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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ideas for Rules of Behavior

This is just a quick list of things that I'm considering for while I am away from my husband.   Many of these have been suggested by you. Feel free to add suggestions:

1) Chastity cage
2) Naked in house
3) Minimum clothing outside
4) Shower before bed
5) Sleep without covers
6) Webcam and person monitoring him
7) Ankle cuffs to slow his movements
8) He should tie himself to the bed at night
9) Yardwork and home improvement
10) Exercise
11) Diet
12) Email to me each day with detail as to what he did
13) Write something erotica on the blog every day or two to keep him hornier
14) Keep body shaved and clean
15) Buttplug for at least an hour a day
16) Wear collar in house
17) Day to day things like job search, pay bills, etc.

I'm not saying that I am or am not doing all of this.  Well, you know I am doing some.  The first five are certain.  He already sleeps without covers but does wear bed clothes because of our child.  Anyhow, I  thought that I would list the ideas here to share as ideas come in.  This weekend, I will set the final Rules of Behavior and assign him the 'monitors'.

Since I will not have a computer with me all of the time, I will probably have him keep this blog fresh for me so that this doesn't get stale as it did when we were having our biggest problems.  Maybe this is a good time to have him share our early stories doing things at the beginning of our relationship.  Those are very erotic.  I can always dictate to him over the phone and have him write it up.  I often have him clean up my blogs as he is the better writing editor.  I also like the pictures he finds.  This slave auction painting is a great example.   Anyhow, enough for now.  New pictures of us soon, I hope.


widgets said...

I like your ideas of: naked around the house, kept in chastity cage, sleeping nude, and writing erotic stories about your beginnings and F/m stories for your blog.

Mistress L's Servant said...

Your list is very nice. My Wife has left similar lists of expectations for me as well. I am not sure if you require your servant husband to clean your shoes or sandals, but perhaps have him lick clean 2 or 3 pairs of shoes/flip flops daily tops and bottoms. My wife has me do this daily for her.
servant rob

JTT said...

Your list looks complete. After tonight he should wait a very long time for his next orgasm. Remember the rule of 10. 10 times a year (or less) is the number of times that a wife may allow her husband the privledge of cumming. More than that he looses interest because he is not horny, or anticipating his next orgasm many weeks away.

Have a safe and fun trip.

thepoolboy said...

Here's some suggestions for improving your list of rules.

- Anal Training (Anal Dilation)
- Daily butt plug wear
- Increasing sizes of plugs or dildos
- Wearing a plug in public
- Wearing a plug overnight
- Locked in with a locking anal plug harness
- 2-inch (or more) diameter plug final goal
- Anal fisting
- Using his fist
- Using your fist
- Using both of his fists
- Using both of your fists
- Enemas
- Cleansing prior to other training
- For retention/punishment
- Using soap/water
- Other liquids
- Chastity Training
- Comes only on your command
- Wears chastity device 24x7
- Erotic exercise
- Exercise in nude
- Wearing butt plug
- Whip/crop for encouragement
- Wearing weighted clamps
- Wearing weighted ball stretcher
- Body Modification
- Piercings
- Prince Albert Piercing
- Frenum Piercing
- Guiche Piercing
- Tongue stud
- Belly button
- Nipple rings
- Anal Dilation
- Anal 2-inch diameter with no effort (see anal training)
- Scrotum Stretching
- Parachute Harness
- Increasing Weights
- Increasing Durations
- Restrain using harness
- Regular Wear
- Collars
- Increasing Weight
- Increasing Sizes
- Regular Wear
- Daily Wear
- Personality Modification
- Choose your ideal behavior
- "Torture"
- Nipple
- clamps
- clothespins
- clover clamps
- weights
- Genital
- clamps
- clothespins
- clover clamps
- weights
- Anal
- Spanking
- Stretching
- Irritants
- Fluids
- Must consume all his own precum no matter what
- Must consume all his own cum no matter what
- Must clean your pussy or ass after any sex
- Make him drink your urine
- Make him drink his own urine
- Journaling/blogging
- Make him keep a journal on the web
- Share all his training experiences
- Pictures of his training
- Videos of his training