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Friday, July 30, 2010

Punishments for a Job not well done

Okay, everyone thinks I should 'punish' him for not doing a very good job while I was away. What do you have in mind? He is working hard outside these days in some heat but was lax while I was away (see last post).

I think leaving him in the cage without attention is a good punishment. The question on that is for how long to do that? So far, people think another two weeks minimum. I am looking for your ideas. You can post them here or send them to me at or send me a note on the yahoo im box to the right of this posting.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Home at Last

Two weeks visiting family is a bit too long.  I feel like a good part of my trip was just cleaning their houses.   It was extra frustrating to me that when I got home, our house was a mess.  He says he kept it clean but I didn't see it. After having him do what I think he could, I did the rest.  With our child at a friends house, he wanted attention on what was in the cage but I just wasn't in the mood.  He did give me two lovely foot rubs - one in the late afternoon and another while watching television.  First chance he has of getting out of there is this weekend.  Our child is around and I'm not letting him out until I'm ready to do something.  He also needs to finish the work outside the house - he didn't get nearly far enough.  Same with some other tasks he was supposed to complete.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Wife Back Tuesday night

She will be back here Tuesday night. I go to get her later today from a relatives about five hours away. Hopefully, she will post a better update here Wednesday. I also hope that our child has a sleepover straight away so that we can have some good time together. This is the longest continuous period that I have been locked away and one of the longest periods without an orgasm ever. I know a number of you will say that 2 weeks is nothing and that this is good training for me while others will be amazed that a guy can allow himself to be locked up like this when alone for two weeks. Bottom line to this is that it brings my wife and I closer and distracts from daily challenges such as me looking for a new job or her dealing with spending problems. It gets us out of the rut of everyday life and challenges. The question to me is where this will all lead as the current challenges go away as we know that they will.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wife's Trip So Far

The first leg of her trip is over. She tells me it was difficult as her mother was very sour and negative about everything. On top of it, the day before she left there, her car got rear ended by a hit and run driver. She is now about four hours from home visiting another relative while I prepare for a job meeting next week in the town that she is in. Our child wants to stay there for a few more days as she loves the relatives there and is bored at home.

As for the job front, I have many irons in the fire and once close to...what do you call it in this analogy...branding? In any event, I have great faith that something will close - just not sure when.
She will be back the middle of next week and do a better post on her trip.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another story from our past: Brazilian Waxing

Early on when we were dating, she wanted me to have my pubic area waxed. This was probably my first time learning that she did not like body hair. Given that I was at the gym 5x a week and the shower was communal, I was a tad hesitant. While teasing me, she told me to just shower at home then. Not a bad idea so long as I didn't work out at lunch. At you can expect, I didn't do it. That isn't true. If it was, this wouldn't be much of a posting. Yes, I went for it. The only proviso was that I had a few shots of Patron before we started. Fair enough, she said and up to the bedroom we went.

First thing was to trim down the unkempt yard known as my pubic hair. Next was to heat the wax and get the strips of cloth. The first bit of wax on me gave me a 2nd degree burn on my inner thigh. She told me not to be a baby. I was able to get her to cool it down but after a few tries, very little hair was coming up. She got it a little hotter and tried again. I had a few more shots as this hurt like hell. I was told that many women do this every month to stay smooth for their men. Given I was flinching too much, she tied my arms to the bed and sat on a leg. She was having fun. Over what seemed like 15 hours (not really), she proceeded to rip off all of the hair down there while I nearly finished the bottle. She proceeded to do my ass as well - an area heretofore used for only one purpose.

Once I was smooth and ultra sensitive there, she wanted to make love. Given that I had been in pain and drinking way too much, I passed out about ten minutes after she stopped. Amazingly, I wasn't too hung over the next day. Some water and aspirin when I came to in the middle of the night made the next morning fine. At this point, she began to play with her shiny clean new toy. I'd love to say that I performed like a brahma bull but the extra sensitive skin didn't allow for that. Fortunate for me, she doesn't need much time on the tower of power and rode the waves to ecstacy while I screamed in pleasure. So you know, I don't think of my manhood as a tower of power - more like a solid doubles hitter in baseball. Every now and then I go deep but the incessant teasing she does before we fool around really shortens my time on the field. I think my second time at bat is typically a better swing. The trick a better at bat and longer lasting fun is to go to the edge repeatedly and calm down. At least for me, eventually I get a good degree of control and can last for a very long time as long as I am on my back. This has been harder recently given that I don't orgasm as often as I used to. She still edges me ruthlessly before we fool around. The challenge now is that I am already in an advanced state of horniness and very sensitive from the lack of stimulation or even full erection prior to the action. I suppose the difference for her is that she likes manual and oral stimulation now more than in the past. She also likes the control that she exerts over me and find that to be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

While She Travels, a story from our dating years.

