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    2 years ago

Monday, July 26, 2010

Wife Back Tuesday night

She will be back here Tuesday night. I go to get her later today from a relatives about five hours away. Hopefully, she will post a better update here Wednesday. I also hope that our child has a sleepover straight away so that we can have some good time together. This is the longest continuous period that I have been locked away and one of the longest periods without an orgasm ever. I know a number of you will say that 2 weeks is nothing and that this is good training for me while others will be amazed that a guy can allow himself to be locked up like this when alone for two weeks. Bottom line to this is that it brings my wife and I closer and distracts from daily challenges such as me looking for a new job or her dealing with spending problems. It gets us out of the rut of everyday life and challenges. The question to me is where this will all lead as the current challenges go away as we know that they will.


Anonymous said...

Yes, two weeks alone caged sounds rough to me, but I'm understanding it better as I learn. Your productivity, and closeness to your Wife, are amazing benefits. Good luck tomorrow!!

BTJ/JJ said...

Rather than to pressure your wife to allow you an orgasm when she returns home, you should consider asking her to make you wait another two weeks or more. The feeling of submissiveness building up and only wanting to please her is well worth the wait. You are there already having been locked up two weeks, now you could go further than you ever have before. For us submissive guys in WLM's nothing is better than being so horny, having your wife tease you bringing you to the edge, and then leaving you there. Back on goes the cb 6000 until she decides it is time for some more playtime for her. You are probably so horny now especially with your lovely wife having beem away for two weeks.

Now give her the ultimate gift, she can wait as long as she wants to grant you the privledge of cumming. My wife and I live this lifestyle, and although I get so horny it is so frustrating, the orgasm I eventually do receive after six weeks or longer is beyond belief. Plus my submissive feelings grow more intense day after day. She loves it!! And truthfully, I do too!!