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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Current Poll and Sunday

Home early and much to my surprise, the house was in order.  I had thought that between my husband, child and animals, it would be a mess.  Surprisingly, no.  I'm sending my husband out with her for trick or treating later today at a friend of her's house.  This will give me some nice time alone at home and a little time to do laundry and such. 

Looking at the early votes on the latest poll, I might need to do a second poll to see why "other" is winning.  (Update: An orgasm in the cage is now in the lead.) If you all have ideas, please post them here.  If I do a 2nd poll, I might need to make him wait yet another week.  I'll probably do that anyway.  That seems to be the general consensus on here - he needs to wait an awful lot longer.  I agree.  I've had one person that said that I should have him orgasm until he asks for no more and then keep him without for a long time.  All of the ideas are very interesting to me.  The problem is that I like using his cock.  I suppose I can use a strap on that he wears but I enjoy having it ready for my purposes whenever I want it.  As I can tell from when I got home, he is so much more attentive when he is made to wait for sexual relief.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Home on Sunday

I'll be getting home on Sunday afternoon.  My daughter is learning how to be a mom.  I'm surprised at just how little prepared that she was for all of what parenthood entails.  She had the room and clothes all set but for things like how to diagnosed a collicky baby and what to do, she was totally unready.  I had given her books months ago.  She is finally getting around to reading them.  

I will have one day on Monday with my husband alone.  I'm interested in your thoughts as to what, if anything, that I should do.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby Girl!

Not a "sexy" post but I know a number of people wanted to hear this:

Well, it happened very early this morning.  My eldest daughter had her baby.  Except for an hour here or there, I've been up since yesterday.  Just going to bed.  The baby is the most beautiful little girl.  Born at just under 9 pounds, she was 21.5 inches long with big lungs and lips.

I will be with her for the next week or so.  I may leave posts to my husband for the rest of the week.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baby Time and IMs

Either late tonight or more likely tomorrow, my older daughter is having her baby.  I'll be with her all week.  Husband will either be at home or on the road during that time locked tight.  Everything is plastic so getting through airport security isn't an issue.  The hardest part is our little one will have to stay with friends for a few days.

I know this post isn't sexy like what most of you are looking for but a number are interested in these more personal items.  I'll see what I can do in posting this week.  Yahoo IM works on my iPhone so that isn't an issue.  I think I can do updates on here too but without pictures.

My husband's posts should be interesting as he will be on the road caged.  Feel free to tease him if you like.   Actually, I like that idea.  He logs on Yahoo IM as - it's an odd new email at Yahoo - ymail.  He will do it at minimum every night at 10pm eastern/7pm pacific time.  Check your local listings ;)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Night with the Girls

I will be going out tonight enjoying a night with the girls as one of them is having a birthday.  Drinks and sushi.   I had planned on being with my eldest daughter having her child but they are now waiting until Monday to induce.  Just found out a few hours ago.  While I'm doing that, my husband can help our child with a report for school.  You may remember that we had wanted to go to a BDSM Halloween party but on such short notice and the possibility that I might need to travel on a few hours notice, that isn't a possibility.

As for my husband, he will be traveling next week for a few days.  He has the cage on.  It is plastic so I doubt any problems with the planes.  If they do a body scan and see it, he will just need to explain things.  

Friday, October 22, 2010


Well, did a little tease of my hubby yesterday.  I played with his cage and pinched his nipples until I thought he might wince.  He took it like a man.  After about ten minutes of that, I had him rub my legs and feet.  I love that.

Just a few minutes ago, we talked about our schedules over the next few weeks.  Unfortunately, we will have very little time together.  Either he is away from home, I'm with my older daughter for her pregnancy or we are not alone.  That is at least the next 14-20 days.   Even though he orgasmed earlier this week, he has been in the cage for two weeks straight.  That means at least a month solid and a few airports with it on.

He is already squirming.  Poor baby.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

See if you can explain this...

See if you can explain this to me - my husband had a very nice orgasm two days ago while in the cage.  Today he is hornier than ever, trying to do anything I want.  Give or getting an orgasm seems to be pre occupado his mind.  I tease him a little this morning and then sent him on his way.  More tomorrow, I said.  He reminded me that he is in meetings all day tomorrow.  I guess that rules things out until next week...although I will tease him while in the cage - he has no need to be out.

Now next week, I expect to be with my daughter having the baby - maybe even this weekend.  That takes us to the following weekend when he would be around all of us.  The week after that, he might need to be out of town for most of the week on business.  And then that following weekend, we are at a friend's house.  I'm looking at the calendar and he might need to wait until the second week of November...maybe longer.  That dawned on him making him even more desperate for attention.  But after an orgasm only Tuesday, it seems too soon, no?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Husband Caged Orgasm

Well, yesterday my husband gave me the most pleasant of orgasms.  At the start, I wasn't that interested and had him use the massager aka the jackhammer for its intended use - deep tissue massage of my legs.  After some of that, I moved it higher and had a very satisfying orgasm.  From there, I used it on him.  He was in the cage while I massaged the area under his balls.  He enjoyed it but it was clear that it would not be enough to make him orgasm.  I then moved it to the pelvis area just above the cage and went to work again.  In not too long, he was giving me a warning that he was going to cum.  I didn't stop.  After what looked and sounded like the start of an orgasm and nothing coming out, all of a sudden, he erupted and it shot out like a cannon over and over.  It was something to see.  Probably one of the biggest messes he has ever made.  I then smiled at him and reminded him of how talented I am.  He agreed completely.

