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Friday, April 30, 2010

Rubbed Raw, my thoughts

Just a quick response to "Rubbed Raw". If you haven't read it, that post by my husband, you need to understand this one.

Last night, I felt like really abusing his cock. Stroking it hard. From what I have done to him so far, I knew he couldn't cum but he kept trying to. It made me so horny to see him struggle and squirm like that. I didn't want anything for myself - I wanted the show of him struggling under my hand. It was amazing how hot he was getting. To touch any part of his body, he was on fire.

When we took the pictures, I saw how red he got. Tonight, I will let him out of the cage under my supervision to let his skin get better. With how hot he got last night, we will see if he can control himself or if I need to put him back in his cage. He knows to behave or he is back in the cage until that prescription skin creme comes.


Anonymous said...

if you want to be really mean, you can "lotion" him by rubbing some "icy hot" into his balls. i don't think he will complain or ask for lotion again.

Anonymous said...

I vote for teasing no cumming and serving you in all ways

Anonymous said...

For your birthday, rent a dungeon near LAX. Before that, make him take you to a gay bar and leave him at the bar a long time wearing something sexy and maybe have someone hit on him hard for you while you are away but watching. Do this for your own kicks.

If you want to get wild, read up on enemas. You can make him shoot a load without orgasm or get him drunk.

Have fun for you and play wih his head.