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    3 years ago

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fun, Fantasy and This Week's Devious Plans

This week when I take him out of the cage, I will play with his cock with ice in my mouth. I won't let him cum. I will make him give me an orgasm and put him back away without satisfaction himself. I agree with many of you that he should wait and let his desires build up and stay that way for a while.

After that, will come the prostate milking. I want to see that.

What I really like would be to go to a public building - maybe the stair well - and make him give me an orgasm with his mouth. I think that is something that would turn me on is to do something sexual in public whether that is in a parking lot at noon or an office or under the bosses desk when he or she isn't around. One of my favorite turn-ons is to have sex in public. Maybe a park. Going to a dance club without panties and going to the dance floor and having your guy doing it to you. I haven't done that in a long time but would enjoy trying it again. If you have ideas on this type of thing, I would like to hear them. Thank you.


little d said...

Why would you go to a club and give him that pleasure to have intercourse with You? There are enough good looking men there to have Your pick! Once there is cum inside of You..THEN go to the ally and make him clean You up.
Don't forget to make Your subbie buy a "thank You drink." for the man!

Anonymous said...

Hi Keyholder ,

I love your site think it is very well thought out ! enjoyed seeing some of the comments too ! Re : 3somes /cheating etc , well you wont really be cheating , he will be there ! BUT on this occasion it DOES have to be consensual between BOTH of you . I have a happily open relationship i play , he plays WE play together , no problems it is what is it , sex & fun.

Have you thought of making HIM bed another man in front of you ? With you selecting the other guy & stating the limits ? i.e no anal or the sub hub sucks only etc would you bed another woman in front of him ? Telling him how good she is @ satisfiying you ( even if you hate it ) to further degrade him ? this, i beklieve is most hetro mens fantasy ( 2 women ) Think how his cock will stiffen & he will long for & maybe beg for release to join in, denied of course Or get HIM to select a guy or girl for you if you are going to go for a 3way ! Do please keep in touch .

best wishes to you both xx

Miss Christina said...
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Anonymous said...


Some advice or your playtime this weekend...he will probably be close to cumming a lot. Make sure that he knows that if he cums, he won't for a very long time again and some othe punishment that he would dread. Reading your posts, licking his own cum or no orgasms or teasing for a month would keep him focused. Be prepared to pull on his balls hard when he is close. Slap his cock really hard too as that will reduce his need to cum. Keep saying to him that he dare not cum and then pinch or slap him. Once you are done, leave him un caged for the night and play with him whenever you are awake. Tie him to the bed so he can't slink off and cum - he will I would be sure given what you have said. A simple retaint of his foot to the bedframe works if you need to be discreet. I would rather see him sleep with his hand cuff behind him. Remind him if he humps the bed and leaves a mess, that is the same penalty as cumming in you. He is your toy. The next day supervise and tease until you grow bored then ice him up and put him back away. Hope this helps. PS: the more you play with his nipples, the more sensitive they get. Tell him to do that when he is alone watching tv. After all that, the milking should be a big mess I mean success. You really shoul have him lick it up. It is so erotic to have that power over your man.



Anonymous said...

Your husband will be putty after this weekend. You will have such the loving puppy.

Have patience when milking him. You will know you have it when he gets the feeling that he is going to pee everywhere. Once it starts flowing, it will continue for a long time and he will be a moaning idiot.

Being new to you two, use lots of lube, be gentle and patient. A latex glove is good so you can feel the spot you are looking for. An enema by him before this would be considerate.

Anonymous said...

tie him to a tree blindfolded and nekked and leave him there and get another guy to fuck you hard and have him clean your twat and the guy too and teach he is your bitch

Anonymous said...

Have him wear a strapon so that you can keep getting one cock or the other