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    3 years ago

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Power over Men

Well, I am teasing him a lot these days. It was clear at about 8 days that his attitude was changing. By day 10, he is just the perfect husband. He calls to check on me during the day. He comes home for lunch. Doesn't go out with friends without checking with me first. This doesn't have anything to do with all of the teasing and him being caged, does it?

I really want him to stay just like this. Him being like this has me horny too. If the milking works as advertised, I may never let him cum the old fashioned way again. Especially if that creme we ordered works as the pharmacist says it will.

I found this nice picture of him before I had him remove all of the hair. The way I started was by having him shave down but keep some. That is this picture. Then it got shorter and shorter and one fun night, I shave his pubic hair and ass completely. Now, his chest and privates are clean. I think the legs and rest of him may be next. Mmmm.

I hope you all like the poll I made. I want to do all of them. He for some reason doesn't share the same excitement as me. He said he will not object to whatever I say to do. I know he is turned on. I tell him that if they all win, he will have to do them all. I might want to do them for a month as well. I need to think about that one.


Anonymous said...

This is getting juicy.

Leave him longing for you. Be a total cocktease.

Anonymous said...

I never tell them when they are actually going to get a cum ......I like the effect of them believing everytime that I might just allow it ....only to take it back away from them when I stop.

After a while of doing this ...for say 2 or so weeks ...then I like to give one of the boys multiple orgasms for days on end even got to cum 3 times a day , every single day for a whole week ....he was begging Me to let him stop cumming by the end was delightful

Lady Deviant

Anonymous said...

Don't fuck him without the numbing stuff. Keep him like this forever. Teach him to worship you. It sounds like that just started. Let it develop.

Anonymous said...

I was reading through your blog this morning and wanted to clarify something for you.
The reason I suggest eating his own cum is not necessarily kink related, though I do know it is for some , I also don't exactly turned on by it. I use it as another tool for changing the mindset of the boy. Having trained several that were totally new to the life I've always found it useful for pulling them out of that "I'm the man" place and more into "I'm Lady D's toy" mindset. It's the biggest taboo of all time for them and once you can get them to overcome that and let go of it , there's not limit to what they will do for you just to see you smile and get a pat on the head and a good boy.

I've had several that were very squeemish about it to start with so I started them very slowly .....mostly having them cum in My hand on My command .......then I would dip one finger in it and have them clean that finger ......after rinsing the rest off My other hand , have them lick that hand dry (there's always a few remanents) ......step by step I graduate them into it by placing bigger and bigger amounts of it on various areas of My body and having them clean it (of course they are always grateful for the opportunity to touch and lick Me anyway so that's an easy one) eventually ..........all of them end up taking to it and soon enough , turn into total sluts for it.

Lady Deviant