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    3 years ago

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I'm setting this up as a link to the blog that my husband is keeping as it relates to his chastity contract to me that he signed for our anniversary in February. I have had him in a CB-6000 since then. Feel free to ask me questions or give me ideas - this is new to me so I am looking for your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

has he apologised for not stopping when you told him to? if so, make him post it on his blog. if not, you must punish. gagging may be dangerous, but a night or two sleeping on the floor is not.


KeyholderWife said...

Yes honey, he apologized but only after you brought it up. He tried to explain himself but he has to know that I am in charge, not him. I didn't use the gag but told him to get a ball gag to wear next time.

The floor is no good as we have a child. Maybe I will sleep with her and make him be alone.

Do you have any other good ideas for me? You were right before and thank you for that.

cpl4play97124 said...

hmmm... some subtle ways to punish him could include slipping a finger with IcyHot on it down his pants. There is a touch he won't soon forget.

keep a tally on the fridge or somewhere open. No one could possibly know that the tally is how many strokes with the paddle he has earned.

Cold showers are one way to chill and over excited sub.

When You go out to eat he is allowed to talk only to You. You order for him and speak to the waiter and such.

You say he has sensitive nipples? Buy a roll of sandpaper with the sticky back and cut to pieces to stick to the inside of his shirt before going out.

BÄHLER said...

How did this all start - your female led marriage? Was it your idea or his? I would love to hear the history and evolution of your relationsip.