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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Empty Nest Weekend

I am having a hard time with it but our baby is going to spend a weekend away from us - almost four hours away!  Drop off is Friday and return is Monday around lunchtime.   Going into 4th grade isn't a baby but will always be to me.

The fun side is that we have a whole weekend alone.  What should we do?  I posted the poll yesterday.  I think keeping him naked all weekend is a good thing.  Teasing him a lot and having him serve me is good too.  The ideas are endless.  I won't post them here as he helps me write this and I don't want him to know what I have in mind.  I would like your ideas though.  What shall we do?  I have been without pleasure for as long as him given my travels and the monthly visitor and I am looking forward to some orgasms.

Share your ideas.  So far, most have been good as you can see that we listen.


ALL HERS said...

A lot of oral sex for you as well as other types of stimulation you would enjoy. Such as a vibrator. Several times a day if that is what you want. He should be cleaning the floors on his hands and knees, dusting, and vacuuming every day of the weekend. Good time to teach him who is in charge, and how disappointed you were that he left the house a mess for YOU to clean.

And outdoor work also. Wearing only jeans, make him drink large amounts of water while he is working in the rear yard. He should be trimming edges with a scissors and picking out rocks from the flower beds. When he has to pee, well, he shouldn't be allowed inside to use a bathroom, so he'll have to pee in his jeans all day and keep working. Even better, maybe try diapers on him for Saturday and Sunday. Having him only drink from a toddlers cup and feed him only jared baby food is a good punishment. Give him a half hour in the morning to take a shower and take care of bathroom needs, then 4 diapers for the rest of the day, including bedtime.

Only 30 days since he had a orgasm, not much time at all. Tease him and cage him every time you are done with him. He'll be putty in your hands by Monday.

Have fun, and don't let him whine This should be a fun weekend for you!!

Anonymous said...

Assuming that you let him cum, make him consume it. You need to do that to assert your dominence over him. Also, it might keep him from cumming longer. If he cums in you, make him lick you afterwards to another orgasm.

In general, make him wonder if you will let him cum. Make it seem like you won't.

Anonymous said...

Mkae it simple. Enjoy yourself and DO NOT LET HIM CUM. He will a better husband horny.

Anonymous said...

On your husbands blog, he says he is going to be spanked by you. His hands should be over his head. Do you have a basement with exposed beams? If not, how about a walk in closet you can attach a hook into the ceiling? (My wife has me in there often). Otherwise tie him over the back of a strong chair, securing his feet and hands to the legs. Whip him good and long and then leave him like that for another hour or two.

kelmag said...

It was nice chatting with you a few days ago (I was the one who writes the blog). As for the free weekend, keep him locked up and teased unmercifully until the end, then bind him spreadeagle to the bed, edge him several times while masturbating to orgasm in front of him yourself, then give him a ruined orgasm.
After that, tie his receiving a real orgasm to his weight loss progress (I've noticed the still futile attempts to lose anything). A variation on a method my wife and I used successfully, is to set up a game of chance in which you control the odds. Buy a dozen or so white marbles and a dozen or so black marbles all of the same size and a nice cloth sack. Then he weighs in each day in front of you (at the same time, fully nude except for his chastity device). To earn an opportunity for a draw, he must lose 3 lbs (measured from the last time he drew; can't be allowed to lose the same 3 lbs.) Once he's lost the 3 lbs., just before you are about to engage in sexual activity, conduct a drawing in which you place 12 marbles in the sack without him seeing you put them in. You decide how many are white and how many are black. He is given 1 white marble which he will place in the sack so he knows he has at least some chance of winning. With the 13 marbles in the sack, he makes a blind draw. If he get a white marble, he gets a full orgasm in whatever manner you decide. If draws a black marble, well, he services you to orgasm but must lose another 3 lbs. before he has the opportunity for another draw. You put away the marbles without him seeing what the contents and odds were.
The incentive to get a chance at orgasm will be a powerful motivator to get him to lay off the second helpings and junk food, eat healthy and workout. The details of a successful diet method is in my blog. You will be doing him a huge favor by getting him to lose weight and the game should be very enjoyable for both of you.