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    2 years ago

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today I gave him a morning treat - a handjob before work.  He has been so good lately on a whole bunch of things that I wanted to give it to him.  If we had more time, I might have been more elaborate but I knew he had to get to work and I just felt like giving him a nice send off on the day.  I think most women in charge should realize that sometimes we need to change things up and do something for our men.  It can't always be one way.  I know most men like that but still I think mixing things up is good too.

This should be a fun week - we have a few events to go to this week related to fashion and runways.  I'll see if there are any pictures worth sharing.  I know I owe you naughty ones but that will happen when it happens. 

Oh, remember that asshole boss my husband had many months ago?  Not only did he lose his job and over a million dollars in stock because the company is worth nothing but he is having to sell his house, move out of town and take his kids out of private school.  Pretty amazing for someone who was making over $400,000 a year for a long time.  Talk about wasting a good thing.  I feel bad for his kids but not him.  He brought pain, anguish and suffering to an awful lot of people.  Maybe this is one of the few times where karma kicked in.  It seems like the bad people and the wealthy always have things work out for them while the rest of us scratch around.  Some fairness is nice to see. 

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Her Majesty's Plaything said...

I really enjoyed this post for a number of reasons. I think it is important that there be give and take in any relationship including a FemDom marriage. I think it's really important that the dominant partner show appreciation to their sub and clearly communicate that their submission is valued. It is very considerate to occasionally give rewards to a sub as you did for your husband. Kudos to you for being a good caring Domme and a loving wife! :-)

I agree about the seeming inequity in our society that seems to be running rampant these days. The rich seem to be getting all the marbles while the rest of us quibble over the leftovers. I also agree that it is really REALLY nice to see karma working like we always thought it was supposed to every once in awhile! ;-)

I have a joke I would like to share with you:

"A CEO, a tea party member, and a union worker are all sitting at a table when a plate with a dozen cookies arrives. Before anyone else can make a move, the CEO reaches out to rake in eleven of the cookies.

When the other two look at him in surprise, the CEO locks eyes with the tea party member. "You better watch him," the executive says with a nod toward the union worker. "He wants a piece of your cookie."