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    3 years ago

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Sent him to the Sex Store

I sent him there yesterday to get a few of the things that we will need to fulfil my promises to do what has won in these recent polls. He will need to wear a butt plug this weekend. He is getting a prostate massage. These are decided and happening. Yes, you will get pictures to prove this. I sent him to get the Njoy Pfun Plug. It can be used for the milking as well as the plugging. Seeing and feeling it, I was surprised at how heavy it is. We will see how this does the trick.

He also got a ball gag and some nice lotions. He can moan but talking, no. The lotions will be nice for both of us and I can watch him squirm more than ever. We were going to get the penis plugs but they wanted so much money! I think an online order will work best. I still need to decide which one is best. I'm not certain about this but he is game and you all voted for it so let's see how it goes.

We do need a strap-on for when he is too sensitive to make love to me properly. I also need it if he loses one of these upcoming polls. I may not wait for him to "win" a poll and do it anyway. Just like the penis plug, it was the same as the plug, they were crazy expensive. Online is clearly the way to go for this.

Someone on here suggested Emla creme to desensitize him just enough not to orgasm. Little did we know that this over the counter creme in the rest of the world is prescription in the US. We ordered it online last night and it should be here next week. This sounds really good to me. A few drops and I get a bull stud lover. With a cock ring, I will have my very own meat dildo. I will need to see the right amount to use on him so that I can have all the fun I want but withhold his orgasm until I'm ready to give him one.

What else? Oh, that poll where half of you want me to have him watch me with another man. That may be something we do down the line but I'm not comfortable with that right now. I like our marriage as it is and I'm not sure how to do that or who to do it with. As such, that will remain a threat for him for now. Coming in second with almost as many votes was having him eat his cum. This also isn't something that turns me on but I might do this given how many of you seem to think it is important. A close third was buying the strap-on. I like that and will be doing that. What a surprise that only two people thought I should do none of this. You are all so kinky.

The shoe pictures are coming. Finding alone time to do that is tough. I teased him a little bit in the middle of the night. Just a touch anywhere and he is so attentive toward me. I love it.

I think that is it for now. If anyone can think of something I missed, please remind me. I'm thinking about my next poll and will have one today. If you can think of something, post here or at I may post those ideas over here although I would never post your name or email addresses. I've set up a yahoo im which is wifekeyholder as well.



Anonymous said...

Continuation of yesterday's post: After about a week of edging 3 or more times a day he will be endlessly entertaining.

Lady Deviant

P.S. make sure he stops JUST before the point of no return and any precum that happens to leak shall be recycled, it comes out of him , it goes back in him least that's the rule of My house for all of My boys

Anonymous said...

I love it! Make him your meat dildo and keep him as loving as he is now. He is loving now, isn't he? Amazing how that is. Milk him, keep him mentally horny. This is where it gets very fun.