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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reset the Clock

I thought you should know that I let my husband have an orgasm today.  After he gave me a wonderful massage and three orgasms by hand or machine, I touched him.  Within seconds he was on the edge.  I decided that it was time and gave him some relief.  I held his cock tight as he started to orgasm.  I held it so tight that very little semen was getting out.  I regripped and a bunch shot out but that was toward the end of his contractions.  I've read online that this is what many people consider ruined orgasms.  Not me.  He got to go through the whole process even if he wasn't free to shoot completely.  While he was relieved, he was also still horny.  We will see what tomorrow holds for his behavior and determine if this little bit of relief was not giving in too much. 

What else?  Oh, I would love to hear thoughts on what kink appropriate gift to get him for Christmas?  Any ideas? 

More tomorrow...


Well, it is getting fun in my house.  At 40 however many days, I am thinking he is horny.  He was pointing out the other day that it is actually 55 days or so if you count the orgasm in the cage.  As that was a real and big orgasm, why would you exclude it?  I'm more likely to reset to 8 days as I tried to give him an orgasm last week but he couldn't orgasm more than a trickle.

I've read online about the need to orgasm for prostate health.  That doesn't make sense.  How do the Buddhist Monks do it?  I would have said Catholic priests but I didn't want to make bad jokes.  Back to the Buddhist monks though - they never orgasmed.  Their bodies reabsorbed things.  He gets lots of exercise when I tease him.  He leaks a good amount so it comes out that way too.  I think the whole prostate thing is men finding a reason to need to release all the time.

I have some time to play with him this week.  We will see what is in store for him.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Photography on the Internet

As a change up, I thought I would post a few pictures that I think are interesting.  This one to the left is an interesting perspective on things.

I especially like this one.  My husband introduced me to it.  It is done by a friend of Andy Warhol named Mark Sink.

While this picture isn't the best, I think Grace Jones is pretty amazing.  She is a strong lady which this picture shows.

I have some errands to run but will add fun pics to this link as I find them.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Black Friday

I saw that someone thought my husband was small.   Normally that isn't the case but I saw this and it is by far the smallest he has ever been.  The first picture is more artistic while the second shows things clearer. 

His balls are tight against his body while the penis is also as tight or small as I've ever seen.  Is this because he was in the cage so long and the body is adjusting the other way?  Maybe it is because of his little injuries down there the last few days?  I would have thought that he would continue walking around with a semi given how horny he must be.  This looks like just the opposite. 
We got a nice little surprise - we will have some time alone this afternoon.  I was thinking about letting him pleasure me last night but by the time we got to bed, I was just too tired to want anything.  Maybe today.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


This week I experienced something new for me.  Well not totally new but in a way that I noticed more than ever.  After asking some of my online friends about it, I found it is the Domme version of subspace.  It is DommeSpace.  This is when you get a high Domming your partner.  I find that when I get there, his squirming to the pain and pleasure I inflict gets me spacy.  Understanding it a bit now, it is important for both play partners to communicate as you could go too far when in this headspace.  I don't think either of us noticed at the time we were doing these things but his sores aren't that bad and will heal quickly enough.

I had my husband take some pictures of the leftovers from our session Thursday.  Besides showing that he needs to shave his hair again, it was to show you the sores from our fun on Thursday.  His nipples were very sore.  Where last time there was crusting around the tip, this time it was one mark right in the center - not so bad at all.  He said it hurt the most of all of them but it is difficult to see.

The next two pictures show the rawness from me jerking him dry that day for about an hour and a half.  Right under the head is where it looks like the skin tore.  The pictures don't show it as well as in person but the mark on the right is pretty deep and red.  I think the lighting doesn't show that too good.

Because of all of this, he is going to have to go without touches until his cock is healed.  I suppose I can tease him using his perineum and ass/prostate but he is going to have to wait to have a real orgasm because of this.  As we are getting close to Christmas, he may have to wait a bit longer as it gets harder and harder to find alone time as we do everything to get ready for the holiday.

