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    3 years ago

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ten Days Until...

In ten days, I go on a trip with our child to see my family for two weeks.  We got these tickets months ago for a great price.  My husband is staying behind to look after the animals, look for a job and because there is too much spanish speaking for his taste when I visit family.  He prefers to have this as his alone time for the year.  The third week we will be visiting other family about six hours from the house and we will see him for the part of that week that he can break away.  It probably won't be for more than a night as it is way too difficult to travel with the animals.

Two things come to mind: 1) What to do with him for the next ten days? and 2) Do I keep him in a cage for the three weeks apart?  The last one is easy - yes, he will be caged.  The first one is harder.  I know he is horny and I am struggling with not keeping him in a cage while alone right now.  I promised him that he would not have to wear it until I leave.  Do I give him lots of relief or teases over the next ten days?  With our child around, there are limited alone times for us.  Next week, we will have probably three hours a day alone during the week.   This is when we will rekindle everything sidetracked over the last few months.

What shall I do when we are alone?  Would love your thoughts and suggestions.

PS: Posted this on both sites.  Besides the picture, there are no differences between the two.


ALL HERS said...

Easy decision! Tease him and cage him. My wife has a motto, " a horny husband is a good husband." You want him thinking of you and planning ways he will please you when you get back.

Many sites we have visited suggest that a man should never cum more than 10 times per year. My wife feels that 8 to 10 is about right, and perfers the lesser amount. In fact she has mentioned the possibility of reducing that number by 1 every year for the next 10 years and see if I could go a whole year.

Of course age plays a big factor. Maybe men under 40 would be allowed to cum 12 to 15 times per year since they do have a higher sex drive. Men over 40 but under 60, (I'm 57) would have a to live with the 8 to 10 rule.

My wife gets her orgasms once or twice a week, orally or/and with our toys. If she feels my behavior has been excellent the past few weeks, I will be allowed in her for 6 to 10 strokes. I am warned about cumming without permission, so if the feeling builds up, I must take it out. Otherwise, I am allowed the number of strokes she has granted me, then out, cleaned and locked up.

William said...

Please him for the next 10 days and then tease him, via phone, web, texts, when you are away. Considering what the two of you have been through recently, I suggest that you use this time to bond.

Anonymous said...

He has asked you for a fem dom marriage because he wants to be teased and denied. Sure orgasms are great, but the teasing is better when left to wonder when relief when ever be allowed. And the feeling builds and builds every day, making him the perfect husband. After he cums, you must start from day one with him, and it will take about 2 weeks to get him horny again. So I say no relief, let him get hornier while you are away. Plus he will really appreciate the orgasm more when you return home and give him that privledge.