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    2 years ago

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another story from our past: Brazilian Waxing

Early on when we were dating, she wanted me to have my pubic area waxed. This was probably my first time learning that she did not like body hair. Given that I was at the gym 5x a week and the shower was communal, I was a tad hesitant. While teasing me, she told me to just shower at home then. Not a bad idea so long as I didn't work out at lunch. At you can expect, I didn't do it. That isn't true. If it was, this wouldn't be much of a posting. Yes, I went for it. The only proviso was that I had a few shots of Patron before we started. Fair enough, she said and up to the bedroom we went.

First thing was to trim down the unkempt yard known as my pubic hair. Next was to heat the wax and get the strips of cloth. The first bit of wax on me gave me a 2nd degree burn on my inner thigh. She told me not to be a baby. I was able to get her to cool it down but after a few tries, very little hair was coming up. She got it a little hotter and tried again. I had a few more shots as this hurt like hell. I was told that many women do this every month to stay smooth for their men. Given I was flinching too much, she tied my arms to the bed and sat on a leg. She was having fun. Over what seemed like 15 hours (not really), she proceeded to rip off all of the hair down there while I nearly finished the bottle. She proceeded to do my ass as well - an area heretofore used for only one purpose.

Once I was smooth and ultra sensitive there, she wanted to make love. Given that I had been in pain and drinking way too much, I passed out about ten minutes after she stopped. Amazingly, I wasn't too hung over the next day. Some water and aspirin when I came to in the middle of the night made the next morning fine. At this point, she began to play with her shiny clean new toy. I'd love to say that I performed like a brahma bull but the extra sensitive skin didn't allow for that. Fortunate for me, she doesn't need much time on the tower of power and rode the waves to ecstacy while I screamed in pleasure. So you know, I don't think of my manhood as a tower of power - more like a solid doubles hitter in baseball. Every now and then I go deep but the incessant teasing she does before we fool around really shortens my time on the field. I think my second time at bat is typically a better swing. The trick a better at bat and longer lasting fun is to go to the edge repeatedly and calm down. At least for me, eventually I get a good degree of control and can last for a very long time as long as I am on my back. This has been harder recently given that I don't orgasm as often as I used to. She still edges me ruthlessly before we fool around. The challenge now is that I am already in an advanced state of horniness and very sensitive from the lack of stimulation or even full erection prior to the action. I suppose the difference for her is that she likes manual and oral stimulation now more than in the past. She also likes the control that she exerts over me and find that to be a powerful aphrodisiac.


George said...

Thanks for the update, it's interesting reading how your coping while your wife/mistress is away.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This has been a (scary) fantasy of mine. I like the Patron part, though, lol! I can imagine it and...whoa. Maybe someday Wife will make me experience this type of pain... Thanks!