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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Question to the Readers

As I am trying to rekindle my sex drive, what do you think I should do next?  All of this drama at home has killed my desires.  He seems to be snapping back.  I touch him and he is squirming.  I think some of my desire be be tied to getting back to exercising.  Another part is akin to the exercise.  If you miss one day - no big deal.  Two days - it gets tougher.  A week - what is exercise? This may be some of what I am experiencing.  Another part is clearly the stresses of life.

He is finally getting back to exercise today.  The last six months, he has been unable to breathe let alone exercise.  I think it is good for his body and his psyche to begin again.  Now I need to listen to my own medicine.

Feel free to post a note here, send me something when I am online in the pingbox to the right of this post or to my email.  I have it on many nights.  I know a number of you have been or are going through what I am and I would love your thoughts, suggestions and ideas.



Miss Christina said...

Sam and I go through this off and on when he gets sick for many weeks. We lose touch with our D/s so much that although parts of it are present, its just not the same. The best thing we do when he becomes healthier again is to just start using him. At first you may not be feeling it all the way yourself, but once you start the connection and you see him starting to get back to where he needs to be for you, you start to relax and it all becomes more natural again.

I would start by locking him back up and those teasings you do so well. Then also the excitement of trying something new to you both...that is always a great way to reconnect because it is exciting to BOTH of you.

Hang in there. It will happen.

ALL HERS said...

My wife and I agree that when you begin to tease him and put him back into his chastity device, you both will get back into it again. It may be slowly. but towards resuming your WLM, not away from it. All couples in a WLM relationship have highs and lows. When we are in a high period we both feel that it will never dimish again. But it does. So instead of going a week and then 2 weeks, etc. , start off again with something small. For example, he has to massage your feet every night.

As for sex, a light teasing session is a great way to arouse him again. You could also tell him that you are now extending the time between his sexual releases. My wife keeps me horny and without release for 6 weeks minimum. Then she adds a week or weeks for bad behavior or me having what she calls " a poor attitude". I have only cum 4 times this year so far, and it is the end of June. This weekend is the end of my 6 week wait time, but I feel that it is not going to happen. I did something small 2 weeks ago that annoyed her, so I got 2 hours of corner time in her office room here in our house while she worked on the computer and talked to her friends on the phone. For corner time I must strip completely except for my panties and CB 6000. Both I wear 24/7, my wife calls it my house uniform. I am not allowed to speak during corner time, just as she puts it, "think of ways you will please me". We both wish you good luck, especially your husband in his job search. The way you both put together and maintain these blogs shows that you are both sincere and very intelligent people who really have their act together. With you in control and guiding him, he is in good hands. Thanks again for your great work here!!!!

You may have him pleasure you once or twice a week orally as I do with my wife. If I have been very good, she will allow me inside her for 6 to 10 strokes, with a very stern waring about cumming. Then out and back in the chastity device. That will get him going for sure. Just don't give in to his pleas and allow him to cum, make him wait the full time until he reaches the number of weeks you stipulated.

ALL HERS said...

Somehow when I sent in the above posts the paragraghs at the end switched. Sorry for that, it kind of looses the flow. Thanks.