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    3 years ago

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sense of Relief

Now that everything is out there and we have an approach in place to avoid problems in the future, we are going to try and get back to 'normal'.  I feel the weight of the world off me now that everything is in the open.  I don't feel the need to defend myself here - my sincerity will be proven over time.  If you were here and saw the changes, you might understand.  As soon as his job situation is stabilized, we will begin working toward fixing things.  This includes selling the house and my working off of cash only.  From there, I will get a job and start adding back in what I spent.  I am selling everything that I cannot return on eBay as well.

We were intimate yesterday for the first time in a long time.  It felt great.  I love my husband will not throw that away over my problem.  We are moving forward.


William said...

Being completely honest and open is the only path. I am sure that like me, many of your readers are pulling for the both of you. Whoops, no pun intended!

Miss Christina said...

I am glad you two have resolved this for now...and I am sure you do feel enormous relief now that it is out in the open.

I sincerely hope for your sake that you are able to kick this bad behavior once and for all...because coming from a Mistressy and womanly point of view, it sounds like your husband is a fantastic man, husband and submissive. And I am sure he is a great father too. You are very fortunate, and anything that really matters in the whole world, are your daughter and husband and family. Smaller house is less to clean so that's cool! Less stuff, less clutter and more room to focus on what really matters.

KeyholderWife said...

Thank you for your support. It means a lot to me.

ALL HERS said...

Dear Keyholder Wife;

My wife and I were very pleased to see your latest post where you two appear to have gotten your life back on track. Now that you have set a plan, the recovery part should hopefully not be too difficult.

As for selling what can't be returned on e bay, please consider selling these items right here. You have an enormous following, and I am sure we would help you out. Why not list what you whan to sell? I also feel that since we appreciate all of your posts ( which are time consuming and alot of effort), we would be willing to give you alot more money than you would get on e bay.

Once last idea. Now that you have been intimate again, maybe it would be a good time to lock your husband back into his chastity device to keep your WLM going. Just doing that alone would show that your are still the dominant partner in the marriage and that more demands will be made on him as things keep improving over time.

Thanks again for your effort in making this the best blog out there about WLM couples.

KeyholderWife said...

All Hers, I am selling stuff like a rare Gucci bracelet watch in tan beige leather and gold. Lots of rare unused shoes and clothing. Some sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

Distract each other with lots of play right now.

Try new things.