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    2 years ago

Sunday, September 5, 2010


My husband broke down and got an iPhone yesterday replacing his Blackberry.  Not only does it save us $300/year, I like it as there is an app where I can tell where he is at all times.  As soon as he is working again, I want that for our child too.

I wrenched my back yesterday working around the house.  I'm taking it easy the next few days to try and have it feel better.  My husband timidly asked me if he could have the cage off for a few days.  Is he kidding?  I told him it was more likely that I was going to leave it on for as long as the time people are saying on the vote.  By the way, it seems that the vote on what kind of orgasm he had doesn't interest you.  I can understand why - it doesn't really matter.  If there is a poll that you want me to serve up, please tell me and I will think about it.

With his cock all locked up, are there any pictures that people are interested in?  I think one with him having an orgasm may be a while in happening.

It was suggested by a Femdom friend that I get a dildo so that I don't need to use his cock like I did the other day.  She also suggested a dildo that goes on his chin while his mouth is available to kiss me down there.  I like those suggestions.  Even on a tight budget, those seem like things we need.  I can't trust the chastity cage to keep him from cumming so we need to do other things to reduce the chance.  I have begun thinking about the perfect chastity cage.  If we could design it and it was more secure than the CB-6000, but just as easy to wear, people would buy it right?  I don't see how the metal ones are any more secure than the plastic one.  They can slip out the back in all of them.  I'm not excited about a piercing and I need to wonder, what happens when the men get small?  The piercing must get pulled on very hard.  That doesn't seem good.  I think the trick is finding something that holds onto the shaft so that pulling out is impossible.  At the same time, it needs to be hygenic.  Those waist belt things that cover the whole area seem impractical for long-term use as they would be tough to keep clean, you can't exercise in them and with a child in the house, would invite too many questions.  The CB-6000 is small enough that no one needs to know of it.


maidkimmie said...

Hello Ma'am,
I must admit I don't have any real experience with chastity devices. I did have a PA piercing, however, and it wasn't that big of a deal. Sure, it hurt for a bit, and peeing was uncomfortable for the first day, but after that, it was easy. I imagine the penis will stretch out easily if the PA ring were locked into the end of the CB 6000. I would give that a try before I gave up on the CB.

mikecb said...

I've modified my cb3000 by shortening it, and secure it with a cable through the end of the ring in my PA piercing. It's quite secure and comfortable. Until I shortened the tube, the piercing was pulled on when I shrunk to minimum size and it was quite uncomfortable.

subtlyhers said...

We have the dildo that straps to the chin, it works well and is fairly inexpensive.

This is the one we have:

rohosub said...

Thak you very much for your nice blog. I just wanted to let you know about a nifty little piece of plastic that makes pullout of the CB3K or CB6K impossible. I should know this very well because my wife got me one when she found out I had been cheating the device. You'll find more info here:


Paul said...

My CB-6000 has slipped off inadvertantly twice. I found a good fix on a chastity forum. Take one of those 'stretchy' cock ring things (or, a simple rubber band will also do, but it doesn't look as nice) and just prior to putting the cage on, slip it around the cock shaft and on top of the middle (locking) pin on the ring portion. I can't pull out when it is in this configuration. The ring/rubber band maintains an increasing pressure as you try to pull away and it sure doesn't seem like it would feel good to keep going... so I stop. I don't think this is defeatable.
I have only pulled out inadvertantly while I was still trying to figure out ring sizes and such. When I'm locked, I have no desire to "cheat".
A peircing just seem so drastic to me.

KeyholderWife said...

Paul, that is a great idea, thank you.

ChastityDevice said...

I love cb6000 too

Tim said...

Depending on how he's built the KSD-G3 might not work at all. I know that for me, the KSD-G3 does not prevent "pull out," even after modifying/customizing it as suggested by KeptForHer.

I would not discount a PA piercing. Please take a look at DenyingThumper's blog -- he has a very nifty solution for securing the piercing without stressing it.