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    2 years ago

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thank You!

I don't know how to thank you enough for your interest and desire to follow our evolving FemDom Marriage.  I have learned from many of the ideas and suggestions given by those with more experiences or ideas that I would have never thought of or tried without your help.  In trying to think of a way to thank you and give you my own Valentine, I am thinking more pictures is a start.  Another way is to continue trying things new that you will find interesting.  I would do that anyway but the support system you provide is helpful.

On a personal note, I had some hair extensions that a friend and hair dresser gave me.  She put them in today.  Hopefully, you will see bits of it in future pictures.  The diet continues.  I started a week after my husband and will probably be on the diet for about four months.  For him, I think he can get where he needs to in half that time.  Of course, you will be seeing more pictures of him than me so you can judge for yourself soon enough.  Once the weight is off, the next part is increasing each of our tone.  That will mean a different challenge in lifting weights, stair machines and situps to name a few of the exercises.

Hopefully, we will have some quality alone time soon.  I know I need it.  Today he had a little time but I wasn't here.  Soon enough, I will get him to work.

Okay, here is today's music - Sade's "No Ordinary Love".  She is one of my favorites and the song speaks to the idea of all of our interests here:

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Cuckold H said...

And we've learn so much from you to. So Thank You.