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    3 years ago

Thursday, July 15, 2010

While She Travels, a story from our dating years.

My Wife wanted you all to know that her trip is going fine although the weather has been awful.

Since she wanted me to keep you all entertained, talking about what I've been doing around the house doesn't do it. It is better to talk about things that we did early in our relationship.

One was where I built a very simple medieval torture/stretching rack. Anyone can do it for almost no money. It meant securing an O ring to a stud at floor level on one side of the room. On the other side were two other O rings. The legs were put in ankle cuffs that were each attached to their own O ring. On the other side was an old broom handle with wrist cuffs attached. That was done by drilling holes and lacing the cuff straps through those holes. The broom handle was attached to the singular O ring by one of those latches that tightens down boat riggings, tarps etc. You click it tighter and tighter to secure the tarp. This was best as a simple click releases the tension in less than a second.

With the stretcher built, she put me in it with a yoga mat under me as they were wood floors. Once I was pretty much immobilized, she started to tease me. As I could still move some, she clicked it a little tighter. She did this until I really couldn't move teasing and tightening away. At that point, she got out a candle and raised it high enough not to burn me but to make me jump from the splat of wax. The thing was that I couldn't jump. All I could do was try and tense. As she started this, I could begin to feel some pain in my joints from being stretched. She continued to cover my cock, balls and nipples with wax. She then dripped it up and down my stomach. The pain in my joints continued to grow while my privates felt the wax less and less as layers of wax built up. At this point, the stretching session was over and she released me. I'm guessing that the total time of the session was 30-45 minutes.

During her time away, I will try and recount other interesting experiences that some of you might find interesting or want to try and replicate.

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