My Wife wanted you all to know that her trip is going fine although the weather has been awful.

Since she wanted me to keep you all entertained, talking about what I've been doing around the house doesn't do it. It is better to talk about things that we did early in our relationship.

One was where I built a very simple medieval torture/stretching rack. Anyone can do it for almost no money. It meant securing an O ring to a stud at floor level on one side of the room. On the other side were two other O rings. The legs were put in ankle cuffs that were each attached to their own O ring. On the other side was an old broom handle with wrist cuffs attached. That was done by drilling holes and lacing the cuff straps through those holes. The broom handle was attached to the singular O ring by one of those latches that tightens down boat riggings, tarps etc. You click it tighter and tighter to secure the tarp. This was best as a simple click releases the tension in less than a second.

With the stretcher built, she put me in it with a yoga mat under me as they were wood floors. Once I was pretty much immobilized, she started to tease me. As I could still move some, she clicked it a little tighter. She did this until I really couldn't move teasing and tightening away. At that point, she got out a candle and raised it high enough not to burn me but to make me jump from the splat of wax. The thing was that I couldn't jump. All I could do was try and tense. As she started this, I could begin to feel some pain in my joints from being stretched. She continued to cover my cock, balls and nipples with wax. She then dripped it up and down my stomach. The pain in my joints continued to grow while my privates felt the wax less and less as layers of wax built up. At this point, the stretching session was over and she released me. I'm guessing that the total time of the session was 30-45 minutes.

During her time away, I will try and recount other interesting experiences that some of you might find interesting or want to try and replicate.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family is Away

Just a quick update. I am now alone in the house with the animals. As per instructions, I am wearing nothing but my CB-6000 keyholder lock number 462009. This will be an odd period of time being locked up, potentially watched by her online eyes and kept naked.

Wife got to her destination safely. It was an uneventful flight. I will post updates from her as I get them.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

His Rules for Behavior while I am Away

These are the rules that he will be following for the 17 days that I am away:

1) To remain in the CB-6000 chastity cage the entire time
2) To remain naked in the house at all times
3) To wear minimum clothing when outside
4) Always shower before bed
5) Always sleep without covers
6) Exercise as much as possible
7) Work hard at finding a job
8) Maintain a healthy diet with no alcohol
9) Email me each day with what he did that day
10) Work on the house and yard when possible
11) Day to day things like paying bills, cleaning house, etc.
12) Keep body cleanly shaven of hair
13) Wear a buttplug for at least an hour a day
14) Write something erotic on the blog every day or two
15) Keep video stream open to selected surrogates while I am away

I will have him post for me in my absence.  You are always welcomed to email me at  

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last One for a While

I'm trying something different with this post. I told my husband what I want to say on here and he types it in for me. If this works, I will try and have him post updates and other things while I am away.

As he is writing on his side of the blog, we made love yesterday. I swear that he is cumming more into me now than ever before. I wonder if the denial and only occasional orgasm has anything to do with that. Anyhow, I enjoyed it very much. Now he has to get used to a period of time where he focuses on things other than his cock as it will be locked up for a while.

I will try and get the Rules done this evening and posted on here. Last chance for input. After that, I hand this over to a friend online for monitoring while I am away and around people all of the time. As I said, I will try and give updates in this way every day. When I can't, I may have him recount some of our early fun together before we had a child. Having to write that can be the tease I can't do because I am not around.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Last Chance?

I told my husband last night that today is probably his last chance to orgasm for a long time.  The question is whether that can happen in the short time we have together this morning.  After that, he goes in the cage for pretty much the rest of the month.  We also need to work on his Rules while I am  away.  I think we will finalize that Saturday.  I'll make sure he posts an update later today.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ideas for Rules of Behavior

This is just a quick list of things that I'm considering for while I am away from my husband.   Many of these have been suggested by you. Feel free to add suggestions:

1) Chastity cage
2) Naked in house
3) Minimum clothing outside
4) Shower before bed
5) Sleep without covers
6) Webcam and person monitoring him
7) Ankle cuffs to slow his movements
8) He should tie himself to the bed at night
9) Yardwork and home improvement
10) Exercise
11) Diet
12) Email to me each day with detail as to what he did
13) Write something erotica on the blog every day or two to keep him hornier
14) Keep body shaved and clean
15) Buttplug for at least an hour a day
16) Wear collar in house
17) Day to day things like job search, pay bills, etc.

