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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Outdoor Bondage and Teasing Wednesday

This looks like a good way to have him tied up outside Wednesday.  Not sure he can do much moving if the legs and arms are attached to each other like this.  If he starts to pull his arm, the leg will be pulled to tight.  If he tries to bring his legs together, the arms will not allow the movement.  Simple but effective, no?

I may need to wait one last day as there is a chance that a worker may need to come over tomorrow.  I suppose that I could lock the gate that is never locked.  Then again, he normally comes late in the day.  Do I start with the idea that we may be interrupted and need to untie him quickly?

Whether it is Wednesday or Thursday, this is in the cards for my husband very soon.  I cannot wait to do it.  While out there, I will be sure to take many pictures.

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Feelings and Emotions in FemDom

Serving B brought up a good point.  What are my feelings and emotions about all of this?  In the beginning, I thought of this as a game that brought us closer together.  I still do but it has become more than that.  It is a way that we are connected more deeply.  He has given his ability to orgasm to me while I have accepted that and the increased responsibilities that it brings.  He has handed over something very important to a man and expects me to use that responsibly.  There is an emotional rawness between us that is happening.  That seems to be solving some of my issues of insecurity that showed up in my spending and other feelings of potential abandonment.  Now I know that he we are completely connected and moreso everyday.

With everything going on related to his work, this is a nice distraction.  It is more than that too.  It gives us something not related to the daily pressures.  We have physical closeness from this that might not happen with the distractions.  This gets us to be together even more.  It has made me feel more wanted by him.  Men don't realize but when they masturbate, their interest in sex goes down which also affects the amount of attention they give their women.  With kids, work and daily pressures, it is easy to not put in the energy of sexuality with each other.

There is also the chance to explore fantasies with each other more.  I am thinking about things far more than I would have without it.  That is good for both of us.  I think the idea of people paying attention to what we do turns me on even more.  The combination of controlling him, the voyeurism of the blog and the community of supporters all impact how I feel.  Having met those who can help me deal with this has made a big difference too.  In meeting that couple, I realized that this is a great way to keep a relationship alive and very interesting.  It is like a book - we have started a different journey together.  I'm not sure what that ending is but it is a fun journey that beats the hum drum that might be the case without it.

As I think of more, I will share it in new posts.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


I don't think I've mentioned this on here but since my husband already knows, I might as well share it here. I want to tie him up naked outside.  What I will do with him from there is speculation that will have to wait until later in the week as he is not knowing more than that until then.  I wanted to do it Tuesday but there are too many people that may stop by that day so it will need to be Wednesday.  I have no interest in doing something that will cause us problems in the neighborhood.  We have a snoopy old neighbor in the back that says he sunbathes and swims naked and needs his privacy but has looked over the wall between our houses.  Let's hope he doesn't that day.  He has to climb up and up to do it so hopefully if my man can keep it down, there will be no need for him to look over the wall.   That is the next day he has any chance at getting out of the cage.  Whether I do something with him or not is another thing entirely.  I like him in this state of attention toward me.  He gets way too slack after I meet his needs.   I told him also that we will be doing some pictures for the blogs as people seem to want that.  As always, feel free to ask for what you want to see.

Those of you who wanted more on different personal things about us, I haven't seen any specific requests for information.  A lot of page views but not a lot of questions on what you want me to tell you about me or us.  If you want to know most anything, post a question here or in the forums area.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Except when we want it, do men need to be let out of their cages?

I'm posting this here for those of you who do not read my husband's blog.  His post proves that men do not need to be let out of chastity cages regularly or be allowed to orgasm unless we want it.  I would like to hear from he whiny men who disagree as I think it is just that - whining.  Here is what he wrote:

"Yesterday, after I peed, I waited for a few seconds and then decided to give it a little push to clear the extra fullness.   I then pushed out a long stream of a thicker white fluid.  I pushed again and another stream came out.  A few hours later, I did this again and a much smaller amount came out.   I seem to have "cleared" the amount of semen or ejaculate that one would normally have from an orgasm.  After I was done, the fullness on the prostate was gone.  There was no pleasure to this - it seemed to be a physical need to relieve my body of this build-up.  It was similar to the effects of a milking without any physical pleasure or pain. 

I've read up on this and it seems to be a natural way that the body deals with extra seminal fluid.  When you pee, it puts pressure on the prostate with the end result in some cases being that it essentially forces the prostate to clear.

All of this seems to remove two fallacies from a lot of posts on male chastity and chastity devices: 1) Men do not need to orgasm every so often - the body will resolve this one way or the other on its own; 2) The chastity device does not need to come off for cleaning - at least the CB-x000 series doesn't need it.  I can clean just fine with it on.  Liquid soap and make-up removal pads with a cotton swap do a very good job at cleaning everything."

