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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Beginning of a Teasey Week

Paris Hilton 
As much as I enjoy teasing my husband, life gets in the way at times.  He is working on numerous opportunities at present and sometimes has trouble during the day focusing on playtime.  All I want is one hour a day.  On Monday that wasn't too much of a problem although he went limp after a short period of intense stimulation with the jackhammer of a back massager.  I think part was the massager and the other part was his distractions.  As per usual, I will leave it to him to fill in the details on his side of the blogs.  Today he was distracted which made it difficult to get him into the right headspace.  I did a little tease but did  not let him out of the cage.

Tomorrow, I expect a better day of play as well as Thursday.  Friday our child comes home early so I'm not sure if he will be able to get the attention and orgasm that is available to him on that day...sometimes.

I am seeing an increase in couples that are living like us visiting me on the blog.  The Yahoo IM is a great way for me to meet those who want to chat one-on-one.  I really hope that the men here who are afraid to share this fantasy with their wives will take the leap and invite them to visit.  I am 100% sincere when I say that this dynamic has made our relationship stronger than ever.  

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween is Coming

The couple that we met over lunch a while back asked us if we would go to a Halloween Party at the dungeon club that they like to go to.  This was suggested as everyone would have on a mask so it would be the easiest night to actually visit a club like that and not feel too uncomfortable.  While that sounds like a lot of fun in my head, the reality of actually going to a place like that would be difficult.  It would have lots of naked or nearly naked people - something neither of us have ever done.  The eroticism in the mind is different than dragging the body to a place like that.  Then again, we would be anonymous and it would be something different to try.  Then again, I am overweight and a bit self conscious right now.  Besides all of that, I am a clean freak and a bunch of sexually charged naked people kind of gross me out.  I feel like I could get a disease if I sit down.  I know I overthink these things but I've gone this far in life without a disease, why risk it now when I am happily married and enjoying what we do in the confines of our own home.

So do we go?  Have some of you gone before?  I cannot imagine the conversations.  Or is it all roleplay?  Does it look like either of these pictures online?  Do I want strangers "bumping" against me like that?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Musical Interlude

My husband found a blog app that lets us share some of our favorite songs with you.  This isn't for everyone obviously but hopefully you will hear a few songs that you like.

Today was a quiet day around here.  Not a lot to blog about.

Here is an oddball picture.  If it doesn't burn out your eyes, you can get a good laugh.  I'm glad he has his helmet on.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Finale

Well, I let him orgasm this afternoon.  He did such a good job satisfying me that I thought one was in order.   I lost count of how many he gave me but the one where he used the strap on to fuck me doggy style was amazing.  On top of it, the fake cock felt very real.  Wow!  After letting him satisfy me for a long time, I took to teasing him until he was an animal.   He came by my hand with his cock pointed down between his legs and shot all over the sheets.  I'll let him have a little break from the cage the rest of today.  Beginning Monday, training gets even more intense for him.  I do love watching him squirm and seeing his cock and balls turn a pretty shade of purple while he strains to obey my words.  Just watching that gets me turned on and has me thinking of the next tease to do.  Where my focus used to be on clothing and shoes and such, it is now on playing with him and growing in this role.

He knows that his next chance for an orgasm is Friday.  He may or may not get one.  We will see.  We start a diet next week so we will need to see how he does.

Oh, for the foot pictures, that will be his next orgasm.  I like the idea of him shooting all over my toes and then having to clean them up.  That will definitely be photographed.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Tease

Well, he got another dose of edging this morning - he was squirming almost immediately.  There is no question that he becomes more submissive and loving toward me the more I do of this.  He will post an update with the details as soon as he has time on his side of the blogs.  He is in meetings or interviews related to getting work so I understand that he will need time to write things up.

This morning's tease was about an hour after which he gave me a very nice orgasm by hand.  I'm waiting for Friday to do more myself.

