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Monday, August 16, 2010

I Have a Question for You

Throwing a question out to you...what would you like more of on my blog?  Any particular pictures or things to read?  Maybe a 'question and answer' forum?  Please share and I will try and work it in.  I want this to be as interesting and entertaining as it can be.

Also, if there are things that you really think I should do personally or with my husband, I would like to hear that too.  Remember while I'm kinky and like control, I'm also new to most of this.  


ALL HERS said...

Regarding your request as to what we would like to see on your blog, there are some ideas my wife and I came up with. I do enjoy the pictures, she is remaining neutral. Your blog is put together very well, always interesting, and you add the question section as well as the how many days since his last orgasm. Interesting.

Since you asked, we feel that some interaction with other WLM couples would be beneficial. Just as you had your meeting last weekend with another couple to exchange ideas. Questions you could ask your readers once or twice a month would be:
1. How did you begin your WLM, whose idea was it?
2.Is it full time, or are there high and lows to it?
3. How do you maintain a WLM when there are children around? Also, like us, when the children have moved on, how does the WLM take on a whole new aspect, basically 24/7?
4.What is the last thing you did to really annoy your wife? What did she do about it?
5. Does your wife have to punish you frequently? Or seldom?
6. What are the ways your wife punishes you when she wants to correct unacceptable behavior?
7. How long does she keep you without orgasms? Does she T & D you often?
8. Do you wear a chastity device or are you on the honor system?
9. Do you do all of the housework?
10. How do you pamper your wife on a daily basis?
11. Does your wife require you to wear panties sometimes or 24/7?
12. Do you have slave days?
13. Are you more of a slave to your wife than husband?

We hope this starts some interest and others also comment.

Thanks again for the time you put into your blog and the effort.

KeyholderWife said...

Good ideas...I will have my husband update the blog space to make that all possible.

Anonymous said...

Please don't take this the wrong way, but I would like to see fewer questions about how to dominate your husband and would instead enjoy more commentary and discussion from your perspective about the process and experiences of being the dominant partner to your husband. Yes you are new to this but readers also enjoy hearing your thoughts about what you are learning and experiencing. I have been following your blogs for some time, but the constant posing of questions about what you should do gets old.

What is going through your mind? How is this relationship working? How is you getting past the major traumatic and emotionally trying experience you both endured due to secretly amassing debt? You had this major event in your life and then blammo, it's as though it never happened and nothing skipped a beat. That doesn't seem real. How are you dealing with dominating someone who deep down distrusts you?

The reality of your relationship is more important to me anyway than anything you might do to him.

KeyholderWife said...

That is a good question...I didn't think people wanted to hear about that. Also, that is one that is hard for me to discuss. If you do want to hear about that, I will share more.

MTT said...

Well it seems that there is no shortage of questions to ask your readers. Instead of listing the answers, perhaps you could pose the question and let your readers respond in detail the way they maintain their WLM. Use one question at a time. The interaction with other couples would be beneficial.

One question I would like you to ask is, "how many orgasms should a wife allow her husband to have in a one year period." There are many well known sites that state that 10 or less orgasms is more than enough for any man per year. It may depend on age, men in their 30's may need 12 to 15, while men late forty and above fall into the 10 or less rule. My wife says that " a husband is best if kept very horny for very long periods of time." Hence I am allowed her privledge of orgasm less than 10 times per year, usually around 6 times. Would love to hear about what others do. She still will not increase mine she said, no matter what others state.

KeyholderWife said...

Thanks, MTT...good question.