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Sunday, July 11, 2010

His Rules for Behavior while I am Away

These are the rules that he will be following for the 17 days that I am away:

1) To remain in the CB-6000 chastity cage the entire time
2) To remain naked in the house at all times
3) To wear minimum clothing when outside
4) Always shower before bed
5) Always sleep without covers
6) Exercise as much as possible
7) Work hard at finding a job
8) Maintain a healthy diet with no alcohol
9) Email me each day with what he did that day
10) Work on the house and yard when possible
11) Day to day things like paying bills, cleaning house, etc.
12) Keep body cleanly shaven of hair
13) Wear a buttplug for at least an hour a day
14) Write something erotic on the blog every day or two
15) Keep video stream open to selected surrogates while I am away

I will have him post for me in my absence.  You are always welcomed to email me at  


Miss Christina said...

Enjoy your trip...hope you have fun and travel safely.

And...btw, I would have made him sleep with the covers on since you noted that he normally sleeps with them off. Behavior modification is very powerful and I guarantee he would be very focused on you while being covered, preferring not to be. But the rules are very nice as they are too.

I wanted to comment earlier this week but just couldn't until Sam and I figured out what to post on our blog.

KeyholderWife said...

Given he will be naked, I think he would use them for modesty.

Black Chicks Rule said...

Did she give you those rules? Or did you add a few? hmmmmm...."work on the house and yard whenever possible". that is hilarious. i hope the hedges where trimmed and the laundry folded by the time she returned. :-)