 of his 7 days of gift

On night #2 of his seven nights of fun, he fell asleep before I could come to bed.  As such, he lost his chance.  The next day, we actually had some alone time.  I wasn't in the mood for sex but needed a massage.  He gave me a great one cracking my back and loosening my spine better than anyone  has done in a long time - even professionals.  I rewarded him with a tease and orgasm by hand.  He came a huge mess.  No, I didn't make him recycle it - I know you want me too - but we were both relaxed and just fell asleep until the idiot dogs started barking.  He has four more days of this and no cage.

Have a full day so I'll try and post more tonight.

Friday, February 18, 2011

My LolliPop

Well, I gave him the orgasm I promised last night.  It was very quick taking me maybe one minute.  As he always must, he told me he was on edge so I stopped and told him 'good night'.  After he begged for completion, I smiled and then stroked him to orgasm in about ten seconds.  No, he didn't consume it - I used a warm cloth and put him to bed.

Now we have a few more nights of this.  I hope he doesn't think that he will get off so easy every night.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday night

An odd way to pogo.
I see that he wrote about the early anniversary gift last night.  That was quite thoughtful of him.  The funny thing is that when we were getting ready for bed, he asked if he could take off the cage.  I told him politely, 'no', and that I wanted him to keep it on until tomorrow night so that he could take it off for our anniversary.  I then sent him off to check on our child. 

Isn't it funny what men will do to get a little action or think that they can get something?  They are so conniving.  Well, today is our anniversary.  Let's see what is in store for him.  As tomorrow is a half day followed by a three-day weekend, it will be much easier to monitor his uncaged actions. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anniversary on the 17th

I think I told all of you that I promised him a blowjob a day for our anniversary week.  I don't think I promised that I would swallow or let him cum although after three weeks of denial, I think he is entitled to some relief.  I know a few people offered ideas but the time is upon us so I would like to hear your thoughts.  For example, many people want to see him orgasm on my feet and clean it up.  I suppose I could give him a blow job and then have him cum on my toes.  That works, right?  Also, should I blow him but stop short of orgasm?  You will see in the poll the question on swallowing.  Anyhow, please share your thoughts and ideas.  You can post here, IM me at wifekeyholder on Yahoo most days or send me an email at


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.  I think the day has been overcommercialized.  If we are doing it right, every day is Valentine's Day.  As I know a number of people who read this have unique interests, try slowly exposing your partner to this if you have not.  For those who dream of it but are single, go to a munch or in some other way try and meet like minded people.  Use this as a day to create more emotional harmony.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Diet and Taking More Control

Sorry to have been quiet for a few days.  Not a lot going on in advance of Valentine's Day and our anniversary a few days later.  Main thing has been getting these diets off the ground.  While I started a week after him, I am only a few pounds behind him in weight loss.  I talked things over with him this morning and we agreed that his ideal weight should be 175 pounds.  That means it will be closer to 40 pounds that he is losing.  Once that is done, we will get into firming our bodies and getting into the best shape possible.  I also had a friend who is a doctor look at him last night and I'm thinking that he will have a few small procedures to keep wrinkles or saggy skin on his face tight.  I've enjoyed controlling his diet and expect to keep it that way in the future.   Some of this is because I am making these decisions.  Other parts are for him to be in fighting shape in his new job so that he can rise way above the people who got rid of him a few months ago.  They are all losing their jobs and looking awful so I think the best thing we can do is project happiness, fitness and strength while they are a bunch of overweight and bloated greedy a**holes set to receive what they deserve after years of selfishness.

On nicer things, if I touch him he is in heaven.   It can be as simple as caressing his stomach or kissing him.  I think that means that he is about where I wanted him going into this special week for us.  I have at least one day totally alone with him where we will be busy if you know what I mean.  For you, this means a few pictures too finally.  I really apologize for the delay on this but there have been no good chances to do what I have promised.

For the rest of today - Grammy red carpet! 