Oh, I don't know if I mentioned this but we are starting diets together next week.  I will keep people posted on my success - I'm not comfortable with taking pictures of myself until I do that.  This one isn't me although it is where I would like to be by the end of the diet.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

His Wednesday Tease

Second day in a row of some pretty intense teasing of my husband.  As usual, I will leave it to him to talk about the details.  The short version is that I used the strapless strap-on by hand today while I had him tied up outside.  He was on the edge of orgasm that way but I didn't let it happen - I just kept him right at that point.  We went inside and I did an awful lot more teasing before putting him back in the cage.   I am guessing it was at least two solid hours if not more.

I really like the glazed out of it look I was able to get this afternoon.  He was just in another place.  I'll do some more tomorrow and see what he is like after that.  

I must tell you that it is very hot to have this kind of control over him.  I'll write more after his post tomorrow.

PS: I am surprised by the number of men reading this.  I thought I would have more women.  That is fine though.  I love having the followers.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Going Green - Beginning a Recycling Program

Well, the 50% or more poll is closed after 75 votes - thank you for chiming in.  My husband "won" or lost depending on your perspective the requirement to recycle his orgasms.  He is now stacked up with strap-on play and a recycling program.  The strap-on play is coming as soon as I'm completely clear of the visit of my little friend.  As for the recycling program, I wonder if this is what he had in mind?

I just read his post of today's activities.  He can expect a lot more of that.  I wonder when he will begin begging.  He did offer to cum for me today.  Isn't that sweet?  I doubt he offered for my viewing pleasure given how he was squirming around.

Oh, beginning next week, we are both starting a serious diet program.  He was willing to start today but I need to get myself mentally psyche up to do it.  Right now, I'm not there.  Some of it is seeing pictures from my old home country - it is very sad what has happened in Cuba.  The place is nothing like what I remember.  Well, it is only 35 years older with no maintenance.  The Castros have to go if the people are ever to have real lives.  I saw pictures from the grocery store which was selling black moldy bread.  Without family support, the people are starving, eating rotten food and struggling to get the amazing healthcare that the doctors can provide.  Rumours are that Castro had various organs of two teenagers carefully implanted in him.  They killed two teenagers trying to escape the island and used their organs to save him.  True or no?  I don't know.  Seeing how robust he is and how evil he is toward the people, I would not doubt it.

That is off topic from what this blog is about but some of you want to know what I think and there you go.

Here is the type of picture I know so many of you prefer.  I'm in the mood to take pictures so tell me what you want to see.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Latest Poll and the Week Ahead

Looking at the poll results so far, I think my husband will be relieved.  At present, none of the choices exceed 50% so it will remain my choice as to which, if any, he has to do...unless the results change over the next few days.

As for us, my monthly visitor is just getting ready to leave so other than a little reminder tweak or two, he has to wait until tomorrow for some intimate time.  I think he thinks that means sex...which he is correct...but will so many dildoes now, who knows if the real thing will get out of lock down.  There is a lot for me to try out so he may need to wait for his chance.   I am enjoying the constant foot rubs.

I'm also going to add one more poll as I'm curious who reads this blog most.  Male or female, married or single.  I won't do it just now - I'll wait until this poll is closer to done.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Poll Results and Foot Massages

It's fun to see that the winner in the poll was the same thing that I wanted to do - strap-on play.  That has happened quite a bit when I've done these polls.  As we do not have much going on this weekend as our child is around with no time at friend houses, Monday is the next day to do something.  I'm not sure if the strap-on happens that day but it will at some point this week.  A close second to the strap-on play was having him consume his orgasms.  While that has not been what I am into, the fact that it keeps coming up makes me think that we should do that for a while and see why everyone calls for it.  I was surprised that the online play came in so far behind at 10% of the votes.  When I think about it, the other three things seem like things we should do first.

I'm going to post another poll today to vote on over the next week.  This time, anything over 50% gets done.  I will recycle the three choices that lost this week and add a few others.

As for us, I have him almost conditioned to rub my feet every time I sit down.  I think that is a good way for him to discreetly show his submission to me.  Plus, I love the feeling.  I'll think of other things over time but I want to keep the house normal to our child so whatever we do needs to be tame when all three of us are present.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well, playtime has been interrupted by out child being sick with a fever and sore throat.  If she is better for tomorrow, then I might have a chance to try out some of the toys he brought home from Las Vegas.

