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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Delight in a Caged Cock

I wonder if other women out there feel the same as I do - I love having my husband in the cock cage.  I just get more interested in sex and sexual things knowing that he is locked up.  This morning I played with him a little before work and when he got home I did the same thing.  Hopefully, we can get some alone time before one of us falls asleep tonight as I want him to at least rub me to a bit of satisfaction.

The question as always when I get him in the cage is when to let him out for a bit of fun.  The tease is just so erotic knowing that each day he gets better and better.  He shows more attention, reacts more to my touch and is so much more agreeable. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Weaker of the Species

I put him back in the cage today.  I had hoped to have some fun with him at lunch but life got in the way and totally ruined the mood.  I had teased him a lot this morning with the promise of more at lunch but it just didn't happen.  Now he is locked up until the mood strikes me again.  I am interested, don't get me wrong but I can't just turn it on and off like a guy.  I also didn't like leaving him out of the cage where he is away from me most of the days and sometimes has to do quick trips around the area that can keep him away until 9 or 10pm with little to no notice.

An online friend that blogs under Femdom Fiancee was having a worse problem with her sub - he was telling her that because of his job, he couldn't wear it during the daytime.  Then she caught him masturbating which is a big violation of their contract.  Anyhow, he is locked up now as well.

That is the thing with most men - when you give them the fantasy that they want of a strong woman, they try to push it.  Why can't they just accept that they got their wishes and enjoy it and live with the parts that might be a challenge?  It shows how men may be physically stronger but they are the weaker of the species.

By the way, these pictures are from the wordpress blog, naked men happy women.  Very hot blog.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Out Like a Lamb

When they say in like a lion and out like a lamb or vice versa, that seems to be us this month.  Not a lot to post here since Tuesday.  He has been out straight with work while our child has been battling a sore throat and enlarged tonsils.  My other daughter had hers out at 10 while my husband lost his at 18 so I'm keeping an eye on this. 

I gave him the week off from the cage but it is 100% going back on Monday morning.  I don't like him out there without it on. 

I'm going to try and get back to writing up some of the things that I have been reading.  There is a lot of interesting information out there to share with you.  Maybe later today.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today I gave him a morning treat - a handjob before work.  He has been so good lately on a whole bunch of things that I wanted to give it to him.  If we had more time, I might have been more elaborate but I knew he had to get to work and I just felt like giving him a nice send off on the day.  I think most women in charge should realize that sometimes we need to change things up and do something for our men.  It can't always be one way.  I know most men like that but still I think mixing things up is good too.

This should be a fun week - we have a few events to go to this week related to fashion and runways.  I'll see if there are any pictures worth sharing.  I know I owe you naughty ones but that will happen when it happens. 

Oh, remember that asshole boss my husband had many months ago?  Not only did he lose his job and over a million dollars in stock because the company is worth nothing but he is having to sell his house, move out of town and take his kids out of private school.  Pretty amazing for someone who was making over $400,000 a year for a long time.  Talk about wasting a good thing.  I feel bad for his kids but not him.  He brought pain, anguish and suffering to an awful lot of people.  Maybe this is one of the few times where karma kicked in.  It seems like the bad people and the wealthy always have things work out for them while the rest of us scratch around.  Some fairness is nice to see. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Whole Week in Review

I apologize for taking the whole week off from posting.  In truth, I was tired of posting.  With my husband very busy with work, I got lazy on keeping this fresh.

So let's go back to last Saturday and our night alone.  First off, we went with friends to see another friend perform on stage.  That went until 10pm.  Then we went out to a very dinner.  I would get into everything but all of the people we were with are pretty famous so I don't think it is a good thing to talk in specifics.  Anyhow, we finally got back to the room around 1am.  We were both exhausted and literally passed out. 

The next morning, I started teasing his cock.  I would take him to the edge and stop.  I would take him closer and stop again.  I think on the third time, he tensed but didn't say he was cumming - but he did.  When I told him what happened, he said it wasn't possible as he clenched and didn't feel an orgasm.  When I showed him the mess all over my hand and his body, he was surprised.  I'm not sure if that was sincere or not. 

Men, tell me, can you orgasm and not feel it?  Could you be fighting it so much that you don't feel the actual spilling of your seed?

As I was having a heavy visit from my monthly visitor, that was okay with me.  We got ready and spent some time out and about before meeting our friends who had kept our daughter over night.  We had a nice late breakfast, walked around on an absolutely beautiful day and then hit the road to return home.

Over the course of the week, there were a lot of distractions that were not very sexual.  The people at his old job were all fired - even the one whose family owned a good chunk of the business.  Can you imagine being so bad that you get kicked out of your own company?  I was told that the company is going to fail at some point and the only way to satisfy the creditors was to get rid of the management.    This is good for my husband as his departure last year came with whispers that he did something wrong or was incompetent.  Given that his new employer is very strong and will take business from the old company, the whisperers are realizing that what they were told were lies.

In general, this awful economy seems to be getting the better of some of the bad people.  Sadly, many good people are getting hurt first as the ones in power try to keep their positions for as long as possible.  It's the same way in government but that isn't for this blog.

