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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscars, eBook and Weight Loss

With the departure of my elder daughter and her family early afternoon, I settled in to watch the Oscars.  It didn't seem like there were many upsets except maybe the foreign film with Javier Bardem in it. 

I was looking for eBooks on my iPad and stumbled across this.  Remember my post about that interesting woman, Cindy Gallop?  She released a book that is top of the charts.  Can I accidentally pick them or what?  Anyhow, we should all support strong woman.  The book is only $2.99 and looks important for anyone with a child.

On the homefront, my husband had been very good for two days getting by on only an apple and a dinner each day.  Today he was going to weaken and asked for lunch around 2pm.  I told him that he would have to hold on for an early dinner at 5:30pm.  He should be seeing the affect of the drinking Thursday night today and tomorrow.  We will see if it causes his weight to go back up after good days from Friday to Sunday.  I might be wrong but the drinking should cause his weight to stay the same or go up over the next few days if he doesn't stay deprived.  On that front, he is definitely showing signs of a higher libido.  Let's see what we can do with that this week. 

As for me on the diet, I cheated but with a grapefruit on Saturday.  We have so many in our yard.

That's it for tonight.  I'll post more tomorrow - maybe even the long delayed but often thought about foot pics.