Here is a song I like that is popular in the Middle East by Natasha Atlas.  I found her on the Buddha Bar CDs.  This song is telling people to stop the fighting.  Hopefully, a new day is happening in the Middle East. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lunch Break

Read my husband's blog if you have time.  I will tell you what really happened.  I was at home watching the news on Egypt and using Facebook when he came home for lunch.  As I didn't get up to make it in about 10 minutes, he said he would make it.  I said 'no', wait for me.  Well, he pressed it so in about 2 minutes it was made.  I decided to tease him with words for a little bit which he thought I meant sex.  Nope.  Anyhow, I didn't mind the leg rub but going further was not in my mood.  So he hangs around another 45 minutes trying to get me to do something which now there is no chance I will.  As he gets ready to go, I tease his nipples through his shirt and give him a 'fuck me' erotic kiss.  So then he unbuttons his shirt!  Who is in charge here?  So I go for it, rub him a few time and then twist the shit out of them.  I did it over and over and harder and harder to make a point.  First, I enjoy seeing him squirm.  Second, I am the one who decides when and how we do things.

Tonight, I made his exact portions for dinner.  After, when he came over, I gave him a kiss, reached under his sweat shirt and twisted the nipple really hard again.  Sadly, today had to be some education for him.  Maybe he will understand better for the future.

PS: As for Egypt, that cocksucker Mubarak has to go.  I wish the Cubans had the balls to do what the Egyptians are doing in the face of the evil dictator.  I pray for their safety.

Here is a great song by Rinôçérôse called "Bitch".  They are a duo from France - the woman bass player and the man in white.  Why they aren't popular here says bad things about America.  Europe is hip to quality music.  The guest singer on this one is a bit flamboyant.

Looking Back

Someone asked a good question of me the other day.  Where are we going with this FemDom thing.  In truth, I don't think of it as FemDom first.  I just see things as I control what goes on inside the house.  My husband is my husband and he is naive in some ways and needs my guidance on certain things.  I also know he is probably kinkier than me.  This is part of the reason that the cage is such a good thing.  Not that he would do anything but with it on, I don't need to wonder what is going on when he is away for a long time for work or with friends. 

So where is this going?  First, I think it is going toward a stronger marriage.  Those who have read it all year know of some of the challenges we have had to deal with.  I think we are the strongest of anytime in our marriage.  We are both hornier toward each other too.  Maybe that is because we are both settling in to roles that we are both more comfortable with.  Second, we are cleaning up our eating act to get more fit.  I want both of us to be smoking hot for our ages.  I won't spend hours in the gym but we will get really fit.  Also, we are exploring and trying new things.  What that means exactly will be proven out in time.  If you think about it, my controls with him have increased - he is now on a diet that I run; he is wearing clothes that I have more of a say in; around the house he is taking my lead more.  As for me, I am less interested in the material things although I would love an iPad.

Well, I'm sure there is more but these are the big pieces without talking about something specific like we will use this sex toy or do this sex thing.  Those things will just evolve as we grow as a couple open to more exploration of our interests and marriage.  Along these lines, I know so many of you want what we have.  I am serious when I say to share this blog with your other half.  Remember, I didn't start wanting to do all these things.  My Catholic raising led me to think that these things should be suppressed.  As I went into things a little further and further, I gained confidence and found that this was something I wanted that my husband craved too.  Be brave and somehow start the conversations.  Be slow in bringing it up.  Just talk about the adventures of us as well as a few others on here who blog like this.  Life is short - make yourself happy.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thank You!

I don't know how to thank you enough for your interest and desire to follow our evolving FemDom Marriage.  I have learned from many of the ideas and suggestions given by those with more experiences or ideas that I would have never thought of or tried without your help.  In trying to think of a way to thank you and give you my own Valentine, I am thinking more pictures is a start.  Another way is to continue trying things new that you will find interesting.  I would do that anyway but the support system you provide is helpful.

On a personal note, I had some hair extensions that a friend and hair dresser gave me.  She put them in today.  Hopefully, you will see bits of it in future pictures.  The diet continues.  I started a week after my husband and will probably be on the diet for about four months.  For him, I think he can get where he needs to in half that time.  Of course, you will be seeing more pictures of him than me so you can judge for yourself soon enough.  Once the weight is off, the next part is increasing each of our tone.  That will mean a different challenge in lifting weights, stair machines and situps to name a few of the exercises.

