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Monday, April 4, 2011

Lovey Dovey in Chastity & Kathy Griffin Topless

Why does it take two weeks of 24/7 chastity for my man to get all lovey dovey and attentive?  I finally have him the way I want and he has the nerve to ask if he can get out of the cage or do something sexual.  Why would I want him out so soon when he is finally behaving the way I like?  I teased him a little and said a firm 'no' to him.  Plus, I'm having my monthly visitor so he is just going to have to wait.

Work had him a little worked up tonight - seems a number of deals didn't close.  Anyhow, he needs to control his enthusiasm in work and not have high ups and downs.  Just like he needs to stay at this way of behaving for me.