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    3 years ago

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday Orgasm for him

Yesterday, I gave my husband a hand job.  No teasing, just straight to climax.  My goal was to reset his body and mind to what we had before the work assholes started messing with him.   You could tell that he had not orgasmed in nearly two weeks.  After he came, it just kept oozing out in smaller spasms for a long time.

After that, I told him that he needs to put the cage back on.  He stated that he is still getting his libido back and would never touch himself.  Still, I want to get him back into the swing of what we had going on before.  Also, I will be leaving him alone for a few weeks this summer.  It will be close to three weeks.  There is no way I will leave him here alone without the cage.  By having him caged, he can focus on fixing up the house and finding a job without the thought of orgasm while I don't need to be wondering what he is up to.

Next thing to do is get my libido back up.  All of this drama has been a big distraction.  Hopefully, he will find a new situation soon.  With the school year starting in just two months, I would like things solved before the school year starts.


little bitch said...

W/we understand how it is. W/we are dealing with the same problems O/ourselves: i am looking for work and Mistress is off until the end of August. It is hard to recharge when there are so many other things going on.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I was too late to respond to the poll. But my wife and I agree that you should make him drink at least 2 quarts of water in a half hour, and then tie him up outside. He should have on panties and jeans, and he must remain that way until he pees himself in his panties and pants. Then he should stay out in the yard for the day, drinking more water and only being allowed to relieve himself in his pants. My wife has done that to me on occasion (warmer months), we have a seculded yard so I must remain outside ffor the day . I will have to trim all of the flower bed edges with a small scissor, as well as pick all weeds on my hands and knees. She starts this around 10 am, I am given large amounts of water, and I am completely soaked down my legs by the time I am told to strip and she sprays me down with the hose. She then allows me back into the house and it is usually around 5 pm.

A very long time, and probably 10 or more times she watches me as I pee myself as she laughs. She does this for mild behavior correction, only a small infraction of her strict rules. She considers this very mild punishment.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you'd better leave him in his belt after pleasuring him sooo much this weekend! He'd be bad!!

Anonymous..I like that idea alot...really gets me hot. I can only hope the Women take us up on that! :)

Anonymous said...


It is a punishment, as mild as it may be. When she has me outside, every time I feel that I have to pee (about every 30 -45 minutes), I must tell my wife. She makes sure that I stand up straight and gives me permission to relieve myself. Since I also wear a CB 6000, my cock is pointed straight down so that when I pee it runs right down the legs of my jeans. The panties I wear underneath get totally soaked also. By the end of the day my jeans are dripping.

My wife doesn't believe in spanking as a punishment. Years ago I almost came in my panties as she was spanking me as I was tied to a overhead beam in the basement. She saw the large spot of pre-cum on the front of my red panties, ( up to then I had mostly black so she wasn't able to see the wet spots). Then she decided that I liked it too much and it wasn't punishment. Also she said swinging the whips were too much work for her, she should never have to exert herself that much.

So since then she has gotten creative. But mostly she administers punishments that have a purpose and she can see the result. Like the one I described where she has me trimming and weeding the entire day, mostly on my hands and knees. But when she is done with me she sees a result.

Other times in cooler weather I will have to clean all of the tiles in our large downstairs area on my hands and knees, wearing only my CB 6000 and panties. I must use paper towels and cleaner on each large tile, and we have several hundred of them. After about 2 hours I am finished, but if she feels that the job wasn't good enough ( she usually does) or just feels extra dominating, I will have to do it all over again, another 2 hours. Or I will have to clean each of the 640 small floor tiles in our large walk in shower with a toothbrush and cleaner. Again it takes hours and I may be ordered to do it again when finished. But these are punishments were she sees a result , which is what she likes.

Thanks for this great site and your great posts!!! We are new to it but not to WLM. Since the children have moved on with their lives and out of the nest, we are now able to really have a 24/7 WLM. We have been into WLM for about 6 years now, 3 years alone in our house

Anonymous said...

Keyholder- I hope he's getting used to extended wear, as you'll be away for a while... oh my, what will he (not) do?

(Anon- I like that backyard description.. thanks! At least Wife gets something to show for your hard work...and I'll bet you're hard, if wet! S good hose down...nice)