Hopefully, we will have some quality alone time soon.  I know I need it.  Today he had a little time but I wasn't here.  Soon enough, I will get him to work.

Okay, here is today's music - Sade's "No Ordinary Love".  She is one of my favorites and the song speaks to the idea of all of our interests here:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Anniversary and Updates

What a busy girl!
My husband asked me what I want for our anniversary.  I told him an iPad.  I'd like a bigger trip or maybe a spa retreat where a plastic surgeon does an overhaul on me but that will need to wait for the diet to be closer to done and more money in the bank account.  We can't go out for much of a special dinner given our diets.  With the animals, a trip is tough too. 

As for what to give him, I told him that I was thinking of giving him a blow job a day for a week.  I wonder if he could handle it after the way things have been.  Now if I give him the blow jobs, I think I need to let him cum.  Since I won't be swallowing, maybe he should?  Any thoughts you may have are appreciated.  This is only an early thought.

Got my toenails done today so I am ready-ready for the toe shots.  I will do those next week if I can.  That might include a cage though - we will see.  Having just finished with my monthly visitor, my interest in sex is pretty high.

On the diet front, I'm down 5 pounds in 5 days.  I was thinking about posting it but then decided not to as I am not the one on total display like my husband.  You can see his weight loss beginning to make a difference - his face definitely shows it. 

For this video choice, here is one I like.  Do you know Gus Gus?  This was a song they did last year that I just heard.  Doubtful that anyone in the U.S. knows it as it is very European.  I'm glad that the vocalist is back.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Men Need to be Locked Up

Seeing and reading everything that I do in life, I think so many problems could be solved if all men were in chastity cages.  Men can go ahead and continuing with thinking that they are ruling the world but if they are bad, then they are going to be locked up for a long time.  When you see so many of the awful things going on with corrupt politicians who cheat their people, you have to know that they act the same way in their personal life.  Look at Egypt, Murbarek is an old man who was known to enjoy all sorts of women outside of his marriage.  Women are more likely to build and nurture while men seem to like seeing things explode whether it is an orgasm or a gun. 

So men reading this, tell your girlfriend or wife that you want to ensure that you are giving them your 100% attention sexually.  No cheating, no masturbating, no anything without them.  Lock it up and give them the key.  The more powerful the man, the more he needs this. I think it is much more interesting when a strong man gives himself up.  The wimpy ones are just boring.  I don't see why a strong woman would want a wet noodle of a man.

Now for men eating their orgasms - I still don't fully get it so I guess I may need to try it for a while to see if there is a reason for it.  I'm sure he will be up for it until the minute he has to do it.  Then it will be like the past where he has this 'who me' look on his face.  We will see.  The time is soon as I am in the mood for some fun.

Not my best post, my apologies.  In starting my diet today, now I am the one having headaches.  He seems fine now that he is on the right mix of hcg.  Also, he is eating a little more which will slow the weight loss but help him feel stronger.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Anniversary is Coming Soon

With our 10 year marriage anniversary coming as well as his 1 year anniversary of being in the cage, what would be a good way to celebrate?  Should they be done together or separate?  Keep your ideas on a modest budget as the summer took a lot out of our finances.  That said, I would love to hear some ideas for all of you.  Maybe that can help me to come up with a plan if his isn't so good.

So I know I haven't been that erotic and sexy lately.  I promise that will be changing soon.  The foot pictures are way overdue and he knows I need to get those done.  There also seems to be a lot of you that like the idea of me using the strap on.  I like that too.

Looking at the poll, I was surprised how overwhelming the results were for him consuming most of his orgasms.  I don't think I heard from anyone that actually does that.   I take that back - maybe one guy. Is this just a fantasy for all of you?  I think it is time for us all to move from fantasy to reality.

Okay, another video that I first heard with some family who lives in Europe and speaks no English.  The whole house including a 4 year-old were singing this song.   I almost wet myself I laughed so hard.  I won't say what the song is - find out yourself if you are interested.