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    3 years ago

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting Ready for Time Away

As I have shared with you, I will be out of town for nearly three weeks beginning Monday.  My husband will be left alone for that time.  I need to set his rules of behavior while I am away.  So you know, the same constraints are placed on me for finances.  My trip using tickets purchased months ago should save money as I am staying with my mother.

My number one thing is having him in the chastity cage while I am not there.  That is not negotiable.  A few of you have suggested that he stay naked while away.  I like that idea for a few reasons.  First, it is the summer and very hot here.  That means that the air conditioning doesn't need to be on as much or at as low a temperature.  Where we live, it needs to be on almost constantly in the summer.  With him without clothes, we will spend less on electricity.  This is also good as many of you tell me that subs should be naked as much as possible.  With a child in the house, that is not possible.  As you see from the poll, I think only shorts when working on the house is good too.  The fewer clothes he wears, the less to clean.  The less to clean, the less electricity used.  This always reinforces his sub status.  I think exercise is good too as he can get his weight back to where he is happy with himself.

What else?  Obviously, he needs to do the day-to-day things like work on the house, get the taxes done, interview for work - that is the most important but that will be what it will be.  What else can you think of that should be added to his time alone?  This coming weekend, I will post our Rules of Behavior while we are apart.  Some may be what he eats or drinks.  Any ideas are appreciated.


Aberrant Goddess said...

He should suffer with your absence. You might have him email you about a sexual adventure he would like to have with you. Have him be as specific as possible. That should get him quite horny but you are not there take away his sexaul tension.

When you return, he will be even more devoted to you. He may be begging for just some attention from you. Maybe you will give him some attention, but maybe you will not. Keep him on the edge for even more thorough control of him.

Aberrant Goddess

widgets said...

Hi, I just read your posting and think you are 101% correct leaving him in chastity. Also nude inside the house is a boy's dream. He should wear panties & shorts in the house as well as outside, and don't forget his nightie. Also he should have to do a detailed sex adventure story for you at least twice a week and e-post it to you. Upon arrival home: you will expect a good feast served by your naked hairless (below the neck) chaste slave who will be required to service you. My house bitch (husband) is expected to do this weekly.
Also he should be cleaned internally by you as I do aj weekly because he is fos without this and I do not want that from him. A soapy, and a lemon juice enema does the trick: diaper position first and then cheeks waving in the air and don't dry as this itches the hell out of him.

All Hers Wife said...

For the 3 weeks he should have a list of jobs to get done, many of them very menial such as take out ALL rocks out of every flower bed, even the very smallest ones. Scrubbing shower tiles and grout is another idea, where you should see immediate results when you arrive home. Think of as many as these as possible and add them onto his list. I had my husband remove all of the rocks down to the littlest pebble in each of our large flower beds. I then had him hoe up all of the dirt and had him begin again. Took him 2 days.

Also, remaing naked in the house would be a nice touch, although I don't see how you can enforce that. Does he wear only panties? My husband does and actually loves it now. As a punishment I take away his panties and have him wear only male underwear for a few weeks. He hates that. So make sure he wears only his panties, he will think of you more often. Remove any male underwear.

Also, don't let him cum the day you arrive home. Let him wait it out and let the tension build. Taking him out of chastity for a supervised hour or so with you stimulating him during that time would be best. Keep him guessing. Make him wait another week or 2, he will be putty in your hands. Never let him think a sure thing is awaiting.