With her around, I haven't been able to get a good look at what he got.  What I like most is that I now have the tools needed to have all the fun I need without letting him out of his cage.  I can have him use the fake cock to fuck me or I can do the same thing to him.  The vibrator is something nice if I don't want to use that jackhammer massager thing.  I'll have him take pictures so you know what I am talking about with each.  The funniest one is the chin dildo.  I guess he wears it while using his tongue on me.  That sounds like a fulfilling experience for me.  

I'm moving toward what everyone thinks on having him recycle his orgasms.  When he is horny, he is more than willing to do it.  Afterwards, not so much.  So far since it has not been important to me, I don't have him do that.  I might be changing that soon.  With all of these toys though, who knows when he will get another chance to clean things up.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

While the Mouse is Away

The mouse definitely will not play. Can you imagine that he asked if he had to wear the cage on his trip to Las Vegas? I think he knew better but asked to be silly. There is just no chance that he would go there uncaged. I know some feel we should be on trust only but I don't like that. I want to know that I am the only one touching his cock. It is mine. Not even him should touch it. He is working on a new design that might work better than what we have now without needing to pierce it.

I think the hardest thing is not having him here at night. We are a close family and no one sleeps well when apart. Even the animals are less energized when he is away. He is like a shot of adrenaline to everybody.

I am looking forward to the toys he may bring back. More on that tomorrow.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I'm leaving him out of the cage this weekend.  If you look at his blog, you will see why.  I think a little time after the orgasm is safe, especially after all of the teasing last week.  It seems to me that it tired him out physically.  He will need to get in better shape to be able to handle this level of fun.

As for me, the Friday fun tweaked my neck and back again.  As such, I am just resting it to try and get it better.  We are going to start dieting and exercise much more soon.  I have gotten lazy on it which relates back to him and even our child.

People always want to hear about the emotional parts so I will do some here.  We are honestly closer than ever as a couple.  I am feeling a bit more adventurous in our play time as each thing we do is the type of thing that excites me.  I get foot rubs whenever I want which is great and cements the control parts that I really like as well as feeling very good.  I think the next things I want to add to our fun is wax play and a strap-on.  I'm still thinking about the online broadcast.  It might not be this week, probably the following one.  I say this as Friday is probably the only day that we can do it.  If we are going to do it, I think I need to be certain on the date and time in case people really want to watch it.

Oh, have good thoughts for my husband - he is trying to get a few businesses started with different people he knows.  If the jobs are not coming, it seems even better if he can start something himself.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friday Fun

Yesterday, I let him have a real orgasm.  He had been so good at making me orgasmic the last few days that I felt it was earned.  I will leave it to him to write up the specifics but I can honestly say that I have never had so much pleasure in my life.  It left me covered in sweat and feeling wonderful.  I also gave him the next 24 hours out of the cage as that is usually a safe period.  I will restart the heavy teasing next week although he has to go out of town for two days related to his job hunt. 

He has been so tired at the end of the last two days that I know I am giving him a workout like going to a gym.  As for me, I get so excited watching him struggle when I tease him.  I think that both of us like seeing the person with pleasure.  For him, he likes to see me orgasm while I like seeing him struggle not to orgasm.  There is no question that this brings us closer together as a couple.  For the men who are married out there and intersted in this, have your wife read our blogs.  What this does is really cause both people to live their vows - love, honor and obey.  Once she sees how much better you are as a partner, she will want this more and more like I do.

Something suggested by the woman we met a month ago - broadcast my teasing of my husband.  I'm thinking about it.  She thinks is the best place to do it.  Other people like Yahoo IM.  Any opinions on it?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Marathon

If you want to read the details of what I did with my husband today, go to his blog by clicking here.

About two hours after we were done, he sent me this picture of his caged friend by iPhone.  Don't you just love the nice deep red that he has?  Much nicer than that pale skin on his leg.  He should thank me because I got his circulation going good down there.