That whole thing made me horny again after losing some of my interest over the last week because he was busy.  Today though, both of us had a bit to do and I couldn't act on my desires.  There is always Wednesday though.

As for the baby watch, she went to the doctor and they will wait for as long as this week and then decide if nothing happens.  The baby is very healthy.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A House of Kids

Not actually a whole house but about eight.  I am just tired from the playing and screaming and shrieking...and it wasn't even my husband making all of those noises!  Then to end the day, the indoor cat got outside.  As we have coyotes in the area, we don't like to leave him out as we've lost two.  After two hours of looking, we gave up.  As my husband was going to shut off all the lights, who does he see lounging on the back deck?  The cat.

Off to bed.  I'd like to tell you that I'm going to tease the shit out of him but I don't think so.  As for my older daughter - nada.  Today was the due day but she didn't want to come out yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  If so, I'll have my husband do the posts here while I'm out of town.

He put Yahoo IM on my iPhone.  Wifekeyholder if you ever want to send a note.  Email is

PS: Very happy to hear from other couples thinking to get into this.  If you want to but are afraid to tell your wife (I know who is reading this), tell her to read about our experiences.  Start at the beginning.  This is a fun way to strengthen your marriage.  Along the way, she might find that she just happens to get off on it like me and so many others.

PPS: We are closing in on 250,000 page reads since we started this six months ago.  I don't know what to say but 'thank you' for showing interest in us.  We've met some amazing people online and in real life because of this.  That was the hope.  Thank you again.  Who knows where this is leading.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

He is Locked Up for What May be a While

Between his work and my child on half days because of parent teacher conferences, there has been just no time to play.  With my elder daughter likely to have hers in a day or two, I will be out of town for about 5 days with her.  As soon as it happens, I'm off to see her and the addition to the family.  Since he has been too busy to receive the fun I had in store, he will just have to wait for at least two weeks, I think.

As for the Halloween Party, I am supposed to be back the day before the party assuming the baby comes on time.  With such a momentous things coming to our lives, if we can make the party, great.  If not, we will just have to wait.  I think we will know more over the next couple of days.  

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Will Wednesday be Hump Day?

No posts the last few days as my laptop does not have Explorer anymore.  It seems an emoticom thing I downloaded killed the program.  Any ideas how to get it back up and running?  I'm using the desktop now but that is not the one I like to use.  Anyway, this week has been slow.  On Saturday, I had my husband put things in and I did the Yahoo IM from my iPhone but since then he has been working on presentations and had really no time.  As these are all to make money, this is where I step back from being the Domme and let him do his work.  He says Wednesday won't be as bad as most of his work is out although he still has more.

I think I told everyone that I have a daughter from another marriage when I was VERY young.  She is expecting her first child this Saturday.  I thought it would come earlier but the baby is being stubborn.  As it is a girl, you wonder where that comes from.  This will be an exciting moment for us.  Now it could interfere with the kinky Halloween party that I want to go to but there is no question which I would do first.  As the baby is due seven days before the party and I don't plan on being with my daughter for more than two or three days, I don't think it will conflict although you never know.

More tomorrow...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday night

Well, we didn't have as long a fun as I wanted to as my husband didn't get back from a business meeting until 10pm.  He had to drive 2 1/2 hours away to make a presentation to a Board of Directors after the close of business.  Hopefully, he and his business partners land the job as it would pay them all like highly priced lawyers and give him the time to get the money raised to start his own company.

With that as the backdrop, I took him to the brink of orgasm for a while and then had him get a break and service me.  I then restarted on him taking him to a ruined orgasm where one drop of cum sneaked out of him about 30 seconds after I stopped touching him.  From there, I jumped on top of him and rode him to a very fulfilling climax for both of us.  I had thought the ruined orgasm would take the edge off and let him be hard in me longer.  Alas, no, he lasted but not as long I would have wanted ideally.  It was still good, don't get me wrong.  With that, we went to sleep.  There was no time for anything the next morning as our child needed to get home from the sleepover.

Today has been a pretty lazy day for me.  Other than a little cooking and cleaning, jumped in the pool.

I'm still thinking of Halloween outfits for the party.  One suggestion was that if I am a witch, make him up to be a black cat.  I had thought of a broom but I'm not sure how you dress someone up as the broom you rode in on.  My husband thought he could be a mummy wrapped in bed sheet strips.  It was mentioned that an outfit like that might be difficult to keep on.  In thinking about that, that could be a good thing at a kinky Halloween party.

