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    2 years ago

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Relaxing Afternoon

Did a good job this afternoon.  He gave me a wonderful massage of my legs and two orgasms that just helped me relax so much.  He will write all the details on his side of the blog.  He seemed to think that I would reciprocate but he is forgetting who is in charge here.  Just because we have time alone doesn't meant that he gets teased.  Being allowed to touch me is tease enough for right now.  Later, who knows. 

Afterwards, I was happy to shave all that disgusting hair off of him.  Why men don't remove hair like women I don't understand.  It traps odors in the summer and doesn't look as good as a hairless body.  


ALL HERS said...

Nice day for you, just as you deserve. My wife and I have many days like that, I massage her and wait on her all day. I prepare dinner. In the evening as she prepares to disrobe and put on her little see thru nightie, she tells me to turn around so that I don't get to see her tits. I may not get teased. She says that a nice day like this should not be the exception.

I must please my wife many times to have a full look at her topless or naked. If I am going to massage her before sleep she will lay on her stomach, and then put the nightie on before she flips over. To massage her from that point on, I must only have my hands under her nightie rubbing her tits. Maybe every 2 weeks I am allowed a privledge of a full look. She gets alot of orgasms, I get to wait at least 2 months for my mine. But you know what, life together is wonderful and I wouldn't want anything different!

ALL HERS said...

Regarding you previous post where you want to tie your husband up in your closet. If it is a walk in closet like we have it is so easy. I secured a eye bolt into the ceiling making sure that I fastened it into the beam at least one inch. I painted it white to blend. Next, I fastened a cleat(similar to a cleat you would use to secure a boat to a dock, naturally though only 3 inches) onto the door molding inside the closet.

My wife stands on a stepstool and passes one end of 1/2 inch nylon rope through the eyebolt allowing it to hang down several feet. I am told to strip completely. Then she ties my wrists together with this section of rope. After I am secured she pulls the rope through the eyebolt lifting my arms and hands high, as well as my heels off the floor. Then when I am at the desired height, she wraps the rope around the cleat and leaves me. I may not speak. She will come in often and check me as well as raise or lower the rope. It is so easy for her, no knots to untie, just unwrap the cleat. After 2 hours or so she will come in with a coffee can and allow me to pee. This is a punishment she uses for when she thinks I have given her a sarcastic answer or have had sharpness to my tone of voice. I may stay there for 3 to 4hours a day, and she has tied me for parts of 3 days to prove a point who is in charge.

sissyserge said...

I completely agree on the shaving Mistress! All men (submissive ones especially) should be just as smooth as the beautiful Women they worship !!