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    3 years ago

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Psychological Chastity

Last night, I was playing with my husband, getting him completely worked up. I fiddled and sucked on his nipples and massages the part of his cock not trapped by the cage. He was going wild and I had to remind him more than once not to make any noise. I probably did this for 30 minutes. As I stopped, his cock was as hard as it can possibly get while being in the cage. It looked painfully hard to be honest but he wasn't complaining. I had been thinking about fucking him but because of female things, I wasn't in the mood. That doesn't mean that I wasn't horny - I was. I wasn't tired either. At this point, I reminded him that his next orgasm would be the milking. He agreed and told me that he was looking forward to it. I then gave him the key to let himself out.

He removed the cage, cleaned his cock and came back to bed. He asked if he could pleasure me. I said no. I asked him if he could be trusted not to masturbate when he woke up in the morning. He said of course, he would not violate my decision that his next orgasm be through milking. I then proceeded to tease him to the edge for the better part of an hour. I kept getting him closer and closer to orgasm as I played with him. Normally, his breathing and behavior tips off an orgasm. He also knows that he must ask to orgasm. He did this twice or maybe three times during the teasing session. Each time, I would stop stimulating his cock and give him a break playing with other parts. On one of those times, when I took my hands away from him, he continued to buck his hips fucking the air for a solid minute. I'm certain I did if not a ruined orgasm something very close to that as his cock had a good amount of precum on it and it became harder to get him to the edge the next few times. With this, I was done. He was so loving and thankful for the teasing.

Someone suggested it here and I tried it - at least while I can supervise - Psychological Chastity. Let's see if I have that power over him now. In this advanced state of horniness that he is now in, if I don't see his cock jump the second I say something or do something, I can tell if he has broken our agreement. I think he won't but we will find out today. I still like the idea of having his cock caged as the psychological part of him not being able to even touch his cock is erotic to me but I want to see if my control is growing. I think it is.


Anonymous said...

These videos should give you a good idea as to what it should look like when the milking starts working. Just remember to tie his hands and not let him stroke so that you get a good milking. You can have ice bags available if you don't want him to enjoy it. If this is your first time, be prepared that it might take a while to get to the points shown in these videos. Give yourself 45 minutes to an hour.

Jonathan said...

Another good example of the milking "money drip" and a good overview of the last part of the process:

Agreed that it's a good idea keeping him from touching his penis while the milking is in progress. Preventing him to touch or see his penis at any time is probably good for chronic masturbators or for dommes that want that extra bit of ownership.

Hope this helps!

beardsley said...

Here's an idea:
"When you want to prevent your male from achieving orgasm during a regular intercourse, apply a very small quantity of EMLA cream or similar anaesthetic (lidocaine, benzocaine or others) on the most sensitive parts of the male's genitals: the frenum, the glans and the surrounding skin on the upper half of the penis. The volume you should apply is that of 1 to 2 small droplets of water.

Quantity should be adjusted according to the desired effect. If you wish the male to become aroused and excited, but not be able to achieve orgasm, you should apply a very small quantity. Intercourse can then be used as a reward, though his chastity regimen will not be disturbed. If you wish to deprive him of any sensation during intercourse you should apply more cream. When the equivalent of 4 to 6 small droplets of water (in volume) is applied, the male will within 10 minutes lose any sensitivity to his appendage, so that in effect his own penis will be turned into a "meat dildo".


Anonymous said...

Tease him all week and then give him the milking but you need to have him eat his cum. This will get into his head. There is a reason so many of us suggest this. You need to show that you are really in charge and that this isn't just a game. While it is a game, you need to put him in his place worshipping you. Take him into the subspace that he has offered you. You will find that the control and power make things even better for both of you. He may at first resist but try it and be strong. Trust me that things like eating his orgasms or long-term denial of orgasm will change the dynamic between you two but in a way that you both seem to crave.

Anonymous said...

Tease, put on a cock ring, desensitize and fuck him. Enjoy him as you want but milk out the orgasms.
Physically, you will have eliminated his build up.
Mentally, he will still crave the orgasm. This means that he won't have those days after orgasm where he is less attentive.

I enjoy watching you two grow as a couple. The best is yet to come if you listen to this advice of us experienced hands.

Over 20 years in the lifestyle. Welcome to a powerfully erotic time in your life.

- LadyDD