Somebody explain to me why we need to let them out except for when we want to?  What is the real need?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Relaxing Afternoon

Did a good job this afternoon.  He gave me a wonderful massage of my legs and two orgasms that just helped me relax so much.  He will write all the details on his side of the blog.  He seemed to think that I would reciprocate but he is forgetting who is in charge here.  Just because we have time alone doesn't meant that he gets teased.  Being allowed to touch me is tease enough for right now.  Later, who knows. 

Afterwards, I was happy to shave all that disgusting hair off of him.  Why men don't remove hair like women I don't understand.  It traps odors in the summer and doesn't look as good as a hairless body.  

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

September Season + Midday Surprise

It feels like a new television season to me for our play time.  Between husband looking for work and daughter at school, we will have much more time to play starting next week.  It reminds me of three years ago when he was working from home for about a year.  I think we had more intimate time then than ever before or after.  Now with the changes to how we play, there should be a good amount of fun and post-able material.  So far, the ideas that I like most are a picture of my shoe on his cock both caged and uncaged.  Another would be him having an orgasm on my shoes.  I like the idea a friend online suggested where I set it up in our closet so that his hands are tied over his head while his legs are tied spread to the walls.  I can then spank him and tease him as much as I want and he can't do very much to stop me.   If someone stops by or I need a break, I can just close the door.  Another version of that I want to try is doing that in the backyard.  I would tie him up, tease him over and over and then go swimming with him naked.  Of course, I would not let him orgasm - just play with him that way.  If I do that, I will be sure to take pictures.  Doing things outdoors is a fantasy of mine that I am thinking that I should try.  Someone else wants a picture of him naked and me dressed.  I might do that but I really don't want to show faces.  One of him licking me down there is a possibility.

Any other thoughts and ideas for me?

Reminder that I am happy to talk about other topics or questions in the FORUM area at the top.  If anyone wants a particular topic added, tell me and I'll add it.

PS: While I was getting ready to go out and run a few errands, my husband saw me naked in the bathroom getting ready.  As we had some privacy, he massaged my chest very nicely before sliding a hand down lower.  Very quickly, I needed to lean against the counter as he found my clit.  Within at most two or three minutes, I was having a nice orgasm.  I proceeded to tease him for about a minute before sending him on his way.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Morning Surprise

I had a nice surprise this morning when my husband woke me up.  He gave me a nice clitoral orgasm.  It left me too sensitive for any other play.  Hopefully, he will go to bed early and be able to do the same thing or more tonight.  It is clear that he shows more attention the longer he is in the cage.  For anyone wondering, read back over the blogs. 

Thank you to everyone reading this blog.  The stat counter is showing that the last few days have been the most ever at over 1,000 views per day.  I never thought people would find our lives that interesting.  I feel that I owe those who are interested more if that is what they want.  Drop a note or post a comment and I will try to increase or expand what we put on here.  As I've mentioned before, there will be more pictures once our child is back in school.  I remain interested in trying things that are suggested here.  So far, many if not most have been been good ideas. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Answer "All Hers" questions

I thought I'd answer some of All Hers questions here:

1. How did you begin your WLM, whose idea was it?
A: It started at the suggestion of my husband.  At first I thought it was a bit of a game but as I got into it, I found that I craved the control that he was willing to give me.  Now I feel so much better knowing that he cannot cheat on me in any way whatsoever without me around.  I think some of my spending problems come from a feeling of inadequacy as I wasn't getting much attention from him.  Now, we are learning to be closer as a couple.

2.Is it full time, or are there high and lows to it?
A: We lead a normal life.  He asks for more permissions to do different things.  Like going out for drinks with friends or going to the gym.  The highs are when we are together and I am tormenting him, teasing him more and more.  I would say the lows don't relate to the WLM or chastity thing - it is regular life.

3. How do you maintain a WLM when there are children around? Also, like us, when the children have moved on, how does the WLM take on a whole new aspect, basically 24/7?
A: We sneak a moment here or there.  In general, his being in the cage keeps him focused and horny.  For me, it is a bit tougher with the past issues to deal with as well as my child.  

4.What is the last thing you did to really annoy your wife? What did she do about it?
A: As he is typing this up for me, he can answer that here.  When she was away for a few weeks, I didn't take care of the house enough.  As a result, when she got back it took three days for her to get the house back to the condition she likes.  My penalty was to have the chastity extended by over two weeks to 32 days before I got to orgasm

5. Does your wife have to punish you frequently? Or seldom? 
A: Not a lot of punishment.  

6. What are the ways your wife punishes you when she wants to correct unacceptable behavior?
A: Leaving me in the cage or not giving me sexual stimulation.