Since he is out of commission for a little bit while he heals, I told him last night that tonight he can go down on me as he has been asking for over and over again.  I think it is only fair to let him do what he has asked for so much given what I did to him.  On top of it, I am still a bit bothered from our session on Thursday and could use the attention.

This is his longest period ever without an orgasm.  I'm curious to see how he will react to it.  So far, he is very attentive and really the gentleman.  

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Wife Was in Control Today

Today I had a nice play date with my husband.  I had him strip and I fiddled with him for about an hour and a half.  He was on edge for most of that time.  I really tormented his nipples, cock and balls.  I'm sure that his nipples are sore and balls full.  Even better, I promised him more tomorrow.  After that, he will have to wait for a bit as I don't think we will be alone until the following week.  I know I have said it before but I get off a lot on teasing him and watching him squirm.  He even rubbed me to an orgasm through my stretch pants in only a minute or so.  That was a first with us.  Watching him react to my touches and knowing how much he wanted to orgasm gets to me big time.  Many times he teetered on the brink but was able to hold it back. 

His kissing was very good today.  I can feel the desire in him with each kiss.  While kissing him, I either pinched his nipples very hard to see how he would react or stroked his cock.  It became clear after a while when I took him into pain or to the brink of orgasm.  Watching and feeling him struggle is such a sexy rush.  

I'm feeling generous so no cage for him until the day after Thanksgiving.  We will be around each other and I can tell in only a few seconds if he has done anything given his current state of arousal. 

PS: I so love this, can any of you think of things he can add to this as a Christmas gift? 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

He is still waiting

My husband is going to find out when he reads this that he might need to wait another week for a chance to orgasm again.  See, he has to drive somewhere tomorrow morning for a meeting.  If he gets home fast enough, he will have alone time with me before our child comes home.  If not, then Tuesday I am busy all day and our child has a half day - no chance there. Wednesday, same thing plus getting ready for the holiday.  That means we wouldn't be alone again until the Monday after the holidays. 

So, hopefully he reads this before he leaves and then gets home quickly.  If not...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Took him to the Top

I was going to let my husband orgasm yesterday but when the time came, he couldn't.  He will tell the story from his side later.  After giving me a very nice massage and pleasures with the jackhammer massager, I turned the machine on him.  I used the massager all over his caged genitals.  I loved watching him squirm and struggle to orgasm while in it.  He couldn't but I kept doing it.  I really love seeing him cum in the cage - it is so hot to me.  At one point, I pinched his scrotem with the massager and the cage ring and he started to bleed.  This ruined my plan.  He said it didn't hurt but it was becoming just too big a mess so I sent him to the bathroom to take off the cage and clean up.  When he returned, everything looked fine with just a little cut and everything very red from the teasing.

I decided he deserved an orgasm and was taking him to the top.  The thing is that when he started to cum, virtually nothing came out - like only a few drops.  I tried keeping the massager to his penis but he was ultra sensitive and couldn't bear the stimulation.  He was saying that he was so excited that he couldn't cum.  But he did, I told him.  He seemed really upset that he came as he said he didn't feel anything but the intensity that he said was nothing like an orgasm.  Being the nice person that I am, I'm not going to force him to reset the timer - really, it doesn't matter, well it might to him but to me it doesn't matter.  As long as I control and am present for all of his orgasms, that is all that matters.

With that little cut, I'm letting him stay out of the cage this weekend.  This is now his uncaged chastity time.  

Friday, November 19, 2010

As we come (or not) into the weekend

My husband is back from his travels.  He had a bit of a cold when he got back so I decided to let him rest yesterday as opposed to teasing him or doing anything.  Both he and my daughter have been suffering from a little cold - which I got today.  I had planned on doing some serious teasing today although he now may be too busy to be available.  If that is the case, he is going to have a hard time finding alone time with me.  I think Tuesday could be the only day over the next two weeks. So maybe he will get some attention today or tonight but will possibly need to wait a while longer.  I just looked at the clock on here and noticed that he is at 30 days.  How time flies when you are busy and having fun.

As for me, he has done a great job massaging my feet and legs since getting home.  He wants to touch more but I've had him wait.  I'm going to go take a nap and see if I am up to it before we have our child and her friend here this weekend.  More later on today for you.

