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    2 years ago

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Except when we want it, do men need to be let out of their cages?

I'm posting this here for those of you who do not read my husband's blog.  His post proves that men do not need to be let out of chastity cages regularly or be allowed to orgasm unless we want it.  I would like to hear from he whiny men who disagree as I think it is just that - whining.  Here is what he wrote:

"Yesterday, after I peed, I waited for a few seconds and then decided to give it a little push to clear the extra fullness.   I then pushed out a long stream of a thicker white fluid.  I pushed again and another stream came out.  A few hours later, I did this again and a much smaller amount came out.   I seem to have "cleared" the amount of semen or ejaculate that one would normally have from an orgasm.  After I was done, the fullness on the prostate was gone.  There was no pleasure to this - it seemed to be a physical need to relieve my body of this build-up.  It was similar to the effects of a milking without any physical pleasure or pain. 

I've read up on this and it seems to be a natural way that the body deals with extra seminal fluid.  When you pee, it puts pressure on the prostate with the end result in some cases being that it essentially forces the prostate to clear.

All of this seems to remove two fallacies from a lot of posts on male chastity and chastity devices: 1) Men do not need to orgasm every so often - the body will resolve this one way or the other on its own; 2) The chastity device does not need to come off for cleaning - at least the CB-x000 series doesn't need it.  I can clean just fine with it on.  Liquid soap and make-up removal pads with a cotton swap do a very good job at cleaning everything."

Somebody explain to me why we need to let them out except for when we want to?  What is the real need?


Jonathan said...

Isn't it a bit silly to assume all devices, men, women and relationships are equal? Of course it depends on the particular device, the particular submissive's physical and psychological makeup, the sub's particular desires and motivations, the dominant partners's particular desires and motivations, the particular relationship and the particular agreements and contracts which established the chastity regime in the first place. If all those factors are organized and arranged exactly correctly and goals and beligs are aligned perfectly, indeed there may not be any compelling requirement to remove the chastity device.

However, some other devices, especially steel ones, may need to be removed for such purposes as easing hygiene, relief of pressure points, adjustment of fit, and generally reassuring that everything inside is in as serviceable a condition as the relationship calls for. Some factors in health histories might suggest a reduced risk for issues later in life if one empties/flushes the storage tanks more often than they naturally overflow, but this is a controversial topic in need of proper clinical research.

Also, some subs just aren't on board with strict solitary confinement or a never-touch situation and won't willingly participate in one, or may after some time under such a regime find it a lot to handle. In those cases, there is a certain risk to the relationship in not providing some sort of periodic time out of the chastity, however brief, however otherwise restrained and/or supervised, and with due attention and efforts paid to preventing that time-out from rewarding bad behavior.

KeyholderWife said...

Jonathan, I understand your points. If you look around the internet though, our experiences are different than most of what is out there. It is as though everyone copied from the same article. We are just putting out an alternative view. Also, we only referred to the CB series.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a good question. In a D/s relationship, communication is really important. As long as you are responsible and consider his health, hygiene, and safety, and you have both agreed to this relationship, whatever you decide is what should work for you. I'd say continue reading up about prostate health and allow him the chance to share his concerns and needs, then decide for yourself what is best. My partner and I incorporate a chastity device into our relationship and she decides when the device comes off. I am thankful that she enjoys full intercourse and access to what she considers "hers", and I do not complain about being locked up when she is attending to other needs. What is important to me is that I please her.

BTT said...

Men do not have to cum as much as they say they do. We want to because it feels very good and pleasurable. When your wife practices orgasm management and limits the times that you can cum, each one becomes so important and the build up to it is incredible. It has been stated that the body will take care of itself when it builds up too much semen and release it, usually in a wet dream. Your husband is able to release it after awhile through normal urination, so that's another way.

So your answer is that a husband can go a very long time without cumming. I myself have gone 10 weeks and my wife keeps threatening me that she would like to see me like Christmas, which only comes once a year. I know that she will do it some year since she keeps bringing it up asking me if I could even last that long without a wet dream. (She doesn't like the idea of a wet dream, even though it is involuntary she feels that I still have some sort of control over it).

It has been stated on some sites that a man becomes very frustrated and can actually become cranky when he goes for over 4 months without cumming. Which leads a wife to make her husband wait longer, as mine does, for bad behavior.

Best thing we have seen written as these words, "a horny husband is a good husband".

ritemate said...

From a medical standpoint, I absolutely agree that there is no need for a man to have regular orgasms. In my search for scientific evidence, I’ve only come across a few articles to support my view, but I’ve found nothing that contradicts it. There is information about these articles in my blog if you’re interested.
Physiologically however, if your aim is to avoid congestive problems, it might be wise to increase the period between orgasms gradually. When you’ve been able to make your husband wait a few months between orgasms, you’ve probably reached a point where orgasms aren’t needed at all when you consider prostate health.
There may however be other reasons for allowing a man an orgasm, like
a) Breeding.
b) Incentive. A chaste man may be more attentive and malleable if he thinks there is even the slightest chance he may be allowed to ejaculate.
c) Entertainment. Some women find it amusing to watch a man masturbate to orgasm.

Anonymous said...

I dont really see that there is a health risk. I have noticed , even without being in a device, that if I am aroused and do not cum the next time I pee I release the "dead sperm" as i call them during urination.