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    2 years ago

Saturday, August 7, 2010

First Meeting with another Couple

Met the nicest couple over lunch today.  Before that, I never met a FemDom couple before.   On the outside you would never know.  That is the same with us.  They have far more experience.  That means that they do things that I am just not ready for.  I don't think I could play with another couple yet, no matter how much I like them.  Maybe that will change over time, I just don't know.  My husband made a good point that we have done more since February than I ever thought we would.  Back then, I thought the cage was just a toy for fun.  Now, I see it as something I really like.  I control his orgasms and love how it makes him more attention toward me.  So I guess we grow over time.

I'm not sure what else to say here.  I don't want to tell the conversation.  I do think that if they are friends, I will learn more and have people in my life who I can be open with and talk to about things.  We might be too new at this for them, you never know because they could want something I can't do.  Time will tell.


Suzanne said...

Move at the pace that is comfortable for the both of you when it comes to dealing with other couples. Their experience in the lifestyle, regardless of how many years, encompasses what worked for them. Make sure it is right for you...good luck.

Anonymous said...

We couldn't agree more, no need to share.

JT'S HUB said...

Reading your husband's latest blog, it seems that he is begging to be let out of his CD and be allowed to cum. Keep him there for a long time. Isn't his behavior getting better. Wait until you see how weel he behaves after two months.

You may want to set a new rule. No begging, whinning, asking, complaining, or stating how horny he is to you and how much he wants to cum. You already know that. My wife and I follow that rule and she is so much happier she doesn't have to hear me whine about how bad I want to cum. If I do say that, two additional weeks are added.

She says she is the one who decides when I have earned the privledge of an orgasm, not me. And she does not want to hear about what she already knows, hence, I am not allowed to ask. Makes her life easier. Try it.

spankedbywife said...

Meeting another couple can be something magickal. Its a great opportunity to share things, determine similarities and differences and become exposed to new ideas.

We have been getting to know another couple over the past two months and just hosted them for the third time yesterday.

Whether on not you will 'play' with another couple gets complex as it involves the decisions of four people. But over time, you will be able to determine what interactions are comfortable. I know that soon, we will be 'playing' with the couple we have met as there is a very special 'energy' between the four of us.

Just go forward as you feel comfortable.