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    3 years ago

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Women Like

The more I think about it, the less I think that I'm okay with my husband's cock being pierced. I like it the way it is. He seems to think that he needs the extra security but I am not sure.

Let me tell you guys what us women like. Show us attention. Rub our feet. Treat us special. Take care of your appearance and hygiene. We like that. Respect, romance, a sense of humor and passionate sex.

I am personally not into making men look like women. That is your kink, not mine. Now if you want to see my feet, that is okay as that is a fetish of mine - I love shoes.

I also love being in control.

PS: All of you who want pictures will get them Saturday.

1 comment:

Miss Christina said...

I like this post.

And I have to say it is funny because Sam and I have had the conversation many times about sissification and that sort of thing. I don't actually want a man who looks like a woman either...yet look at your blog. What I want is him to be focused and feeling like he is under my control all the time. For us, it takes those items, and other things. I love his reactions when I make him dress in those ways, I love how he doesn't have a feminine bone in his body, yet he feels so much like my slut when he is like that.

It works very well for his mindset when we are apart. Though for me, I always just see him as a man all the time, I know that if we do ever move to be with each other one day, in person full time, those occasions I would have him wearing the things I do now, would be much more minimal because it wouldn't be needed with me right there.

But, it works. And I do agree about the piercings, it might be a hot fantasy but in reality they are not needed, it's all about a mindset.