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    2 years ago

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 6 of 7

Well, he fell asleep before I got to bed last night again.  As such, he lost the chance on Day 6.  Today is his last chance for a while although I do need to do the foot shot for the blog.

Oh, I met someone online who has been following the blog and sending ideas now and then for a while.  I'm all excited as he has offered to make or help my husband make some fun toys for use on my husband.  One is a board that we would strap him down to so that he can't move an inch when I'm tormenting him.  I'll add a better picture of that later today.  The one you need for our play would keep his legs spread - this one that is sold online doesn't do that.  There were other things like a ball crusher, cock stretcher and more.  The one we talked about that I hope we can figure out is one where he is strapped down but if he struggles, it either pinches his nipples more tightly or squeezes his balls or sticks something up his ass.  We are noodling that while my husband works to making his better cock trap a reality.  Hopefully, if any of this works, I can make this my job - I would love to help other women do what I am doing - and make money from it. 


Anonymous said...

I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way, but how is it that you are coming to bed a number of nights after he falls asleep if this was to be your anniversary gift to him? What is keeping you up past his bedtime? I sort of feel badly for him because he went out and bought you a very nice gift for your anniversary...unless he is going to bed super early to avoid you? I'm confused.

KeyholderWife said...

Well, I go to bed about 11:30pm. He falls asleep often an hour earlier. The issue really is that our child stays up until 10ish and that is when I take a shower and get things ready for the next morning. I'm not avoiding him but I'm not going to wake him up. You make a good point though. That said, it was his choice to give the gift.

Anonymous said...

I was looking back to see where you promised 7 nights of fun, only looked back on this page and did not see it just alluding to it in post. But I would say if thats what you said. It would be your job to give it to him no matter what the obstacle.

Anonymous said...

1) I love reading of you and your husband's journey. My thanks for the sharing. 2) I would enjoy hearing the occasional description of how male chastity makes the relationship entire, not just the eroticism, more open, more intimate. But this is your story to tell. 3) Is your husband's release a matter of word or whim? Either, I suspect, can be beautiful. It's just that if it is more generally a matter of word (a promise, a reward for an obligation fulfilled, etc.) then I can understand the confusion about his falling asleep/ losing his chance. If it's more a matter of whim then he is likely trained to be "okay" that you simply changed your mind, unless it is being presented as him being punished for - naturally, inevitably - falling asleep. Only some thoughts! 4) Thank you again for sharing!

Anonymous said...

yes thats said well and have the same thoughts on in
post above yours
with all that said it is your relationship and do as you will my comments are simply opinion and how I chose to live. I feel a promise whether to a child friend or slave is all very sacred