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    3 years ago

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ruined Orgasms, A How-To

Looking online, it seems that most people do not do a ruined orgasm.  From experimenting with my husband, I think I know the most effective way to do it.

First, I think the best ones include no stimulation of the shaft.  That is a personal choice. The reason that I say this is because men are used to the shaft being stroked.  The mental part of no stroking of the shaft is important to changing the feelings that they have.  I prefer to rub the area between the balls and the anus.  At first, I am much rougher.  I can see that he struggles with not telling me to stop.  After a bit of that, I back off and massage that area less roughly.   Another important part is that they must ask to orgasm.  You can try and see every twitch but it works much better if they need to warn you well in advance.  Once they begin warning you, stop stimulation and wait.  Give then 30-60 second breaks and then restart.  When I am doing the best, he begins thrusting his hips into the air.  Try and get them to settle down and be less showy.  As they feel the need to orgasm, keep edging them closer and closer.   At this point, what you are trying to do is get one big drop of semen on the tip.  As soon as you get this, stop stimulation and the session is over.  In future sessions, you can push them a little further.  The goal as I see it is to have them orgasm just a little about 30-60 seconds after all stimulation is removed.  When I've asked my husband about this, he says that he fights against the orgasm but at one point, he has no ability to control things and the desire to cum just overwhelms him.  With stimulation removed at just the right time, that sensation leads to the smallest of semen releases.  He is hornier than ever after I have done this.  This is why I think cock cages are important as it is doubtful that most men can control their urge to stroke to orgasm.  Eventually, my husband learned to like this form of orgasm so much that he almost didn't want a full orgasm.  This is because he was getting attention from me every night.

I hope this helps.


ALL HERS said...

This could have been written by my wife, it is so close to what she does to me. You are absolutely right (as usual) about wives not giving their husbands ruined orgasms . Almost everything you read has the wife allowing her husband to cum at the end of a session.

My wife likes to keep me in panties 24/7, and she likes them on during a teasing session. A color like blue, red or brown allows her to see the results immediately. Of course, after I have brought her to several orgasms orally and with some vibrator toys, sometimes she says it is my turn.

She unlocks my CB 6000 and removes it. She has on only her little see-thru nightie, which she usually removes after a little bit. I must lie still on my back while she gently rubs my balls thru the silky panties and the area just underneath them. This feels wonderful, especially after being locked in chastity for many weeks. She will bring me to the edge 3 or 4 times fairly quickly, and has warned me that I am not allowed to orgasm. She has said that if I do ever orgasm without permission, I will be locked in chastity for 6 months, no teasing sessions, and well as some serious punishments administered. There is no doubt that she means it!

So I struggle not to explode.
But she is watching the wet spot grow larger on the front of my panties as my cock leaks out its pre-cum. The lighter color panty allows her to see the wet spot forming. When it reaches the size of about a silver dollar coin, she feels that I have let out enough cum, and will stop. Then down come my panties and my wife then puts a cold pack on my cock and balls until it gets soft again. On goes the CB 6000, the panties (now very wet) are pulled up. I must thank her for allowing me "to cum" (as she calls it). She says that if that much cum leaks out, then even though I didn't orgasm, I did cum. I always tell her she is right, and "thank you for allowing me the privledge of cumming".

She will allow me a full orgasm maybe after 6 weeks, longer if she has added a week or weeks on for bad behavior or attitude. My behavior and attitude is usually perfect towards her, but once in a while my housework wasn't perfect, or I did or said something she didn't care for. So more time is added. Plus, even when my behavior has been very good and the 6 weeks are up, she may say another week or two is now added, "because I can" she will say. I have gone 10 weeks this year, from January 1 to March 12. She likes to keep me very horny and feels that 8 to 10 times a year is more than enough orgasms for a man. Her motto is " a horny husband is a good husband". Of course, as always, she is absolutely right!!!

Anonymous said...

Great insight. Thanks for sharing. Love to read your blog; always look forward to updates.

rickiee said...

i am fairly new to femdom and teasing/denial. My wife is my keyholder. She dresses me daily in the panties she wore the day before. i wear my cb6000 all the time. Sometimes she will remove it for a short time while she milks me, but typically i am milked in my cage. My milkings occur at least every other night, but i provide her at least one orgasm per night. i love when she teases me, with my cage off. She will bring me to the edge over and over again. It took a while for her to learn when to stop, and it resulted in my cumming. i was punished for it, even though i had no control to stop it. As ALL HER's said in his posting, she likes to see me get her panties wet with precum and edging oozes. She will bring me so close ... then stops ... my clittie bucks and sways ... then the little glob of cum will form at the tip and drip out. She usually catches it and allows me to lick her hand clean. Over and over the little glob will form or a puddle of precum will ooze onto my stomach. i love when she has me worship her panty crotch. i am not permitted to touch myself, but i must lick and smell her crotch. i am the luckiest man alive!!!

Anonymous said...

My wife ruins my orgasms as I kneel on the floor her high heels rubbing my shaft until I leak a drop then she withdraws making me beg her to continue.I am wrist cuffed and after two or three ruined orgasms in a row she usually recages my cock and walks off leaving me to squirm in frustration.

Anonymous said...

I've been married for a few years, and my husband has never had his little puny thingy in my pussy.I told him on our wedding night that I never saw anything that small and I didn't want that thing no where near me. Next day I stopped off at an adult store and bought a chastity device. I made him put it on while standing in the store. Then I went in the back where they have all the booths for films and yelled if any one back here that has a big dick if he wanted to fuck a newly married wife. I found one guy who was black and had a big black cock. I forced my new husband to watch how its done the right way. He's still locked up and released only for cleaning, I supervise.

Anonymous said...

I have helped my hubby to become the person he has always wanted to be... breast implants, fem hormones, complete makeover and proper training has made him/her my best friend. Long story short John now Johnny receives wonderful but always somehow embarrassing release thru anal stimulation and only in this way. I use a variety of strapons. Sometimes I allow him to use one on himself. I love to add to the intensity of his feelings by allowing my boyfriend or my mom to watch. I'm trying to get my boyfriend to take Johnny's real-virginity... think it'll take a little tease-denial to get the job done. My mom has indicated she would like to try on a strapon herself. We couldn't be happier.

pansy sissy faggot dicklette.. said...
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