I'm not done either.  He needs more tomorrow.  The woman who we met in person gave me some good ideas in getting husband's to be the types we are looking for.  I won't say it here as someone is reading this who I don't want to know my plans.  Here is the thing that I think many people seem to do wrong in my mind.  There should be no milkings.  If you let them release the semen, they are not as on edge.  The ruined ones are nice because a little gets out and then the rest is dealt with by the body.  You also need to wait long enough on orgasms so that they learn what it means to be a good submissive husband.  Start with a week then ten days then two weeks.  Look at mine, I have him up to about a month between them.  So you know, I love the feel of him inside me but I think this makes everything between us more interesting.

As for my feelings on all of this, I think it is extremely hot to be able to tease your man and bring him pleasure in a way that he brings you even more pleasure.  It keeps the relationship close and him paying so much more attention to me.  If I just brush him or do the smallest tease, he is all over me.  That is the way I remember it when we were teenagers.  I recommend to women out there to try this and don't listen to their whining.  Eventually, they will be like mine and accept and enjoy the attention you are giving them.  Anyone reading this site desires that at some level.   Even today after nearly an hour of teasing and while I was teasing him I said to him that I thought that he liked what I was doing to him more than if I gave him an orgasm.  He agreed so I gave him even more teasing.

Another great thing that has come form this is that he gets exercise while I tease.  He pulls and strains at the rope.  That is resistance training.  The contractions in his pelvic area are a great form of stomach crunch.  At points while I was teasing him, most of his body was quivering while he was standing.  What a fun form of exercise.  I can't wait for tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tested Teasing Outdoors

I did a short test of the restraints today.  As you can see, each foot was attached to a hook that pulled against wristcuffs.  He wasn't bound too tightly for this first try as I wanted to see how it worked.  If he was stretched more, his hand would be that the angles of 10 and 2 on the clock and his legs would be a little more apart.  For this first tease, I pulled up a chair in front of him and played with his body using ice.  I stuck one in his ass and worked them all around his nipples.  I then took a handful and jerked him off with ice.  My other hand iced the area of his balls and behind them as well.  As he had a drop of precum on his cock before we ever started, he was close to orgasm fairly quickly.
To cool him down, I tried pushing a small piece of ice into his peehole.  He leaned forward against the restraints trying to kiss me.  I let him for a while but it always seemed that he couldn't keep that position for long as he would very quickly get to the edge of orgasm.  He was under strict instructions to warn me way before he was going to lose control.  He was good about that and we were able to avoid any mistakes.  As I only had about 30 minutes to do anything today, after about three edges, I took him to the bathroom where he put the cage back on.  

Tomorrow, we will start earlier so that I have plenty of time to make him desperate.  I want to see if he will moan the way he does in the bedroom when I get him that close.  He says that he doesn't want the neighbors looking over the wall so he will have to control himself.  I will do my best to test that.  Afterwards, I might go in the pool with him and let him serve me there.  My pictures were not the best - hopefully, I can take better ones tomorrow.  I expect that many of you want something of least the men reading this...the women probably prefer this, no?  I will see if anything suitable is available to share.  

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Tagged Property

Look at the nice clear picture from his iPhone.  You almost feel like you are there.  We will see what fate has in store for him tomorrow.  He has a busy day so I don't know if there will be time for me to distract him.  It might be best for him to wait until Thursday, Friday or possibly next week.

This goes to show you that being caged for three weeks without release doesn't make it difficult to be hygenic.  He cleans and grooms - it just takes a little more effort.

As for me, I am definitely feeling better today - not 100% but much closer.  My back remains stiff while the headaches that were giving me, well, headaches are gone.  The next thing I need to do is start exercising again.  With our child off and all the turmoil in our lives, I just didn't have the energy to do it.  Now I know I need to - for my health as well as to get back into shape.

More tomorrow...

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Week Ahead

I put up this picture as I know a number of you have been waiting for me to do one of these with my man. As he is out of commission at the moment in his CB-6000, this will have to do until he gets the right to orgasm again.

As we get into a new week, I will be doing my outdoor fun with my husband.  The place is all set for him.  He fell behind on the job search this weekend so he will need to work on that a bit harder this week.  That may take away from the time that I will tease him.  He's really got to get focused if he wants the teasing and fun that I want.  As much as I want that, certain things have to come first.

