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    3 years ago

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Contract Extended One Year

It was so nice of my husband to extend his contract to me through Valentine's Day 2012. He did this so that I'd milk his cock during the day today instead of waiting until tonight or tomorrow. I would assume that means that we will be keeping these blogs fresh through then too. I had him post the proposed contract extension so that I might get good ideas from my friends on here. I have gotten some great advice on here that I hope will relate to this.

Read his blog entry for his first milking. I expect that we will be doing more of these. His prostate got the relief it so desperately needed yet he remains nice and pliably horny. Once that Emla creme arrives, I can really have some fun with him. I like him in this state of attention toward me and if it means that I can't have him in me for a few days, then it must be this way.

Pictures of my feet with his cock and my favorite shoes will be done this weekend. I had a nice pedicure Friday and I feel ready to do it.


Miss Christina said...

I must admit, fucking brilliantly done! You Rock.

It is always a most wonderful accomplishment to bring a submissive to the point of begging for what they are dreading on one hand, but excited about on the other. You couldn't have prepared him any better for that milking than you did by bringing him to the point where he begged you to do, offered you something so big, just to get that tiniest bit of relief from you. This is priceless.

And clearly he NEEDS this. He needs to be used by you and he needs to be in this state of perpetual need for you. He needs it and that is very clear because the one thing he offered you was even longer to have this control over him.

Very well done. And you could keep him in this state for months like this if you chose. It really all depends on how often YOU want him to feel total pleasure...or not.

Miss Christina said...

Oh and one more thing...I hope you really LOVED that begging. I know as a Mistress, when I can bring my slut to the point of begging for something like that, I love it. I have a great satisfaction in it!

Anonymous said...

The way you orchestrated the milking is the exact same way that you should get him to recycle his cum. You are doing it for the mind control that act causes. If you like him now just wait until he has to consume what he expels. The rush you will feel will be worth it. Try it for one month at least.

Love the shoes. More please.

Anonymous said...

I love how fast you two are developing. Ideas for you: have him give you control of all finances; have him text you from work for approval before he uses a bathroom; approvals for what he eats at lunch; keep an exercise and weight log; eliminate privacy while in shower or using toilet.

I completely agree with the others, make him recycle his orgasms. Also stretch his ass with a small flexible butt plg at work and to bed. Have him then go bigger and bigger on the plugs.