I have been teasing him to the edge quite a bit on Friday and today.  He seems very horny.  I am too.  I really haven't gotten much satisfaction lately and need it.  Hopefully, we will get good chances this week.  As our child has a friend over this weekend, it has been tough to do anything even at night.  We might have time alone tomorrow but that is to be seen.

As for the pictures I owe you here, that early orgasm last Sunday meant no pictures.  I'm thinking either tomorrow or Tuesday will be my next chance for that.  One way or the other, I will post pictures this week.

What else?  I'm having him do the dishes more.  Massage me when we watch television or go out to eat.  I've let him out of the cage more but that means that I need to check and get him hard to make sure he hasn't masturbated.  So far, he seems okay although I am putting him back in tomorrow.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hotel tonight

Off for an evening without the little one about two hours from home.  She will be staying with a friend about a mile from the hotel that we will be staying at.  Too bad that I am having my monthly visitor.  Visits at the worst times.  Anyhow, it will be nice to have a night alone for a change. 

This is probably when I will take some of those pictures I have been meaning to.  A nice shot of his cock and my feet seems like fun.  If you all can think of anything else you want, please tell me.

In general, we have been at a bit of a lull lately - my apologies as it doesn't make for the best posts.   He has been working hard at his job while I have been working to get my diet going.  I'll post updates on Sunday with hopefully those pics I've been bad at getting for a while.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Husband's Relief

Melody and Paul Wedina (1988)
I gave him a little relief yesterday.  You can go to his side of the blog if you want the details.  I don't think an orgasm while half erect and caged and struggling to let the cum out is what he was hoping for but he got some relief which is what he wanted.  I had lots of fun plans for this weekend but now I have my monthly visitor.  That doesn't mean we still can't have fun - it will just need to adjust a little bit which is not what I wanted.  Such is life.  It will be nice to have a night alone with him though.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What is in Store this Week?

Up WAY too early today.  Our house cat got out and I couldn't really sleep until my husband found him around 5:30am this morning. 

He says that he is coming home for lunch today (husband, not cat).  Hopefully we can do something then.  We should be without child Saturday night so at least a few fun days are coming.  Whether he does or not is another question.   In general, I find that my interest in sex goes down the longer I go without and goes up the more I get.  I know he has been trying to get my interest up but the diet had me feeling off.  I've dropped off the diet for a week and will be restarting soon enough.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Phase 3 of His Diet

Art by Robert Mapplethorpe
Well, he started Phase 3 of his diet (Phase 1 was prep while Phase 2 was the hCG diet).  Phase 3 is where he spends the next three weeks holding his weight between 185 and 189 pounds.  No starches or sugars. Vegetables with a low glycemic index.  This is because with this diet you have to reset your internal chemistry and metabolism after a six week period of such rapid weight loss.  He did very well losing 25 pounds in six weeks.  His calorie intake will move up from the 500 calorie level to closer to 1,500. 

During this period, he will need to begin working on building lean muscle.  This means some mild aerobics and weight training.  The trick is to do it with lower weights but until muscle fatigue occurs.  Lots of situps and crunches.   He will be getting measured tonight - biceps, waist, thighs, chest, etc.  I will have him set-up a side page on his blog where those who are interested can monitor his progress.  Ideally, his chest should be 10" more than the waist.   By adding the muscle, his body fat level will go down.  I'm not sure if the weight drops but his waist size should tighten.  The last phase will also be for three weeks.  After that, he should be all set to return to a normal diet although one where most of the sugars are limited.  This is part of many longeivity diets - processed sugars are just awful for us.  It means more fiber, fruit and vegetables along with lean protein.

Sometime this week, I hope to get him alone at the house to take pictures with the feet and who knows what.  Hopefully, it will be a return to more of the sexier posts.  As for me, I cut my diet cycle down to 30 days - I was struggling with the lower calories.  I believe that I am going to need to do a number of cycles to get to where I hope to have him by mid-May. 

He remains in the cage as there has really been no chance or need to have him out.
Art by Lilith

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Need Your Opinion

I'm curious what you think about my husband sub's body.  I think it is fine and he just needs to build muscle.  He thinks he should lose another 5-10 pounds.  I'm going to put up a poll.  I would like your honest thoughts.  Thanks.

Friday, March 4, 2011

In Like a Lamb

I know I haven't posted all week.  My apologies.  The truth is that I haven't had much going on.  I fell off the diet truck mid-week and I've been trying to get back on it.  In general, haven't been feeling the greatest suffering from headaches yesterday and today.  My husband is back in lock up (or is it lock down).  He has fun coming but with his travel and the way I have felt, there really was no opportunity or need for him to be out of it.

I think he has lost about as much weight as I want.  He needs to start working on building up the muscles now.  I will have him take a picture and post it either tonight or tomorrow so you can see what I mean.  He still have a little on his tummy but I don't want him getting all saggy.  He needs to start getting the muscles bigger so that won't happen.

So on the sex front, not a lot.  Sorry as I know that is what most of you are interested in.  Maybe this weekend.  We will have to see.