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    2 years ago

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Morning Surprise

I had a nice surprise this morning when my husband woke me up.  He gave me a nice clitoral orgasm.  It left me too sensitive for any other play.  Hopefully, he will go to bed early and be able to do the same thing or more tonight.  It is clear that he shows more attention the longer he is in the cage.  For anyone wondering, read back over the blogs. 

Thank you to everyone reading this blog.  The stat counter is showing that the last few days have been the most ever at over 1,000 views per day.  I never thought people would find our lives that interesting.  I feel that I owe those who are interested more if that is what they want.  Drop a note or post a comment and I will try to increase or expand what we put on here.  As I've mentioned before, there will be more pictures once our child is back in school.  I remain interested in trying things that are suggested here.  So far, many if not most have been been good ideas. 

1 comment:

Vanessa Chaland said...

Thats the best way to wake up,,,ever. :)