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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Diet and Taking More Control

Sorry to have been quiet for a few days.  Not a lot going on in advance of Valentine's Day and our anniversary a few days later.  Main thing has been getting these diets off the ground.  While I started a week after him, I am only a few pounds behind him in weight loss.  I talked things over with him this morning and we agreed that his ideal weight should be 175 pounds.  That means it will be closer to 40 pounds that he is losing.  Once that is done, we will get into firming our bodies and getting into the best shape possible.  I also had a friend who is a doctor look at him last night and I'm thinking that he will have a few small procedures to keep wrinkles or saggy skin on his face tight.  I've enjoyed controlling his diet and expect to keep it that way in the future.   Some of this is because I am making these decisions.  Other parts are for him to be in fighting shape in his new job so that he can rise way above the people who got rid of him a few months ago.  They are all losing their jobs and looking awful so I think the best thing we can do is project happiness, fitness and strength while they are a bunch of overweight and bloated greedy a**holes set to receive what they deserve after years of selfishness.

On nicer things, if I touch him he is in heaven.   It can be as simple as caressing his stomach or kissing him.  I think that means that he is about where I wanted him going into this special week for us.  I have at least one day totally alone with him where we will be busy if you know what I mean.  For you, this means a few pictures too finally.  I really apologize for the delay on this but there have been no good chances to do what I have promised.

For the rest of today - Grammy red carpet! 

Here is a song I like that is popular in the Middle East by Natasha Atlas.  I found her on the Buddha Bar CDs.  This song is telling people to stop the fighting.  Hopefully, a new day is happening in the Middle East. 


Anonymous said...

MMMmmm, great to imagine his reaction when You touch him now. :)
Your taking control of his diet obviously is benefiting him.
And when his old bosses see him, that will be icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...

Good for you. Control is so important in a femdom relationship - my view, anyway. :) Congratulations on his great progress on the diet, and kudos to you for lookoing after his health like you do.