7. How long does she keep you without orgasms? Does she T & D you often?
A: That is all documented here on my blog.  

8. Do you wear a chastity device or are you on the honor system?
A: The chastity device primarily although some honor system.

9. Do you do all of the housework?
A: No.  She does most.

10. How do you pamper your wife on a daily basis?
A: Some footrubs.  Primarily it is however she asks.

11. Does your wife require you to wear panties sometimes or 24/7?
A: No.

12. Do you have slave days?
A: Not very often, no.

13. Are you more of a slave to your wife than husband?
A: Husband and father first.

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Forums Section to the Blog

At the suggestion of a few of you, I'm adding Forums to the blog.  You will see them at the top of the blog, just above the link to my husband's blog.  Everyone should feel free to ask me to add forums that they wish to have discussions on.  It is late so I will add my bits to it as people start using it.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I Have a Question for You

Throwing a question out to you...what would you like more of on my blog?  Any particular pictures or things to read?  Maybe a 'question and answer' forum?  Please share and I will try and work it in.  I want this to be as interesting and entertaining as it can be.

Also, if there are things that you really think I should do personally or with my husband, I would like to hear that too.  Remember while I'm kinky and like control, I'm also new to most of this.  

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend over Early

Well, our weekend alone was cut short by about 24 hours.  The two days was just enough to get me wanting a lot more.  Rather than write up the specifics here, I told my husband to blog about it on his side of the blogs.   I will let him stay out of the cage the next few days as it was beginning to separate and needs to be sent to the manufacturer for a replacement.  It seems to have cut the underside of his penis as well as another spot.  If he is out of my sight, I have two backups I can put on him.  

I really have to say that I like controlling him.  While this may not be for all women, it is right for me.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Empty Nest Weekend

I am having a hard time with it but our baby is going to spend a weekend away from us - almost four hours away!  Drop off is Friday and return is Monday around lunchtime.   Going into 4th grade isn't a baby but will always be to me.

The fun side is that we have a whole weekend alone.  What should we do?  I posted the poll yesterday.  I think keeping him naked all weekend is a good thing.  Teasing him a lot and having him serve me is good too.  The ideas are endless.  I won't post them here as he helps me write this and I don't want him to know what I have in mind.  I would like your ideas though.  What shall we do?  I have been without pleasure for as long as him given my travels and the monthly visitor and I am looking forward to some orgasms.

Share your ideas.  So far, most have been good as you can see that we listen.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

First Meeting with another Couple

Met the nicest couple over lunch today.  Before that, I never met a FemDom couple before.   On the outside you would never know.  That is the same with us.  They have far more experience.  That means that they do things that I am just not ready for.  I don't think I could play with another couple yet, no matter how much I like them.  Maybe that will change over time, I just don't know.  My husband made a good point that we have done more since February than I ever thought we would.  Back then, I thought the cage was just a toy for fun.  Now, I see it as something I really like.  I control his orgasms and love how it makes him more attention toward me.  So I guess we grow over time.

I'm not sure what else to say here.  I don't want to tell the conversation.  I do think that if they are friends, I will learn more and have people in my life who I can be open with and talk to about things.  We might be too new at this for them, you never know because they could want something I can't do.  Time will tell.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Waiting on Saturday

All set for Saturday.  Our child is taken care of.  I am looking forward to meeting a sister with similar interests and challenges in life.  If things work out, it will be good to have someone who I can talk to and learn from.

Until then, not sure that there is a lot to share with you.  Getting ready for the new school year.  Selling things online.  Staying out of the heat.  Not very exciting stuff for a blog like this one.  Husband is still caged.   If I think of something, I will update on here.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Meeting Another FemDom Marriage

This Saturday, I am hoping to meet a local woman who keeps her husband in the same chastity cage that we use.  Her husband has been locked up for almost 3 months.  My husband should feel lucky that this is his longest locked away.  She also used to have a spending problem like me.  It will be nice to know a person who has gone through everything I have gone through and come out the other end.  She has been like this with her husband a very long time.   I like the idea of knowing someone who I can talk to about things and learn from.

The only thing that stands between us meeting is making sure someone can watch our child for the few hours we need to meet them for lunch.  As we have only chatted online, there is always the chance that she might not make it too.  While it is a little "scary" to break through the internet and meet someone, this seems like the right person to meet.  The good thing is that both husbands will be there so there is no chance at anything bad happening.  We will also meet in a very public place so we are both being careful about things.