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    3 years ago

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Time to Tease

With some time alone this week, it is time to tease.  Yesterday, I kept him on edge for a long time before I had him turn his attentions to me.  I love seeing him squirm.  He was in that condition very quickly.  If you go to his side of the blogs, you will see that he described it well.  After thinking about this a bit, I think it is better to tease him a lot this week and give him one big orgasm before I leave.  When he cums, his focus changes.  Plus, he so seems to enjoy all of my touches - this gives him more.

I will be doing it again shortly and will give more updates later today.  I told him that he has four more days of heavy edging and teasing.  He suggested that he would be okay with a few orgasms but didn't beg.  I think he is learning that it is what I want when it comes to my cock.


ALL HERS said...

If you really want to add to your great teasing and denial sessions, you could allow him to enter you for 5 to 10 strokes. Of course a stern warning about cumming without permission should precede it. My wife allows me this privledge if my behavior has been excellent, maybe about every 2 weeks. I must wait a minimum of 6 weeks to cum, she feels that 10 times or less a year is more than enough for men. The extreme feeling of horniness and wanting to cum so bad is much more intense than when she rubs me. Having to take it out when I feel I may explode or after she has allowed me 6 strokes is the ultimate tease.
And knowing that I still have a month or so locked up before she will allow me any release is so frustrating.

It seems like the two of you have your WLM established again. Good for the both of you.

Thanks for all of your updates.

Anonymous said...

That happened today. I will write it up this evening when I have some time.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think that you hould tease him up to the day you leave(included)and then just before he is about to cum stop an tell him he has to wait until you get back from your mothers.
Sir John