Anyhow, more over the next few days.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Without child tonight

Here is something that just kicked my energy into a higher gear - we will be alone for the evening.  I've told my husband to drink a lot of coffee today and he will be kept up late.  I have many thoughts and ideas in my head but I'm not going to say them here as he reads all of this.  He will find out tonight and you all will find out tomorrow.

It will be wicked fun.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Feeling Low Energy This Week

It's odd, this was the week I was planning on doing a lot of playing with my husband as well as starting a diet.  Seems like neither has happened.  My energy and motivation is low.  Somehow, I need to reenergize it.

Husband has been very busy all week which is good.  Sometimes I wonder how he works on so many things at once.  That has meant that he has not had much time for our play many days while our child is away.  Even if he was, I'm not sure it would have changed the way that I have felt this week.

So I am going to try and think of a way to keep you all interested in the blog while I'm getting things going again.  If you have ideas, I am all ears.  If you want to hear about anything in specific over here, drop me a note, post here or message me at yahoo im which you can do on the sidebar here.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Should I Wear to a Dungeon/BDSM Halloween Party?

I am thinking very seriously of going to the BDSM Dungeon Halloween Party that we were invited to.  I don't think there is any harm in observing things and my friends have convinced me that it is not going to be some gross event with a sticky floor from a lack of hygenic behavior.   I am also very curious to see what happens at these places.

The only thing that could keep me back is an older daughter who is having a baby in the next ten days.  It's hard to believe that I will be a grandmother but I started very young so such is life.  My guess is that the baby is coming soon and I will be back home by the party which is a week before Halloween.

The question to think about is what to wear?  I have the shoes so that isn't an issue.  Rather than me give my ideas, I would like suggestions from those of you who have done this before.

Also, what should my husband wear?  Don't give ideas that cost a lot of money - that is not something we can do right now.  Still, I don't know what is best for this kind of party.  It is my first one so don't go giving all crazy ideas.

Learned a Lesson on Nail Care

Since I have nothing particularly erotic to discuss, I will warn your ladies that the nail salon can be hazardous to your nails.  I am just recovering from a fungus to my big toes that a salon gave me while doing a pedicure.  It meant, I lost the whole nails and is the reason that I haven't done the foot shot with my husband cumming and then cleaning up my foot.  

In the future, they should do most of the work themself and only let them paint.  It saves money and avoids these types of problems.

I hope to get back to some kinky stuff.  Turn in tonight or IM me at yahoo ID wifekeyholder.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

An Odd Proposition

I have to share with you one of the oddest experiences that I have had online.  A "woman" who found me on asked me if I'd like to Domme men from my computer and phone at home.  I could make anywhere from $300/month to $11,000/month if I'd meet them.  It sounded like prostitution but I was told "absolutely not as I never do anything sexual".  I would just Domme then and hold their keys.  Watch them and order them around online.

Given my interest in doing this, I eventually said 'ok'.  At that point, she wanted me to connect on Skype so that "she" could here that I was real and see me.  As I'm in my 40's, she said that she would take me but wanted to make sure that I was comfortable showing myself.  Okay, I thought, why not.  Oh, the "woman" would not show herself or talk until the next day.  Suspicious.  After about ten minutes of indulging "her", I said enough for today as my child is around.  We were to continue the next day at which time, "she" would show herself.

No surprise but requests for "her" to show herself or talk were not possible because of the way the "I.T." at the company worked.  I said fine, call me and send a phone pic.  I was accused of being rude and not knowing what an exceptional opportunity I was losing because of my arrogance.

At that point, I ended it.  Sounds like a horny guy looking for pictures with b.s. stories of money, no?  The games men will play.  I even gave "him/her/who cares" the opportunity to show himself as a guy - I don't care if it is a guy or woman if this is a real and legitimate business.  I guess my outrageous demands were too much.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Week Revisited

The picture says what I think about everyone in politics - they all stink.  I think I will vote all of them out even though I don't care for the options.  They do not really work for us - only themselves, their interests and the corporations.

I just woke up from a nice mid-day nap wearing only my panties.  We have begun the soft start of our diets.  For the last three days it has been hot, humid and drizzling here - the last two not typical.  This has left me feeling more tired than normal.  The diet might have some to do with that as well.

As I just read with my husband's blog, I showed love for him earlier this week by letting him have a strong orgasm but without the cock in the end.  I wonder if him going to bed early that night was a coincidence or not.

As for different play time together, I knew life would get in the way for a few days and wanted him to have that treat.  Next week might be a good time to try the ideas in my head.

What else?  Are you watching "Project Runway"?  I'm rooting for Mondo or Michael C.  The rest of them I don't really care for.  Gretchen is a total bitch - and not in a good way.  Our child is a huge fan of "Chuck".  I think that is the only show on television that all three of us like.  If you haven't seen it, try it on Monday at 8pm on NBC.

If any of you want to chat, I will try and be online more this weekend.  The chat box on this page or Yahoo IM id of wifekeyholder is there for you.  I know a number of the men want their wives to do what I do.  Tell them that you found the site by mistake and have them chat with me.  Don't leave in a fantasy anymore - try and make it real.   If you feel something is lacking - she might too.  What do you have to lose?