While my back is still very tender from the wrenching I did, I am thinking about how to satisfy my needs without setting him back with another orgasm.  If he has to drive into the city, I will have him find something that can replace his cock as I don't want another mistake.  Until then, I might just be putting his mouth to good use.  I can lie back and rest my back while he satisfies that itch I have that is building.

This is a short post as I am tired.  More tomorrow.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


My husband broke down and got an iPhone yesterday replacing his Blackberry.  Not only does it save us $300/year, I like it as there is an app where I can tell where he is at all times.  As soon as he is working again, I want that for our child too.

I wrenched my back yesterday working around the house.  I'm taking it easy the next few days to try and have it feel better.  My husband timidly asked me if he could have the cage off for a few days.  Is he kidding?  I told him it was more likely that I was going to leave it on for as long as the time people are saying on the vote.  By the way, it seems that the vote on what kind of orgasm he had doesn't interest you.  I can understand why - it doesn't really matter.  If there is a poll that you want me to serve up, please tell me and I will think about it.

With his cock all locked up, are there any pictures that people are interested in?  I think one with him having an orgasm may be a while in happening.

It was suggested by a Femdom friend that I get a dildo so that I don't need to use his cock like I did the other day.  She also suggested a dildo that goes on his chin while his mouth is available to kiss me down there.  I like those suggestions.  Even on a tight budget, those seem like things we need.  I can't trust the chastity cage to keep him from cumming so we need to do other things to reduce the chance.  I have begun thinking about the perfect chastity cage.  If we could design it and it was more secure than the CB-6000, but just as easy to wear, people would buy it right?  I don't see how the metal ones are any more secure than the plastic one.  They can slip out the back in all of them.  I'm not excited about a piercing and I need to wonder, what happens when the men get small?  The piercing must get pulled on very hard.  That doesn't seem good.  I think the trick is finding something that holds onto the shaft so that pulling out is impossible.  At the same time, it needs to be hygenic.  Those waist belt things that cover the whole area seem impractical for long-term use as they would be tough to keep clean, you can't exercise in them and with a child in the house, would invite too many questions.  The CB-6000 is small enough that no one needs to know of it.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm resetting the orgasm clock

After thinking about things and talking to another couple in a similar relationship, I am convinced that my husband should have known he was going to orgasm.  As such, the outdoor play is delayed until next Wednesday or Thursday.  The time in the cage continues as well.  He was going to get the holiday weekend out of the cage but now it stays on.  At minimum, he should have better control over himself.  I don't want to do this outdoor fantasy of mine unless he is desperate to orgasm.  I want his hips bucking before we even start.  In any event, our child is out of school early today and we are having people over in the late afternoon.  There is too much for him to do in getting ready for all of this.  We won't be alone all weekend and Tuesday is when the people come to cut the lawn.

I'm very disappointed that he delayed my plans but such is life.  Hopefully, he will learn to pay attention next time.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What was that?

Yesterday we couldn't do the outdoor thing.  As that was the case, I took a nap to get rid of a bad headache.  Husband came in around lunchtime to wake me up.  It was then that he started to massage me.  As men will do, this eventually led to my inner thigh and my private area.  I told him, no touching my clit.  He kept slipping and touching it.  Eventually, I put him on his back and used his cock cage for friction.  I actually had it in me for a bit and had a nice but not too big orgasm.  I wanted more.  As even the cage is enough for rubbing against, I proceeded to use his bump to have a second more powerful climax.  I kept rubbing against him a little after that.  He seemed to be getting close to an orgasm so I asked him.  He said something was happening.  Shortly after that, he shot an orgasm through the slit in his cage.  And then a second and a third.  As he was pointed down, it went down literally to his knee and all over the bed.  What a mess.  I got off him and asked 'what was that?!'  He said that he had to pee and that was what it felt like.  The orgasm just snuck up on him but didn't feel like one as he says he felt no contractions.  Looking at the mess and volume, that seems hard for me to believe.

Now today, I have to wonder whether to toy with him outside.  He seems to have cleared his build-up big time.

Also, do you think he has a real orgasm or something else.  I have a hard time thinking that it is a milking but maybe it is.  Looking at the mess, it doesn't seem very ruined.  I would love to hear if you have had this happen before and what I might call this.