I see that most of you didn't like my last poll.  I'll try and think of a better one next.  As for my big toenails, they are short but looking normal again.  Maybe I will have him paint them and you all can tell me if they are "ready" for him to squirt on for you.

Monday, November 15, 2010

For Parents, Wifes and Dommes

Okay Dommes, wives and parents, I found a new way to track My child and husband. It is life360 - a free app for iPhone. This started out as a way to find sexual criminals in our neighborhood. What we found it does besides that is track any cell phones we register. That means that I can see where my husband is when away from home. His phone is now set up to send a signal to me about every 10 minutes. For some odd reason, my phone has to be done manually. Maybe I have too old an iPhone for it to work. Our child has a testing phone and it works the same as his.

There are spying apps that cost $99 a year but I that seems like a waste of money for us.

Women, if you think your husband isn't being faithful, you can see all texts, emails and phone logs. Now I know some will say they don't need that or chastity. Good for you. For those of us who like control, these are all ways to maintain it. My interests are well shown here. The chastity builds his desire and I get my kink. For those in less secure relationships, these are options to build confidences or catch the lying partner. 

As many Dommes may agree, whether you use the tracking device or not, it is a good way to enforce their position when away from  you.  Having them in a cock cage does this too.  Different strokes for different folks. 

I hoped this helped a few of you whether it is for how I use it or to track your kids.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Had a Saturday night alone

Last night, I had a night alone with my husband.  We were staying at a hotel next to a gentleman's club.  No, we did not go in to it.  I'm sure he would have liked that but those places are not for me.  Instead, we stayed in.  My stomach was not feeling the best.  It might have been from the combination of red wine, lime Patron gelato and too much food.  As we lay in bed, I did not want any attention although I was next to him naked.  I eventually had him strip and worked on his nipples for a long time.  The left one was a bit crusty from all the play I had done earlier in the week.  So I worked on the right one more than the left while watching "Saturday Night Live".  I had him take off his sweatpants and proceeded to play with his chastity cage.  No, I did not let him out.  I would tease him during the commercial breaks and stop during the show...except for the skits that were really awful.  It is surprising how the show gets worse as it goes on through the night.  As the show was ending, I became pinching and biting his nipples hard trying to get him to ask for me to stop.   He took it but was making lots of noises, moving around a lot and either breathing hard or not breathing at all.

He leaves on a business trip at like 4am in the morning tomorrow and doesn't get back until very early Thursday morning.  I'm sorry that I wasn't feeling up to doing more when we were alone but he will get another chance at the end of the week.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day After

My husband seemed to be looking for a little attention today.  As I didn't sleep all that well last night, I told him no.  He could massage my feet and legs but no fooling around today as I needed to rest.   I asked him how he felt after yesterday's relief.  He told me that he was hornier than ever.  Good.  The bulge in his pants despite the cage proved that.

There is an outside chance that we may have a night alone either Friday or Saturday night but if that is shaky at best.  As such, he might not have a chance to get out of the cage until about a week from now as he will be travelling much of next week.  When he travels, he is in the cage.  I'm still thinking about the fun yesterday.  It was so exciting to see that.  I think I am beginning to understand the mental part of this now.  Even though he should be relaxed after yesterday, he isn't.

By the way, Happy Veteran's Day to all of those people who protect us.  I hope you are all home soon.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Oddest Ruined Orgasm

After he gave me a wonderful massage and about four orgasms this morning, I turned the massager on him.  He was still in the CB-6000 while I did this.  First it was on the area under the balls for about 3 minutes and then on the pelvic area for about 2 minutes.  At this point, he said he felt an orgasm coming on.  I stopped.  What happened here surprised me.  He kept grunting and moaning.  His need to orgasm seemed to pass.  Then one drop escaped the tip about 30-45 seconds after I stopped.  I thought, 'I'm good'.  He had the ruined orgasm in the cage.  At that point he started to moan a bit again and a larger amount oozed out of the head.  I thought that was it but it wasn't.  Now it's been well over a minute and closer to two minutes since stimulation stopped.  This is where it got really interesting.  Very liquidy semen just kept oozing out.  Enough to fully cover his lower stomach.  I'd say it was the equivalent of a large orgasm.  It kept happening for the better part of a minute and even after that a few more bits escaped.

