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    3 years ago

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Answer "All Hers" questions

I thought I'd answer some of All Hers questions here:

1. How did you begin your WLM, whose idea was it?
A: It started at the suggestion of my husband.  At first I thought it was a bit of a game but as I got into it, I found that I craved the control that he was willing to give me.  Now I feel so much better knowing that he cannot cheat on me in any way whatsoever without me around.  I think some of my spending problems come from a feeling of inadequacy as I wasn't getting much attention from him.  Now, we are learning to be closer as a couple.

2.Is it full time, or are there high and lows to it?
A: We lead a normal life.  He asks for more permissions to do different things.  Like going out for drinks with friends or going to the gym.  The highs are when we are together and I am tormenting him, teasing him more and more.  I would say the lows don't relate to the WLM or chastity thing - it is regular life.

3. How do you maintain a WLM when there are children around? Also, like us, when the children have moved on, how does the WLM take on a whole new aspect, basically 24/7?
A: We sneak a moment here or there.  In general, his being in the cage keeps him focused and horny.  For me, it is a bit tougher with the past issues to deal with as well as my child.  

4.What is the last thing you did to really annoy your wife? What did she do about it?
A: As he is typing this up for me, he can answer that here.  When she was away for a few weeks, I didn't take care of the house enough.  As a result, when she got back it took three days for her to get the house back to the condition she likes.  My penalty was to have the chastity extended by over two weeks to 32 days before I got to orgasm

5. Does your wife have to punish you frequently? Or seldom? 
A: Not a lot of punishment.  

6. What are the ways your wife punishes you when she wants to correct unacceptable behavior?
A: Leaving me in the cage or not giving me sexual stimulation.

7. How long does she keep you without orgasms? Does she T & D you often?
A: That is all documented here on my blog.  

8. Do you wear a chastity device or are you on the honor system?
A: The chastity device primarily although some honor system.

9. Do you do all of the housework?
A: No.  She does most.

10. How do you pamper your wife on a daily basis?
A: Some footrubs.  Primarily it is however she asks.

11. Does your wife require you to wear panties sometimes or 24/7?
A: No.

12. Do you have slave days?
A: Not very often, no.

13. Are you more of a slave to your wife than husband?
A: Husband and father first.

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Thank you for posting these, much appreciated here.