I'm not saying that I am or am not doing all of this.  Well, you know I am doing some.  The first five are certain.  He already sleeps without covers but does wear bed clothes because of our child.  Anyhow, I  thought that I would list the ideas here to share as ideas come in.  This weekend, I will set the final Rules of Behavior and assign him the 'monitors'.

Since I will not have a computer with me all of the time, I will probably have him keep this blog fresh for me so that this doesn't get stale as it did when we were having our biggest problems.  Maybe this is a good time to have him share our early stories doing things at the beginning of our relationship.  Those are very erotic.  I can always dictate to him over the phone and have him write it up.  I often have him clean up my blogs as he is the better writing editor.  I also like the pictures he finds.  This slave auction painting is a great example.   Anyhow, enough for now.  New pictures of us soon, I hope.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting Ready for Time Away

As I have shared with you, I will be out of town for nearly three weeks beginning Monday.  My husband will be left alone for that time.  I need to set his rules of behavior while I am away.  So you know, the same constraints are placed on me for finances.  My trip using tickets purchased months ago should save money as I am staying with my mother.

My number one thing is having him in the chastity cage while I am not there.  That is not negotiable.  A few of you have suggested that he stay naked while away.  I like that idea for a few reasons.  First, it is the summer and very hot here.  That means that the air conditioning doesn't need to be on as much or at as low a temperature.  Where we live, it needs to be on almost constantly in the summer.  With him without clothes, we will spend less on electricity.  This is also good as many of you tell me that subs should be naked as much as possible.  With a child in the house, that is not possible.  As you see from the poll, I think only shorts when working on the house is good too.  The fewer clothes he wears, the less to clean.  The less to clean, the less electricity used.  This always reinforces his sub status.  I think exercise is good too as he can get his weight back to where he is happy with himself.

What else?  Obviously, he needs to do the day-to-day things like work on the house, get the taxes done, interview for work - that is the most important but that will be what it will be.  What else can you think of that should be added to his time alone?  This coming weekend, I will post our Rules of Behavior while we are apart.  Some may be what he eats or drinks.  Any ideas are appreciated.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Time to Tease

With some time alone this week, it is time to tease.  Yesterday, I kept him on edge for a long time before I had him turn his attentions to me.  I love seeing him squirm.  He was in that condition very quickly.  If you go to his side of the blogs, you will see that he described it well.  After thinking about this a bit, I think it is better to tease him a lot this week and give him one big orgasm before I leave.  When he cums, his focus changes.  Plus, he so seems to enjoy all of my touches - this gives him more.

I will be doing it again shortly and will give more updates later today.  I told him that he has four more days of heavy edging and teasing.  He suggested that he would be okay with a few orgasms but didn't beg.  I think he is learning that it is what I want when it comes to my cock.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Just taking it easy today.  Not much to update - seems like everyone is busy with family as I will be in about a week.  

Those of you who are bored or have some time, drop me an email, instant message or a post.  I will be taking pictures next week so happy to try and get the ones you want.  The only request so far is for my husband to orgasm on my feet or shoes and clean it up by tongue.  Also, if there is something you think I should do with him before I leave, would like your thoughts.  

I hope you all are having wonderful holiday weekends.  

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ten Days Until...

In ten days, I go on a trip with our child to see my family for two weeks.  We got these tickets months ago for a great price.  My husband is staying behind to look after the animals, look for a job and because there is too much spanish speaking for his taste when I visit family.  He prefers to have this as his alone time for the year.  The third week we will be visiting other family about six hours from the house and we will see him for the part of that week that he can break away.  It probably won't be for more than a night as it is way too difficult to travel with the animals.

Two things come to mind: 1) What to do with him for the next ten days? and 2) Do I keep him in a cage for the three weeks apart?  The last one is easy - yes, he will be caged.  The first one is harder.  I know he is horny and I am struggling with not keeping him in a cage while alone right now.  I promised him that he would not have to wear it until I leave.  Do I give him lots of relief or teases over the next ten days?  With our child around, there are limited alone times for us.  Next week, we will have probably three hours a day alone during the week.   This is when we will rekindle everything sidetracked over the last few months.

What shall I do when we are alone?  Would love your thoughts and suggestions.

PS: Posted this on both sites.  Besides the picture, there are no differences between the two.