For me, it was wildly erotic to watch this.  He had no control over what was happening.  And the volume was amazing.  I guess he was horny.  He said that it wasn't the same as a real orgasm but I think it looked like it was better than a real one.  Those only last a short time while this lasted even longer.

I'd love to hear if this has happened to anyone else.  I'm counting this as a ruined orgasm and not a real one although I could be convinced otherwise.  I mean as he released, it was just a bubbling out with no real force.  He was talking to me saying things like I don't know what is happening and I can't stop it.  A regular conversation and not the type that you might have in the middle of an orgasm.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Teases and Squirms

Since a number of people have been asking for pictures of me, here is a little bit.  I'm not comfortable putting my face on here so a see through blouse will have to do for the moment.  I will have the foot pictures taken next which might be my husband's first chance at release and relief - we will see.  So many of you want to see pictures of him spilling his orgasm on my toes and maybe shoes where he also cleans things up with his tongue that I will just have to do it as soon as I can.  That is still about a week to ten days away though.  I'm sure he is hoping for something sooner.  Again, we will see.

Today, I had a lot of fun teasing him.  The details are on his side of the blog.  I don't know why but I just really enjoy watching him squirm - at first in pleasure and then in pain.  I'm not angry - I just enjoy it.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Feeling Better

Feeling much better this morning.  I think a stressful situation at my child's school went to my stomach.  I've had problems with my stomach in the past so whenever I get stressed or ill, it goes to my stomach. 

So cumming on my toes won the poll.  As the toenail needs to grow a little bit more before they look right for photographs, he will either need to wait for that or I will do something else in the mean time.  When the time comes to do that, I will take photos of all of it and post them here.  I know I've been talking about it for a few months but the nail problem really delayed it.  Also, he doesn't exactly get a lot of orgasms.

We will have some alone time during the day this coming week.  We leave for a weekend with my eldest daughter daughter Friday for three days and he has to drive somewhere for business for two of the days this week so he will have a limited chance at relief.  I will surely tease him but taking it further - we will have to see.

I know that I haven't been writing the sexiest posts for you all the last week or two, I've asked him to retell a story from the past on his side of the blog.  I know he is working in the yard a bit today so we will see when he gets a break to write it for you.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Husband home

Haven't been feeling well the last two days.  I'm not sure if it is the flu or just stomach problems but I have been resting.  My stomach feels and looks like a gas balloon.  Is there a doctor on the blog?  Actually, I will see a doctor on Monday if I still feel like this.

As for my husband, I saw that he wrote up what I could do with him today.  That was fun to do with him.  Watching him try to talk while I twist his nipples is fun.  He has such a hard time staying focused.  You think that he could handle two things at once.

His behavior has definitely improved with the orgasm denial.  I enjoyed getting his motor running but leaving the car in the garage.  This is why men can't orgasm too often - they lose that loving feeling that we like.  His kisses are far more passionate.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Friday alone with him for the morning

In a twist of schedules, we will have Friday morning alone. As he gets in about 1am that morning, we have much of that school day alone. What shall I do with him? I don't think he is reading this as he is on the road without a computer and busy from morning on in meetings. Would love to here your devious thoughts.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Husband away for a few days

He left on business early this morning. Despite airports, he was in his chastity cage. When men travel is when they need this most. While I know he won't cheat with another woman, I'm sure he would with his hand. As I have said before, most relationships would be stronger if the men had no ability for sexual gratification without their wives or girlfriends. It forces them to be more considerate than their natural state. For many women, their husbands cheat and there is no way to know it. This solves that worry completely.

This will be some nice quiet personal time before holiday season starts. As he is narrowing down the job search and should have something soon, I have faith that this holiday season will bring much to be thankful for.

Reminder that he is on yahoo im. Feel free to message him with questions, comments or torments.