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    2 years ago

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Oddest Ruined Orgasm

After he gave me a wonderful massage and about four orgasms this morning, I turned the massager on him.  He was still in the CB-6000 while I did this.  First it was on the area under the balls for about 3 minutes and then on the pelvic area for about 2 minutes.  At this point, he said he felt an orgasm coming on.  I stopped.  What happened here surprised me.  He kept grunting and moaning.  His need to orgasm seemed to pass.  Then one drop escaped the tip about 30-45 seconds after I stopped.  I thought, 'I'm good'.  He had the ruined orgasm in the cage.  At that point he started to moan a bit again and a larger amount oozed out of the head.  I thought that was it but it wasn't.  Now it's been well over a minute and closer to two minutes since stimulation stopped.  This is where it got really interesting.  Very liquidy semen just kept oozing out.  Enough to fully cover his lower stomach.  I'd say it was the equivalent of a large orgasm.  It kept happening for the better part of a minute and even after that a few more bits escaped.

For me, it was wildly erotic to watch this.  He had no control over what was happening.  And the volume was amazing.  I guess he was horny.  He said that it wasn't the same as a real orgasm but I think it looked like it was better than a real one.  Those only last a short time while this lasted even longer.

I'd love to hear if this has happened to anyone else.  I'm counting this as a ruined orgasm and not a real one although I could be convinced otherwise.  I mean as he released, it was just a bubbling out with no real force.  He was talking to me saying things like I don't know what is happening and I can't stop it.  A regular conversation and not the type that you might have in the middle of an orgasm.


Jonathan said...

To me it sounds like just barely a ruined orgasm. If I were to call it something else, I might call it closer to leakage than orgasm. Those are terribly, horribly frustrating, as he indicated well by his comment. And terribly, horribly hot, I might add.

KeyholderWife said...

Jonathan, if that was leakage, I'm surprised he didn't leak to death. He said that there was relief but not like an orgasm. He was horny an hour later.

Happy pet said...

Dear Key Holder Wife,

Somrhing similar has happened to me on a couple of ocasions whilst being in chastity, albeit never caused in the same manner as you describe. On both occasions Owner was engaged in some anal play and we concluded that my prostrate had become over-stimulated resulting in an unexpected milking. If this was anything similar to that experienced by your husband then i can reassure you it was not an orgasm. It is something which you have no physical control over, feels completely different to an orgasm, lasts considerably longer (a slow stream rather than quick burst/s) and the semen is also of a milkier consistency. It does ound similar to that the way you describe and i wonder whether his prostrat had somehow become stimulated?


little shaun said...

I would say that if there was no jerking of the penis at all, and it was oozing out rather than pumping, it was definitely a ruined orgasm.

Tom Allen said...

I think I've mentioned that similar things have happened to us. The use of the vibrator is interesting because it has left me feeling relieved, but not especially sated. Every once in a while, my wife threatens to keep me locked up for months at a time, and *only* allow me to release that way.

I'd say that you can count it as "ruined" if you're keeping a scorecard.

JHT said...

The best ruined orgasm you could give him is what he had. The semen keeps flowing long after stimulation has stopped. Nice going!!!

jack voroum said...

Dear keyholder, as I've read , you are really experienced at the ruining or orgasms.
Now I wonder if you could teach me a little trick, because I can't figure it out, I'm practising for 2 years already, I just don't succeed.

Yours sincerely ,